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Can Pop Culture Be A Useful Learning Tool?

We all love to bash popular “pop” culture. Whether it’s the newest song or television show, it always feels a bit high brow to dismiss something popular. However, things are popular for a reason and sometimes the reason is that it’s useful to society in one way or another.

For example, a parent might search for teachable moments while watching television. Shows and movies can spark discussions about having the right types of friends, how to avoid drugs or alcohol, or maybe even about overcoming bad luck when life strikes you down.

Martha Stewart has a story that might be worth sharing with a kid. She was a popular American icon for women and families everywhere with her picture-perfect cooking and home design.

She made a bad decision and cheated the system, landed herself in jail. She lost popularity among her original supporters and now she’s returned to establish a new brand, but with the help of an unlikely person — Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dog has quite the history himself– a history of being a bit over the top with his anti-police, anti-Trump statements. He has long voiced his opinion on talk shows and rap songs.

His message is popular among a large number of individuals who likely would identify with the Martha Stewart story, and so it seems that maybe their chemistry is more than just based on the truths of friendship. What’s the truth behind Martha’s relationship with Snoop? Perhaps it’s as simple as she wants to rebuild her brand, make money and do so in a way that returns her back into the home as a topic of conversation.

Several news stories have released how Snoop partied with his own mother including using edibles and other forms of weed. Snoop, back in 2015 released his own cannabis strain. Nearly 30 years apart in age, Snoop is likely having the time of his life with Martha, but is that the type of relationship that parents want to have with their children? Maybe.

Bringing Snoop into the kitchen a la Martha Stewart invites a new form of table talk between parents and teens. We know that pot is a gateway drug, but this was also when the typical way to get it was from a street drug dealer. Has that changed with CBD oils and some states where weed can be bought legally if you are old enough to buy or get it medically?

I’ve heard parents say that they want to teach their child when they enter the drinking age, how to handle drinking in social settings by drinking with their child. As marijuana continues to become legal across the country, perhaps parents who use pot will want to smoke or eat edibles with their children to teach responsibility, too.

It could be one way to use Pot Luck, where Martha and Snoop combine weed, alcohol, and cooking together for viewers. The popularity of the topic proves that this may be what’s cooking for dinner with the American family, but not table talk just yet,

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