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Top Ten Ways to De-stress, Unwind, and Chill Out

Putting in a day’s work is hard and stressful on anybody. For the 21st century “supermom” juggling kids, home and career, it can be even more so.

Successful women today are so used to the “always on 24/7 mentality” that it can be particularly hard for them to turn it off and relax! But, that is all the more reason why they need to!

As the old saying goes, “all work and no play, makes Johnny a dull boy,” that goes for Jane too! Furthermore, countless studies have shown that stress, rather than being a motivator, eventually will have a negative impact on success.

I recently had the opportunity to ask some of my fellow “modern moms” how do they “unwind and chill out.”

In addition to the answers you might expect such as meditation, yoga, exercise, golf, etc., I also got some very surprising and fascinating answers.

Here in no particular order are 10 of the most interesting. You may want to consider one or two of these next time you need to just chill!


  1. Find Your Inner Chef – OK, if running a restaurant is your business, this one is not for you, but I was surprised by how many (myself included) said that cooking at the end of the day was great fun and pure relaxation, whether for themselves, family, or guests. Many I spoke to also love to “compete” in local “cook offs” whenever they can, and are more proud of some of their award winning recipes, than their business accolades!
  2. Party Like a Rock Star – A few of my closest friends are successful business owners today, but they had that garage band and dreams of rock stardom back in the 80s. Many of them “relax” by “Rocking Out.” A few have even “gotten the old band together” and are playing “gigs” at local pubs and coffee shops – not to mention my husband and I’s favorite weekend passion – Karaoke!
  3. Get Your Hands Dirty – Whether it’s restoring old cars, working on your boat, building furniture, or just some “do it yourself” project for home improvement, a good number of business owners I spoke with said they can’t wait to “get their hands dirty” and go at something with some tools to melt the workday stress.
  4. Martial Arts – This is another one of my favorites, and a few others I spoke to as well. Martial Arts has the double stress relief of meditation and introspection with the added “punch” of hitting something! If you want to downplay the more “aggressive aspects,” Tai-chi and Qigong are more of “moving meditations” then they are combat, and are great stress relievers. One of my dearest friends runs our favorite neighborhood Gastronomic Pub, and she is also a World-Champion Aikido master!
  5. Sail Away – If you live and work in South Florida like I do, or any coastal region, then I hardly have to tell you the stress relief that can be gained by sailing the high seas. As with cooking, many of those I spoke to who sail for relaxation, also sail competitively, and enjoy the camaraderie and team building that provides.
  6. Making Whoopee – Making Whoopee, Knocking Boots, Netflix and Chill, whatever you call it, the truth, is sex can be very relaxing, and a most “satisfying” stress reducer.
  7. Fishing – Fishing, both “rod and reel” and spear fishing is a very popular way for hard working business owners to unwind. In terms of stress reduction, there is much to be said for fishing, or any sport really, that gets you out into the great outdoors and the opportunity to commune with nature.
  8. Flying – Quite a few business owners I spoke with “take to the skies,” to chill and unwind. From skydiving to hang gliding, or piloting any number of small aircraft, many CEO’s get high, by “getting high.”
  9. The Write Stuff – Maybe not as sexy and exciting as some of the other things on this list, but too many people mentioned “journaling” or otherwise writing as a way to decompress, to leave finding your inner Hemmingway off of this list.
  10. Two Wheels and the Open Road – As the old song says “get your motor running, head out on the highway.” Many I spoke with get their kicks on a motor bike — off-roading, or just on a long stretch of blacktop.


There were so many more responses I got, it was hard to narrow it down to 10. When I decided to ask around amongst my network, I expected to get answers such as “relax, who has time to relax?”

However, I was impressed and surprised how most of the “supermoms” I know, particularly the ones that I consider the most successful, all realized the need to have something in their lives to help them chill out and unwind.

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