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Maid Of Honor With Cancer Gets Booted From Wedding

Cancer is a deadly disease that has surely affected us all in some way.

One woman (we’ll call her Kathy) who currently suffers from the disease was asked by her friend to be the Maid of Honor in her friend’s wedding.

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Her friend was fully aware of the fact that she had to have chemotherapy and that the treatments left her feeling weak and nauseous.

However, when Kathy became too weak to do her wedding duties — or rather the things the bride expected her to do on a daily basis — she was fired.

…But not before the bride took to social media to get the advice of strangers on how to handle the situation.

The bride stated that she was fully aware of Kathy’s cancer, but she didn’t feel that Kathy’s cancer should come before her wedding.  The bride even posts the question of whether she should just replace Kathy or fire her, altogether.

To make matters worse, as if that’s possible, the bride attempts to share her pain by stating, “…she has cancer so I can’t expect much from her…she won’t help with ANYTHING, won’t pick up her dress, won’t help with opinions, and won’t go with me to find my dress!”

The bride even goes further to complain that Kathy had the audacity to drop her duty to plan the bride’s bridal shower. Needless to say, this post went viral and the bride received a good helping of her ego served right back to her by strangers all over the world.

“The nerve of you to worry so much about yourself that you can’t even ask your friend if she is alright,” tweeted one woman. “Apparently you have no idea what a person goes through when they must endure chemo! You become weak, you can’t eat, and you have no ability to do many things without the help of others,” tweeted another angry person.

The bride has been labeled the “worst of bridezillas” throughout the internet and has gained popularity for being the most heartless person alive.

After receiving a week’s worth of angry comments from strangers who were offended by her inability to consider her friend’s situation, the bride finally decided to stay away from the internet for a while. Her comments discontinued and her desire to get ‘advice’ from strangers on how to handle the situation faded.

Getting married is a stressful time and it is understandable that brides become agitated, aggressive, nervous, and even cranky when planning for their very special day.

Brides often fail to get enough rest when they plan their wedding due to nervousness, they fail to eat right due to dieting (to look good in their wedding gowns), and they typically become self-absorbed due to all the attention.

It isn’t surprising that some brides take things a bit too far in their need to have things done exactly as they would desire. However, when a person loses touch with basic humanity and the ability to connect or empathize with the needs of others due to their narcissistic ways, it becomes a sad example of selfishness and ignorance, all wrapped into one.

Losing touch with reality, just because you’re getting married, shouldn’t be an acceptable excuse. Marriage and weddings are about love…too bad so much of it gets lost in the planning.

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About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. The maid of honor has certain things that are almost always expected of her, the shower, rehearsal dinner, get fitted for and pickup her gown. The bride is pretty busy. The bride wanted her best friend standing with her, which is an honor to the friend. When she asked the lady to be her maid of honor, that is when the two friends should have had an honest discussion since they both knew the friend was facing chemotherapy which can be terrible.(Lost the love of my life a couple of years ago). She could have said that she would be a maid of honor with the duties required if she was well enough, but otherwise she would be willing to be bridesmaid, with any position in the wedding that would work, next to the bride, a change of bouquets…It could have been worked out, but the maid of honor dropping the duties, and the bride bitching in social media is guaranteeing disaster.

  2. oh my lord who does that to a friend????????????????

  3. William Bloomquist

    The bride’s attitude is very telling. She obviously is totally incapable of any degree of compassion and I believe that she would likely treat her husband the same way in the event he got terribly sick. Anyone in this day and age who cannot comprehend how debilitating cancer and its current treatments are to the human body, is no where near ready to take on the responsibility of marriage and the possibility of children.

    I can see her now bitching like a banshee if a child of hers got sick on the nigfht she wanted to go to a movie. The kid be damned!”How could you do this to me? You KNOW I wanted to go see that movie!”

  4. You should’ve been the friend you were supposed to be and not made Kathy feel worse because of having cancer !! Not a nice person at all !! My brother died of cancer and this just makes me upset that someone would be so hurtful to another person especially if you cared for them at all !!! This bride should be ashamed of herself being selfish!!!

  5. Yo, bridezilla. What goes around comes around. Always has, always will. I feel sorry for your husband.

    • I hope her to be husband knows about her conduct. He need to think about her conduct and realize this is how she will eventually treat him. He will not have to be sick. A change in plans, for what ever reason, and she will be the same towards him. Her way or all h&ll will break loose. I hope he has a pre nup agreement.

  6. The bride is totally wrong and so are many of these comments. The bride is a BITCH! I feel very very sorry for he husband to be should he get cancer. What will she do then? Divorce him! Typically the bride shops for a dress with her mother and her mother or possibly both mothers plan the shower. “Kathy” should have remained in the bridal party an been offer a wheelchair if she was to need one for the ceremony and reception. This bride has no idea how to treat a Best friend and never was one to “Kathy”. Her greed just replaced all people will the realization that the bride is rude, cruel and selfish!

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