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Magic, Mysticism and the Rituals of Kabbalah

Since the early 2000s, Kabbalah has been the “in thing” in spirituality. Everyone from, Madonna, to Ashton Kutcher, to Lindsay Lohan, to President Trump’s ex, Marla Maples dabbled in the ancient mystical religion.

But what exactly is Kabbalah and can it benefit your family?

At its most basic level, Kabbalah is the ancient art of Jewish Mysticism. Because of this, it often gets lumped in with other so-called “occult” practices such as Tarot, Voodoo or Santeria. But, there is nothing dark or satanic about Kabbalah.

As to when Kabbalah started as a practice among the ancient Jews, is still shrouded in Antiquity. However, its evidence traces back to at least 515 BCE. Its traditions likely existed far longer ago than that, but have not been documented.

Kabbalistic practices were undoubtedly passed down orally and not written. The word Kabbalah is likely derived from the Hebrew root “QBH” which alternatively means “to tell” and “to receive.”

Many aspects of traditional Kabbalah are so intricately interwoven with Jewish religious beliefs and customs that they are meaningless outside of the practice of Judaism. However, various aspects of Kabbalah have been embraced by other spiritualist and Magick Societies and have been practiced beyond any connection to Judaism for centuries.

For example, The Greater Ritual of the Pentagram as practiced daily by all practitioners of High Magick and Followers of the Golden Dawn, is a magic ritual taken directly from Kabbalah. Many of the spiritual and supernatural rituals of Wicca, Thelema and other versions of so-called “Western Spirituality or “Modern Spirituality” have their roots in Kabbalah.

The ultimate goal in Kabbalah, as in all doctrines of spirituality is self-actualization and connection to the Supreme Being. The path to ascension in most spirituality movements is identical to that conceived by the Jewish Mystics – union with the Godhead. New Age Spiritualism and Ritual Magic see “the divine” as Light, Love, and Spirit. It is a spark in all things. A living and omnipresent force, sustaining all energies from the tiniest quantum particle to the vastness of the Universe itself.

To reach this lofty goal Kabbalah sees Ascension as moving from one plane of existence to another. This is illustrated by the Cabalistic Tree of Life. To The Cabalist, the Tree of Life is a road map toward Spiritual Awareness and the Godhead. Along each of the lower branches of the tree or rungs of the ladder, a magical ritual is involved that allows communion with the “spirits” or supernatural beings that exist at that level, i.e., Archangels, Seraphim, Angels and other Supernatural beings.

Through magical ritual, the follower of Kabbalah invokes these spirits and mingles his or her life energy with theirs. Each such “bonding” brings the acolyte closer to the Ultimate Spirit – The All, The Almighty, The Is, or God. With each ascension, his or her spiritual perceptions become more acute, with his or her consciousness more accustomed to the divine force flowing through them, and thus he or she becomes prepared to “take it to the next level.”

With each spiritual evolution, the Cabalist then invokes the Spirit of the Sephirah or plane immediately above them, and so on, until finally, they transcend — standing upon the profound peak of spiritual realization, united with the infinite.

In essence, Kabbalah is a mystical way to find God and your best self along the way!

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  1. While Conservative Moms may have started out conservative it have progressively slipped to a lower plane of liberalism.
    Those who would practice this will desend most assuredly into the lower plane of hell. Buyer beware.

  2. No where in Gods Word is it written to follow the Kabbaala! The article brings up the tree of life. This is not the tree of life but the tree of knowledge and evil (Satan), EVERYBELIEVER in theLORD JESUS CHRIST run from this see lies of Satan! Rember the JEWS rejected Christ and crusified Him on the cross. NO MAN CAN COME TO THE FATHER ONLY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. (JOHN 14).

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