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The Perfect Gift? Getting Your Kids Off The Couch!

Stop! Before you buy your kid the latest video game console or software – how about giving them the gift of better health and rewarding family time instead?  Obesity among kids is a growing problem in this country, and its no wonder.

According to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Children spend almost 45 hours per week in front of a screen either watching TV — playing video games, or pursuing other online activities. That is more time spent in front of an electronic screen than on any other activity except sleeping!

This lack of physical activity from all of those hours in front of the screen is undoubtedly a major contributor to the childhood obesity problem.

But what if you could give your kids a gift this holiday season that could not only get them off the couch, it could provide the entire family an opportunity to engage in a fun and exciting, outdoor hobby? According to toy and fitness authorities, Remote Control or RC toys could do just that?

What Are RC Toys and Why Are They So Much Fun

RC Toys use radio transmitters to very realistically control the movement and actions of scale model vehicles. Over the years RC cars and trucks have proven to be very popular holiday items. But there are RC boats, planes, and helicopters as well. Flying RC “drones” or “quadcopters” are enjoying a surge in popularity.

RC-ing offers all of the eye-hand coordination skill building of video games, but with the thrill of real 3D action. Some RC toys can be used indoors, but for the most part, they are designed to be used outdoors. With kids getting much needed fresh air and physical activity chasing a remote control car or helicopter about a park or field. Since most hobbyist level RC toys require adult supervision, the sport offers parents a great opportunity to spend some time enjoying an outdoor activity with their kids.

RC Myths and Misconceptions

RC toys are not just for boys, though that is a popular misconception. Remote control cars and monster trucks may be more popular with boys than girls, but kids of all ages and gender enjoy RC toys. While there may be some RC toys specifically targeted at girls in pink and pastel colors, or emblazoned with licensed images of Barbie, Bratz or the Power Puff Girls – many girls enjoy the same NASCAR and Indy car replicas as their brothers. RC-ing is probably one of the greatest “gender neutral “ sports there is and is a great way for fathers to get out and spend time with their daughters.

Furthermore, several test market and focus groups have shown boys and girls aged 8-14 equally loved one of the latest introductions in RC; Micro-mini helicopters.

Which also brings us to another myth; that flying an RC toy, especially an RC helicopter is too complicated for kids. That may have been true in the past, especially for the large more sophisticated models of RC helicopters. But these new generation of Micro-mini copters and mini-quadcopters are easy to fly by kids (with adult supervision of course) right out of the box.

These Mini RC copters have been designed with kids and beginners in mind. It takes just a simple push of the button and the helicopter will lift off and fly around to the wide-eyed wonderment of your child. They take just minutes to charge and give several minutes of flight time between charges. 

Still searching for the perfect gift? Go RC and this holiday season why not give your kids a gift that is very high tech and today, yet echoes a time when good old fashioned outside play was how friends and families drew closer.

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