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Pope Signs Letter To Report Sexual Abuse

The Pope finally signed into law steps that the Church leadership is required to take when sexual abuse happens to minors and vulnerable people.

The Apostolic Letter was signed on March 29th, 2019, two years after the largest sexual abuse scandal came to light in 2017, making the problem impossible for the Church to ignore.

The big question is why did it take the Pope so long to take action? More than 1,000 children in Pennsylvania alone were reported to be sexually abused by Bishops in the Catholic Church. However, over the last 50 years, it’s estimated that more than 10,000 children have been victimized by 4,000 priests.

Before the media reported on sex scandals and the abuse of Nuns in the church, there were always rumors of forced abortions and sexual misconduct on the part of men in authority against Nuns.

Action on the part of the Church has become necessary but disappointing to those who think the Church is in dire need of reform.

In February 2018, when the Pope called for 100 Bishops to come together to report findings and to reveal the depth of sexual abuse within the church, no such meeting had ever taken place before.

Yet, it was called a time of prayer and education vs. time of action, disappointing Catholics who have come to terms that working with law officials are more likely to reap the results survivors and advocates against sexual abuse seek. I’m disappointed in the action that the Church has taken, only because it seems reactive rather than proactive.

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  1. Two years to create a letter and take some action is not slow for the Roman Catholic Church.
    In fact it’s rather speedy .

  2. Gotta wonder how many Nuns cooperated? I also wonder why this site advertises something called Scanguard but when one clicks the link the product turns out to be something called TotalAV, which many say is a scam or a ripoff?

  3. This Pope is an apostate pope – he is a socialist/communist and has tried to change basic doctrine in the church and destroy from within – I and other faithful Catholic Christians do not stand with him. He is a globalist plant and does not represent the faithful.

    I am not surprised that he took so long to sign this document – he is the “fake news pope” of our Church – he talks a good line but every so often the true colors appear with his outrageous comments. Benedict was exiled and this phony pope was put in as our leader? I and many catholics have his number. It is very unfortunate that this is going on. We pray that he is not our leader for long. It is such a fraud. He does not represent us.

  4. Perhaps if Catholics realized the leader of the Church is Christ and followed the Bible instead of what a bunch of men say this would stop happening.

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