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Body Odor Or Discrimination?

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a funky odor that sometimes comes whiffing past our nostrils in a crowded elevator or while sitting on public transportation — the unmistakable smell of terrible hygiene.

Last week, passengers on an American Airlines flight apparently experienced that same nauseating odor emanating from a couple and their young daughter on a Miami-to-Detroit flight.

In fact, when the ground crew boarded the airliner, they asked the couple to step off the plane because passengers seated near them had complained about their body odor.

“They said, ‘Sir, people have complained that you have body odor,'” Adler told NBC News on Thursday. “I said: ‘Excuse me? I need to get home. There is no body odor on me.'”

In a prepared statement by American Airline, the air carrier defended its action stating, “The Adler family was asked to deplane last night after several passengers, along with our crew members, complained about their body odor. The family were provided hotel accommodations and meals, and re-booked on a flight to Detroit today.”

Yossi Adler, a 36-year-old business consultant from Southfield, Michigan, accused the airline of singling out his family because they’re Jewish. He used his cell phone to tape his argument with the ground crew shortly after they were taken off the plane.

“There’s a religious reason for some reason that they’re kicking me off the plane. We don’t have odor, OK? Nobody here has odor,” Adler is heard saying on the video he shot.

A ground crew member reminds Adler what he said moments after being escorted off the aircraft, “Now you told me for religious reasons you don’t shower, is that what you said?”

Adler responded: “No I didn’t! I shower every day. I said you kicked me off because of religious reasons,” while Jennie agrees, “We’ve all had showers today.”

Jennie said: “We stopped several people in the airport and it’s embarrassing, but we asked them, ‘Do you think we smell? Because we just got kicked off a plane for smelling.’

Yossi adds: “I said you kicked me off because of religious reasons.”

Adding, “There’s a religious reason they’re kicking me off the plane.”

He told ABC News: “I’m very frustrated. I want American Airlines to own up to what really happened and tell me the truth.”

However according to American Airlines’ policy published within the companies handbook; “staff are allowed to remove passengers from a flight if they have an “offensive odor not caused by disability or illness.”

Back home in the Detroit, Alder insists he didn’t smell, emphasizing that he and his wife bathe every morning.

Asking, “And they still haven’t said which one of us they said had body odor. Was it me, my wife, my baby?”

Meanwhile, the smelly topic of body odor was addressed at the University of Houston on Thursday by an apparent politically incorrect professor who addressed the body odor issue in regards to certain cultures, especially those students from India and Southeast Asia.

The message was sent to graduate engineering students read, “People from India use lots of spices and people from other Southeast Asian countries use a lot of garlic which has lots of health benefits. However, there is one problem. The body odor due to consumption of these foods becomes strong.”

Somehow the politically incorrect professor was spared the progressive chopping block after he sent the message in 2017, in that no disciplinary action was taken.

“Personal hygiene is a sensitive topic and every culture has accepted standards,” the university said in a statement to NBC News on Thursday. “The message posted by a professor for graduate students was shared with good intentions and meant to help any student avoid a potentially embarrassing or awkward situation by making them aware of the hygiene practices that prevail in the U.S.”

“As the second most diverse public research institution in the country, we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive and respectful environment for the UH community to live and learn.”

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  1. No one is saying that people can’t stink if they want to but they do not have the right to inflict their personal stink on others.

  2. I grew up in an apartment in New York City, a 5 story walk up because there were very few elevators during the depression. Even as a child I could tell who lived on each floor of the building many times.The Jewish floor had its smell, the Italian floor had its smell, the greeks had their distinctive smell, and the american floor had little smell. They were not bad, just different. The garlic was obvious whenever you were on a floor that used it heavily, and the tomato sauce made your mouth water. The “american” floor is not a patriotic name, you would smell liver and onions, or beef stew, but mostly the mouthwatering smells were not present I believe because we used less flavoring and seasoning on our foods while they cooked, and gave off their pungent odors. When I got married, Bernadette loved frog’s legs, and after the first after dinner kiss, I got dinner that had garlic in it for self defence. You could not notice the garlic in the frog’s legs while you were eating, but you got an unpleasant blast from that first after dinner kiss. Try this sometime, and you will find out how true it is. you often can pass gas that would make a skunk’s eyes water because of what you ate.

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