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The Part Of The Vaccination Debate Nobody Is Talking About

As I write this, the ongoing war between the medical community and the anti-vaccination community is raging to new heights which – quite frankly – I didn’t even know was possible.

According to multiple sources including the CDC, in the last year, the rate of measles outbreaks has doubled and taken the lives of 110,000 children, worldwide. A 6-year-old in Oregon recently got a cut on his forehead and was later treated for tetanus – the first outbreak of this disease the state has seen in over 30 years.

As a result of not being vaccinated and, subsequently, falling ill with tetanus, the little boy spent 47 days in intensive care. Set aside the emotional and physical danger this put the child in; consider the medical bills alone.

While I am very much convinced of the necessity and effectiveness of vaccines, I am somewhat sympathetic to the parents of children that truly believe or fear that there is a chance vaccinating will cause more harm than it does good.

I think most parents can at least sympathize with that lingering “what if” question that resonates in the back of every new parents’ mind. It’s the same voice that makes you second guess pretty much every decision you make as a new parent. My child had all his vaccinations at the recommended time and dosage and I don’t regret it for a second… at least not in retrospect.

What I will admit is that, with every series of shots he received, I always had lingering doubt in my mind. It wasn’t based on facts or scientific proof or any real rational that I could justify; it was purely driven by emotion. The seed of doubt had been planted throughout mom blogs and medicinal alternative resources and even among some extra granola-y friends. And once that seed of doubt enters your brain, it’s hard to relinquish. So, even though I was equipped with enough knowledge and common sense to know I was doing the right thing, there was still that “what if” feeling that is very hard to shake.

But this article is not meant to justify the pro-vaccination renegades nor the anti-vaxxer enthusiasts. It’s actually to bring up an alarming concern that I have yet to see or hear anyone broach. That is the relevance with regards to how doctors, nurses, and medical professionals treat affluent patients and vaccinations. And it’s a HUGE issue.

While I was pregnant, I sought the counsel of two prenatal nurses, one gynecologist, and a pediatrician (postpartum). This was during my “decision making” days when I was still hesitant about the whole vaccination debacle. In my defense, I knew for sure I was going to vaccinate my child. What I didn’t know was if there were better ways to go about it. Should I do a prolonged schedule? Were there certain vaccines I could forgo? Were there safer methods of ensuring my son get his vaccinations while also safeguarding him from any potential side-effects?

Any good doctor or nurse would have metaphorically “smacked some sense into me” and told me no. There was a reason they recommended a specific schedule and specific vaccinations and that it wasn’t just to ensure the safety of my own son; it was also a measure to ensure the safety and health of all sons and daughters. Everywhere. That’s what a GOOD medical professional would have advised.

Instead, every single one of them told me that, because I was in a more “affluent” and “safer” area, I had the latitude of choosing a more delayed vaccination schedule. One nurse even said I could probably forgo the hepatitis vaccine because “I wasn’t very likely to be around people exposed to that.” Whatever that means.

I don’t like to “infer” things, so I’m just going to straight up tell you what these medical professionals meant: Because I was a fairly well-off white person, living in a fairly nice area, surrounded by families that (probably) had access to good medical provisions and (I guess) were less likely to have kids that had immune system that couldn’t handle vaccinations – I was off the hook.

The level of assumptions these professionals made without having ever seen where I live met my extended family, mingled with my friends, or had any real grasp of what daycare my kid would end up in or who he would be exposed to is completely reckless, irresponsible, and unsubstantiated. At the least it was elitist and at the most, it was straight-up racist.

Guess what? You can get any disease regardless of your skin color, your socioeconomic status, or your location. Is there more prevalence of illness in lower economic communities? Of course. But your zip code, your wallet, and your race should have ZERO influence on the medical advise bestowed on you from prenatal and postpartum doctors. Being “less at risk” doesn’t make you “not at risk.” And, as a member of a functioning society, you have a responsibility to EVERY child and family out there to help make sure their kids stay safe, too. Period. You wouldn’t bring peanuts to a birthday party if you knew that a few of the kids there were susceptible to peanut-induced, life-threatening asthma attacks, would you? No.

So, why are doctors and nurses telling certain new parents that they have a hall pass with vaccination enforcement?

