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FDA: Walgreens Allegedly Selling Tobacco Products to Minors

In a stunning press release, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) outed an illegal drug enterprise openly selling drugs to our kids all across America — as dangerous and as lethal as the drugs smuggled across our southern border from drug cartels in Mexico.

The illegal drug activity isn’t from sacrilegious drug lords but from our “friendly” neighborhood Walgreens Pharmacy down the block selling illegal tobacco products to minors.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb also requested that Walgreens’ top management team meet with him and resolve the issue immediately, stating through the press release that Walgreens is “currently the top violator among pharmacies that sell tobacco products with 22% of the more than 6,350 stores that we inspected having illegally sold tobacco products to minors.”

The retail giant responded to Gottlieb’s invitation saying it has a “zero tolerance policy” for selling tobacco products to minors and that it welcomes the meeting with the FDA boss. The press release named other popular retailers who are in violation of the law; they include Exxon, Walmart, Kroger and Family Dollar.

“Because tobacco use is almost always initiated and established during adolescence, early intervention, including making sure tobacco products aren’t being marketed to, sold to, or used by kids is critical,” the FDA said in their press release distributed on Monday.

The FDA also sent letters to 40 companies that purposely market smoking paraphernalia products to minors such as flavored e-cigarette products, which is illegal

“Some of these companies may be attempting to capitalize on the troubling popularity of products like JUUL among kids by illegally selling similar products and outside of the compliance policy,” the FDA wrote. “We also need to determine if any of these products may be counterfeit knockoffs.”

The 16 billion dollar conglomerate has re-branded its product line of e-cigarettes from brightly colored ads featuring youthful models promoting its flavored line of e-cigarettes, which critics believe was purposely geared to a teen market, to a more adult advertising promotion.

The FDA is alarmed at the “dramatic” uptick in 2018 after years of decline in overall tobacco use regarding the more than 3.6 million middle and high school students currently using some type of e-cigarette apparatus.

The suspicion that Juul Labs willfully built its e-cigarette empire marketing to teens has always been an open secret, regardless of its recent claims on November 13th that it was taking active steps in limiting its products appeal to the youth market.

Juul’s current focus is now on adult smokers who are attempting to quit tobacco products. However, Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, told The Daily Caller News Foundation, that Juul’s attempt to re-brand itself away from the teen market is too little too late.

Myers went on to explain to The Daily Caller News Foundation, “What we’ve found was from the very beginning, the manner in which Juul launched its product and all of its early marketing campaigns literally duplicated the kind of imagery the cigarette companies used 50 years ago to appeal to young people.”

Adding, “It was followed up by social media campaigns using similar imagery, young people by-and-large engaged in lifestyle activity that emphasized Juul’s role in being a happy, young, sexually attractive, socially successful person.”

As for retail chains like Walgreens Pharmacy, selling thousands of tobacco-related products to minors, including e-cigarettes. The FDA has warned they’re in violation of federal tobacco laws, adding “We plan to similarly hold them accountable, ignoring the law and then paying associated fines and penalties should not simply be viewed as a cost of doing business.”

E-cigarettes, like other tobacco products, can only be sold to people 18 and older under federal law.


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  1. Love the “Truth” adds on MTV. One shows how much more likely JUUL smokers are to start smoking.
    My favorite is the all butts are better than cigarette butts.

  2. I find this article to be False, at least here in CA, as I am 76-years old, and when I purchase Tobacco, I have to show my Driver’s License, and this has been happening at any Walgreen’s store over the past year…So, I do not know where this has been happening, but Not here. I also have a friend who has a Daughter and Sister, who have been Walgreen’s Store Managers in two different states, and have this policy in their stores as well…So like I said, I do not know where this has been happening, but I find it highly unlikely to be Wide Spread, as reported. Maybe a few stores, but Not “Across The Nation”…

  3. Enforcement agencies are notorious for using teens who look significantly older than their chronological age. It happened to a friend’s son who was working a Summer Job and unsuspectingly sold cigarettes to one of these individuals. I believe it is tantamount to entrapment.

  4. Sounds like Walgreens is being harassed the same way some people were harassed by the IRS.
    Go to any convenience store and odds are you will find a bunch that sells cigarettes and alcohol to minors!! More government overreach maybe!!!

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