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Single Life Vs. Married Life

There was a time when people feared being single, especially around the holidays or during special events. Women would cringe at the thought of being invited to their friend’s wedding and showing up unescorted. Thankfully, these fears may have just become a thing of the past thanks to a recent study that explains why being single just might save your life.

Single people look and feel better than most married people

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family shared how divorced people get more exercise than married people—although the ones who are the most active are those who have always been single.

Even social psychologist Bella DePaulo agrees that single women are healthier overall than married women, with fewer sick days and doctor visits. “Maybe there are health benefits to finding the living situation that is most compatible with who we really are,” wrote DePaulo in her blog published in Psychology Today.

Single people are more likely to have financial advantages recently published a study showing that “21% of single people had credit card debt whereas 27% of married couples without children and 36% of married couple with children had more debt. Credit and debt were contributed to marital status on attitudes toward pay and finances in another journal that explained how married individuals view pay as more important and feel less satisfaction with their financial circumstances than their never-married counterparts.

Single people are not as stressed as married people

Single people may find themselves stressed, just like any other person. They stress over their jobs and a plethora of other things that may stand in their way toward their success. This may be where the buck stops according to psychologist Susan Heitler who feels such stresses can be easily overcome, unlike the stresses that are experienced by those who are in a relationship.

“Being with a partner puts a person in a situation where they must be concerned about fitting someone else into their lives and their plans. Coupled up people have to consider where the relationship is going and whether they have enough power and autonomy in their partnership,” stated Heitler.

Being single is something that can be the result of a person’s choice or simply their circumstance. Either way, studies show that it doesn’t have to be something that is frowned upon. If you are single, use that time to embrace the positives that do exist for you and your life.

Take advantage of your ability to focus on your future without the interference of someone who wants to force their own idea of what you should be doing to improve your own life. Learn how to appreciate your inner voice so that you can gain a better understanding of who you are, where you are going, and how you will get there.

Take pride in your ability to control everything about your life because, according to research, that is the best way to ensure a healthy, happy, and productive existence.

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