I’m HOPING that I am a rare case. I’m HOPING that I just got unlucky with some probably well-intentioned medical professionals who were also very clouded in their judgment and assumptions. I’m HOPING this is not par-for-the-course with most people’s experience. Because if it is, we have a much bigger problem than ill-informed mommy blogs.

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  1. Well. We clearly did let emotions rule the day didn’t we? How do you know these nurses and doctors didn’t evaluate how you talk and the types of questions you were asking as well as if you had a neat appearance, combed your hair and brushed your teeth. Perhaps you’re the one living in the altered reality.

    I was hoping someone would address other things about vaccines. Are they handles right? We’re they mixed properly, how old are they? Have they expired? How do we know when they expire? Have any chemicals reacted forming new chemicals? Have they always been kept refrigerated (no)?

    But thanks for the emotion. I guess eventually only the crazies will make it in this world.

    • RE: “How do you know these nurses and doctors didn’t evaluate how you talk and the types of questions you were asking as well as if you had a neat appearance, combed your hair and brushed your teeth. Perhaps you’re the one living in the altered reality.”

      News flash: IT DOESN’T MATTER. None of that is at all important in deciding who gets what vaccines when. What is important is adequate immunity to prevent disease.

      As a doctor of veterinary medicine, I’m here to tell you that tetanus can reside in ANY soil. It doesn’t matter what kind of neighborhood it is, nor the affluence or the political affiliation of the parents. If a kid cuts himself, he can get tetanus. Period. That fact, rather than the “emotion” conservatives are so simultaneously allergic to and judgmental of, may be what motivated this mother to post this article. Or rather, perhaps, the altruistic “emotion” of a parent–not liberal, not conservative, just a *parent*–who does not want any child anywhere to get sick.

      It makes no difference how much money you have or where you live. NONE of these factors constitute any predictor of where you’re going to take your child or for what purpose, or where that child may travel as he grows older in his life.

      My staunchly conservative aunt and uncle, for example, took their entire family on a Christian mission to Haiti and stayed there working in the country for several years. Um, you’d DEFINITELY want your child to have ALL their vaccines in this instance, and unless these doctors and nurses specifically ask you where you plan to go and what you plan to do in the next few years, they have no way of divining this sort of information based on how you talk and what you’re wearing, or your exclusive posh address. Nor can they possibly ever divine that, even though you may have no intention of doing work like this in underserved areas now, you could or might in a few years. Or your child might, as a teenager, might want to be an exchange student in a foreign country or elect to do volunteer or mission work there. Nor can such a health care provider foresee–God forbid–another downturn in the economy or a divorce, perhaps, and a concomitant move to a less desirable location?

      Because of this basic human failure to divine the future with any degree of certainty, together with our total lack of ESP, all children should be vaccinated equally regardless of how the parents look or sound. I believe that was what the mother who wrote this article *meant*, and for these reasons, and it’s a rational viewpoint that makes a lot of sense.

      Your attack on this person for being “emotional” was not, and is one of the reasons I greatly dislike conservatives and their attitudes. The not-so-subtle implication that those of lesser means than you *of course* don’t know to comb their hair and brush their teeth, I find particularly offensive. While you’re judging others for being “too emotional”, you yourself fairly *drip* scorn and condescension, excessive egoism, and overbearing self pride. These, too, are emotions, and they don’t speak well for you.

  2. Stephen Moreland

    Interesting that you bring up peanut allergies: “You wouldn’t bring peanuts to a birthday party if you knew that a few of the kids there were susceptible to peanut-induced, life-threatening asthma attacks, would you?” Prior to peanut oil being used in vaccines, there was rarely a case of anyone being allergic to peanuts. I’m 61 years old and had never heard of anyone being allergic to peanuts prior to the advent of peanut oil in vaccines. Anti-vax proponents are called all kinds of names, cretin, uneducated, ignorant to name a few. If you really talk to any pro natural immunity people, you’ll find they are actually very-well educated about vaccines; even more so than most medical professionals. I asked a few nurses if they screen for the MTHFR gene variant before they administer vaccines. Not one of them had ever heard of it. Short version is that the about 40% of the population has the MTHFR gene variant. That means their bodies can’t properly detoxify from the toxins and carcinogens that are in vaccines. These include mercury, aluminum (associated with autism), polysorbate-80, and formaldehyde, to name a few. Want any of that on your salad?

