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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make Child-Rearing Complicated

Prince Harry and Meghan are expecting their first-born child together sometime this Spring, 2019. And, as all parents who are preparing to bring a child into the world, they must decide on their child-rearing style.

One Royal Rule that has been in place for over 300 years that could (but likely won’t) complicate their future family dynamic is one that states that at the end of the day, it’s the Queen who has the final say in how a child will be raised, not the parents.

According to various news sources and royal expert Marlene Koenig, during the 1700s a rule was set into place which gave royal sovereignty control over their grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s upbringings.

King George I had family complications related to his grandson and in order to prevent further problems in the future, he decided he would own everything — including his children’s children.

Since that rule has never been rewritten or removed, the same authority is held by Queen Elizabeth II.

It’s already known that Queen Elizabeth II is unafraid to use her power to create rules that further prevent royalty from being caught unprepared. She requires that all family members travel with funeral clothing in the event that a death occurs while traveling.

She has lots of rules that affect the way the family is defined — no public displays of affection. When married you must take on a new name.

Family members can’t play Monopoly. No selfies allowed. She’s even in charge of all family member’s clothing down to what outfit the children will wear as infants.

So, if you ever thought you had it tough with your in-laws and parenting meddling, perhaps this is one time you can breathe a sigh of relief not to be a royal.

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Aria Gmitter writes about parenting and political matters affecting the family.


  1. Their parenting problems include one that you should not be ignoring. Their child can be born with features of the black race. I am sure they have thought about this, certainly the Royal Family must have. The reality of life is that if this happens, the child will suffer. The parents and family are as prepared as they can be, but the child will suffer at times for something they have no control over. This is not racial bias, but the texting and teasing should be expected at times and they should prepare their child how to handle what the child has inherited from them and what this may cause in their lives. It has no relation to fairness, kids do not care when they are trying to hurt someone’s feelings.

    • It never occurred to me that this might be an issue in the Uk since The Royal Family, and Britain as a whole, has a vast multicultural life. There isn’t as much of a stigma as what exists in the US for marrying other races. There IS, however for marrying outside of the royal bloodline. For example, Charles and his relationship with Camila— it’s why he married Princess Diana, or so it was rumored.

      The problem would be, IMHO, with countries outside of the UK but moreso with individuals within the US where racism is still an ongoing battle. I imagine that this, like many other things, would be considered a political power move since Prince Harry did receive the blessings of the Queen. He is also so far from potentially taking rule, the possibility is unlikely he would. Hence not hindering, the throne itself, just the bloodline from a royal standpoint. She has a history of making advances against racist mentality including against those who have seriously hostile relationships with the world, those who are of Arab background.

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