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Is It Wrong To Marry For Money?

There aren’t many women who will admit that they married their husbands for the money that he brought into the relationship. There’s a belief that marrying someone for anything other than love is a crime that should be punished and never forgiven.

It’s truly unfortunate because this attitude fails to allow people to have an honest conversation about something that is real, relevant, and important. Just think about it for a second and then ask yourself the question: Would I marry a man I didn’t love if he were rich?

Now don’t get it confused, here. Say this man was someone that you truly liked, respected, and tolerated. He wasn’t that funny, he wasn’t the best-looking guy you’ve ever dated, and he wasn’t all that charming…basically, he’s somewhat boring.

However, he’s loaded! He’s worth millions and he is willing to support your endeavors, regardless of what they are. He’s only concerned with making you happy…even if it’s his money that assists him in doing so. Would you marry him if he asked? Or would you save yourself for a man that you loved with all your heart — even if he’s as broke as a 1932 stopwatch?

It’s a fair question that many women will only answer honestly in private. The stigmatism attached to a woman who gets married for money is that she’s a “gold digger” with a cold heart. But is she really?

There are many good-looking men out there who are willing to be with women who can pay for their trips, their food, cover their mortgage, and buy them lovely cars. Those men, known as gigolos, rarely receive the stereotypes of being horrible people. As a matter of fact, they make movies about such men and write them off as typical heroes who saved some older woman from a life of loneliness.

Why is that? Can it be because it’s men who write the scripts for movies such as this? Maybe. One thing is for sure, and that’s whether they make a movie about a woman preferring a rich man over a poor one or not, she should still make a decision based on what she wants…not society.

If a woman loves a man dearly, but he is in no position to provide for her and her children, then why would she feel he is worthy of her time? A man without stability is like a frail stick that can’t hold up much of anything. There’s no support—leaving all the effort to provide on her shoulders.

She will work herself to the bone to provide for everyone in her family, and then when she becomes tired and worn out from years of pushing herself, there is the possibility that he will find someone else who will simply pick up where she left off. She can only pray that he will remember all the effort she put into the relationship, all the sacrifice, and all the pain. But hey, he looks great and she loves him, right? Riiiight….

The bottom line is that most women should stop believing that they have to follow their heart right into the poor house, all for the sake of love. It’s time for women to use their mind and think about their future and the future of their children. In a perfect world, a woman will find a handsome man who is charming, compassionate, caring, loving, respectful, and rich…but, this isn’t the fairytale life that we as women learned about when we were children.

Once again, men wrote those stories, as well. True, when men hear that a woman is all about business, he will become immediately intimidated. Well, only the broke ones. But life is short and it’s time for women to step up and live their best life, right now! A woman’s time, loving support, energy, sacrifice, and attention is worth more than just a man with empty promises. Now is the time for her to realize that.

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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. My theory is that women should look for men who will support “the nest”. Outside of the emotional side of the relationship, a man needs to be able to help build the nest, defend the nest, fix (or get someone to fix) the nest when it “breaks” and want to be involved with the nestlings (children) both by doing and by emotionally engaging from birth to and through adulthood. Rich should be relatively easy to determine and verify these days, but how good a nester he is and will grow to be is far harder to ascertain.

  2. Just who is this bloody genius to speak for all women, and how much time will she give them before she allws them to cheat?

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