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Elizabeth Warren’s Universal Child Care Plan

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has rolled out her universal child care plan. The intention is to make preschool and childcare more affordable for working families by taxing wealthy families with net worth of $50 million and higher, then creating government subsidies and grants that are extended to private schools, cities, and states.

In her plan, she says that her tax on the wealthy can alleviate three problems associated with childcare problems: poor supply of facilities in impoverished areas, low salaries for childcare workers, and insufficient educational programs provided at existing facilities.

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Instead of charging families a flat rate equal to what other families with children enrolled at the same school would pay, Warren proposes a sliding scale so that parents are provided the highest quality care at a rate that they can afford, per their annual income. Her plan would cost American taxpayers 1.7 billion dollars to roll out over the next 10-years and would serve more than 12 million children during that time frame.

Feelings about her plan are divided with some arguing against taxing the rich to aid the poor. Others feel that requesting wealthy individuals and families to pitch via taxation is a benefit to society. The underlying motive for this plan, according to Warren, is to bring stay-at-home mothers back into the workforce.

Right now, many mothers, she claims, do not work because of an inability to pay for childcare costs. According to a recent survey, some childcare centers cost anywhere from 10 percent to 36 percent of a wage earners income.

Her plan differs from The Family Fun pack which offers a family subsidy of $300 a month for families of children under the age of 18 and free childcare. Whether or not her plan would provide a subsidy for stay-at-home parents that elect not to return to the workforce or place their child in school, is still left unanswered.

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About Aria Gmitter

Aria Gmitter writes about parenting and political matters affecting the family.


  1. Her plan breaks up families which are coming back strong among the millennial crowd who are seeking tradition. Stay at home moms do not leave their children with the government nanny to shape them, and those formative early years are so very important to bonding with and shaping the child.

  2. Our public education system has done such a wonderful job educating and raising our children, let’s just turn over all child raising responsibilities to the government. After all, they’ve demonstrated their successes in every other field these BOZOS touch!

    • OMG. This is as bad as asserting that Medicare For All is the same as all hospitals and doctor’s offices becoming government-owned.

      ALL Warren wants to do is HELP FAMILIES AFFORD CHILD CARE. She is not in ANY way proposing that government take over and own all child care facilities, any more than you having Medicare or Tricare means the hospital is bad because the government owns it. Chances are the last time your elderly parent was in the hospital it was a private hospital, and government INSURANCE, Medicare, helped pay for it. Same thing with child care. It will still be PRIVATELY owned and run. It will just be accessible to everyone, and perhaps twenty years down the line, we could have fewer in jail and less crime because millions of children were better raised and educated.

      Same thing.

      Please quit with this extreme muddling of the facts.

  3. Show us ALL the other things she is going to “tax the rich” for to see if her plans call for taxing them into poverty. What are the foreseeable harmful consequences? How much more government will be required? How does she plan to keep the program free from the usual federal government waste and corruption? Why should the federal government get involved? Why can’t states take care of their own people with problems? You can only tax the rich up to a point before they decide it is not worth making more money, or they put their money offshore. Furthermore how do we know that he numbers are going to accomplish the job? How would she get more if it is not enough?

  4. What about not having kids until you can afford to take care of them including childcare and food and clothes!!!
    That will fix the problem, you idiot Elizabeth!!

  5. There is no limit to bad socialist ideas. Dr. Adrian Rogers (1931 – 2005, Conservative author and three term president of the Southern Baptist Convention): “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    • This quote is short for, “Oh, well, we can’t do anything about it.”

      Always with conservatives, it cannot be done.

      Take a look, conservative moms, at this article I happened upon during my nightly websurf:

      It’s a little long, so I’ll just summarize it. Basically, the article states that parenting styles have changed over the last forty years from the hands-off, “Let-them-play-outside” attitude I was raised with, to an attitude that every waking minute not spent at work has to be spent with the child, interacting, teaching, supervising everything the child does all the time. The article states that mothers—not fathers, mothers—spend nearly four hours a week more parenting their children now than they did in the mid-seventies, and that this time is coming at a cost to their own lives. Rather than spending time with their spouse, their friends, exercising, or decompressing in any way, they are helping with homework, reading to children, and taking them to and from activities after school. Way more than mothers did in the seventies—when they didn’t spend so much time at work.

      The article then laments the fact that this is done out of economic insecurity. The more and more precarious life in the middle class becomes, the more and more we hover over our children, trying and trying to prepare them to compete economically. Then the article laments how difficult this is on mothers, because education, health care, and child care cost so much more, parents aren’t making enough money to afford these things and are under pressure to perform at work, and access to good child care that is also affordable just isn’t there.

      I mean, really, people. Wouldn’t most of us agree that this is, indeed, the case?

      Now: Look at who is actually talking about these problems in the political arena today, and discussing and pursuing solutions.