    Most pro natural immunity people know that injecting your baby prior to 6 months of age is useless because they can’t form antibodies. But the toxins and carcinogens in vaccines do affect and bio-accumulate in your baby in that 6-month period.

    Also check out what serious damage is done when cytokine storms follow a multi-round of vaccinations.

    I have been doing vaccine/medical research for over 20 years and I can’t find a credible study on vaccines vs. natural immunity. My medical decisions are based on risk-based study, not on the word of the multi-billion dollar vaccine manufacturers or the CDC, who makes $5 billion per year on their 20 vaccine patents. It’s unfathomable why anyone trusts anything coming from the CDC. For example, each year when they guess on what flu strains will be going around, they guess wrong 82% of the time.

    Until one can wrap his/her head around the fact that the medical industry’s #1 goal is no longer the health of your and your family, but profit, he/she will be a victim of an industry that only cares the dividends went up this quarter so the CEOs get their bonus. No hyperbole here; I’ve worked in the health care industry for 33 years, and have seen the profit-over-health paradigm get stronger and stronger.

    • thanks for all the info. it”s good to know that there r people on the inside like u, who can give us the truth. thanks again.

  3. You are right with most of your claims here except the place where you live is a completely valid way to assess risk for contracting a disease. The ratio of vaccinated others living nearby or in contact with you matters. If the rate of vaccinated members increases to a magic point, “herd” immunity is conferred to the remainder, vaccinated or not. Almost nobody gets measles any more and outbreaks are rare because most of the people are vaccinated.

    The doctor has apparently developed ways to determine where you live and thereby your level of risk. Otherwise he would have asked you. If he didn’t know your address, he could surmise a lot about you for the simple reason you were there in front of him at a scheduled appointment asking relevant questions about vaccinations. Someone in your shoes may well live in a safer area. Generalizations are a danger, but the risks your doctor was asked to quickly compare (provided you had already decided to get the vaccines anyway) were very low and it probably didn’t really matter where you lived.

  4. What is scary to me is that the “choice” is being taken out of the picture. All parents should have the ability to make the choice that is best for their child. This choice is at risk of being taken away with forced vaccines and is against everyone’s civil rights and therefore against the law. Everyone needs to know that the push for mandatory vaccines for all, regardless of medical or other concerns is the start of government overreach and one has to wonder why? The huge DRUG companies want complete control and have endless bank accounts to push it.
    If vaccines truly work for those vaccinated without harm, then why are those who are vaccinated so scared of those who aren’t?

  5. I don’t have a particular axe to grind in this debate, but I am curious about all the hysteria about massive epidemics that will happen without mandatory vaccinations. When I was a school kid in the fifties almost everyone got the measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc., and I never knew anyone that had any problem greater than missing a few days of school. I suspect that all the “110,000” children who are reported to have died worldwide were almost all suffering from other ailments that complicated the measles problem. Let’s not get too bent out of shape with the mandatory vaccination debate before all the facts are known.

  6. Like a lot of medical procedures or persciptions we need to depend on the Professional DR, I have no idea what is best for our children othe then the fact they need vacinations agoinst certain illnesses. That said, I was vacinated for very few deseases, those that i got were single shots. I question is there is a corralation between “MULTI DESEASE SHOT” to sigular shots given at randum times. I am 85, my children had individual shots by the most part, but they did have some multi medicated shots while there was a rise in Down Sybdryn. But my grandchildren then had Multi desease inclusive vacination and the Autism sybdryn has risen. It seems those childen who had Multi desease vacinations had increased problems with Autism. And now those who had Mulit desease vacination who are having children are having increases in Down Syndrum as well as the probability of having Autism.

    Maybe the expters have to revisit individual vacination shots as one size does not fit all?

  7. I have no idea how the link to this article ended up in my email inbox, but I found it to be one of the more ignorant and poorly written essays regarding vaccines that I’ve read. How nice for the author that her child “had all his vaccinations at the recommended time and dosage” and that she doesn’t “regret it for a second… at least not in retrospect.” That’s probably because her child was one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer any long-term damage from a vaccine injury. I, too, vaccinated all five of my children on time but, unlike the author, I regret it every second of every day because I have a child with a life-long vaccine injury. Walk a day in my shoes, and thousands of other parents like me, and you would see the vaccine debate from a whole new perspective and you might not come across so holier-than-thou.

  8. Check into the adjuvants that are being used for vaccines. That’s scary in itself.

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