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Bromances: Men Just Want To Have Fun

Do men prefer their male friends over women?

A small study took a look bromances, the relationship shared between men– and what it meant to them emotionally.

The males involved in this study were either involved romantically with someone at the time of the survey or had been in the last year. The study questioned happiness and fulfillment levels.

The results reported something that women everywhere secretly already knew, bromances are better to men, emotionally. Men shared that they enjoyed spending time with the guys doing bro things. Who knew?

The men surveyed were heterosexual, and most of them were white. Apparently, shared interest also could have been a factor in how men felt about the guys they chose to relate with. Their educational levels were the same and each of the 30 men involved enjoyed playing sports with their friends.

Men felt that they could trust their friends deeply, depending on them to help during times of need and even provide each other with a sense of belonging when in community with one another.

Men may not be as open as males in previous generations due to the fear of being judged for their love of one another. If history proves anything, however, men who bond with other men accomplish significant things.

Famous men who have had bromances include Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, and Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles. Women involved in the socialization of male relationships can off-set the tone and make their socializing less fun. So, maybe the next time a man says he’s going out to hang with the boys, he means it.

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