      It’s liberals.

      Okay, I’ll give Ivanka Trump her due. Around the time her father was elected president, Ivanka was discussing the child care problem in this country and promising work on getting beleaguered parents some help. Good for Ivanka! I was proud of her.

      But … what happened to all that? And, I must point out, some argue that the solutions upon which Ms. Trump wanted to work benefitted wealthier parents and children much more than they would have benefitted poorer parents and children.

      Seriously, folks. What do we need to solve these problems? Affordable education, so parents don’t bankrupt their golden years trying to get Johnny and Jennifer their B.A.’s and B.S.’s. More money in the average person’s paycheck, so there’s room for health care and child care in the family budget, and families aren’t so very scared their children will grow up to be poor. An actual, social infrastructure of good, affordable, reliable child care that all families can access.

      And who’s talking right now about free or at least affordable higher education? It isn’t conservatives; it’s Bernie Sanders. Who’s talking about the fact that the poor and middle classes haven’t seen a real pay raise, factoring in inflation, in thirty years? It’s not Donald Trump, it’s Democrats. Who wants to either fix Obamacare or put in a system of universal coverage—not government ownership of hospitals and doctor’s offices, but universal coverage (that’s Medicare For All, y’all)? It’s not Republicans, it’s Democrats. Who’s going to campaign on affordable child care for all? It’s not Donald Trump, it’s Elizabeth Warren.

      Why, then, do I wander onto a conservative mother’s website, and find a whole menu blaring: Why Liberals Are Wrong?

      Mrs. Conservative Momma, why don’t you understand: Liberals are the only ones trying to help you with the problems you face every day? Cut the myopic conservative focus on tax cuts, all tax cuts, and only tax cuts. Just cutting taxes is not going to solve all these problems.

      If you don’t agree with how liberals want to solve the problems, fine. But at least join liberals at the table to solve the problems, instead of blaming them all on hungry Guatemalan children at the border and the fact that we have “too much government,” and gathering in your own little alcove to bash us—for actually wanting to solve the problems.

      Slashing government and cutting taxes doesn’t solve everything, or in some cases, anything (especially when, every time taxes are cut, the very very wealthy walk off with the lion’s share of that money and the rest of us are left, again, holding the bag.)

      The recent crashes of two 737’s should remind everyone of what happens when we just decide government is bad, all bad, and only bad, and start defunding everything and shutting it down.

      Government is the people and it is what WE make it.

  6. Sadly, Senator Warren simply wants to fleece her definition of rich, Supporting extended family and maternity leave HHS has plenty enough for those in need. Child care and preschool isA sliding scale less than $200 a week in most of the country. Coastal big cities charge more. Offer a sliding scale subsidy for family households with incomes less than the median. The cost of $10B to $15B is well within the HHS budget.

  7. What if the stay-at-home mom doesn’t WANT to be in the work-force? What if she wants to stay home with her babies?

  8. Of course she wants mothers “back in the work force” instead of staying home with and raising their own children , especially during early critical years. This insures that she has a LARGER tax base feeding her Socialist Government Machine – where somehow everyone that serves Congress comes out RICH.

    • Mmmkay, so no fair bashing liberals who are for generous paid family leave when a baby is born.

      Since NOT ALL women can afford to stay home with their babies and very young children.

      What about this article is making you think this policy, if put in place, would require that all women work? *Nothing* about this plan requires that. At. All.

  9. Princess TalksRealStupid’s real plan is to TAX MIDDLE CLASS AND UPPER CLASS to pay for illegitimate, welfare children, especially if they’re illegals. If you’re part of the Middle Class, like me, and voted Trump, like me, did you get your Fed Taxes cut in half or more because of the Trump Tax Cuts this year? You know you did. Never believe that old Demoncrap lie that they are going to TAX THE RICH to GIVE TO THE POOR. They tax everybody to give to ELITES.

    • Enjoy that tax cut, because yours will expire in about seven more years. The very very wealthy got a much bigger tax cut than you did, and they get to keep theirs. Fact.

      This plan is exactly what it says. No, she is not going to tax you. No, this is not for illegals.

      Good grief.

  10. Just another wizbang golly geewiz program will not accomplish anything. These morons think they can drum up support by saying “we will make the rich pay for it”. We all know that it will eventually turn into we, the middle class, will also pay for it.

  11. WOW, here is my comment (bet nobody saw this coming, especially Linda) Get the government out of our homes. What part of ‘Freedom’ don’t you ‘Liberal Think Tanks’ get? Yes, Linda. You are exactly what conservative minds do not want and yes you think exactly like the perfect liberal. Exactly why we are not one. Government free stuff–is NOT free. And our children are not for sale. Go have your own children if you can afford them or don’t have them if you won’t sacrifice your own selfness to have them. Stay out of our personal lives Mr. Government Persons.

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