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Top Five Ways to Add a Little Spice to Your Valentine’s Day

The lights are down, the tree has been put away, so that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

What is the most important gift you can give your significant other this Valentine’s? Most relationship experts agree it is the same one that works best all year long, but is especially important during the Holiday of Romance. Give him or her, the gift of appreciation.

Just take a few minutes out of the day to really let your partner know that you appreciate him or her, and especially all the work he or she is doing to make this day special, and that there really is not another person in the world who you would want to spend this holiday, or any other time with.

Beyond that here are Five Ways to put some passion and romance into your Valentines Day, or any day, for that matter.

  1. A Touching Gift A lot of websites recommend a massage or spa gift certificate as a romantic gift. But do them one better, instead of a gift to your lover that will have him or her touched by a stranger, give the both of you the gift of a Massage Kit that you can use – Together! The Cupid Romantic Couples Massage Kit, available at comes complete with lightly scented Coconut Passion Fruit massage cream, two mood-setting tea lights, a do-it-yourself back massager and a mini massage guide to stimulate your technique.
  2. Plan a Romantic Romp – The gift of a romantic get-a-way way with you is almost always greeted with awe, or should that be “awww…” by your partner. It doesn’t have to be far away, or expensive, as long as it’s a rendezvous just for two. It could be at the beach or any other tourist area where you live. You might even consider getting frisky at the local “No Tell” motel.
  3. Love of the Month There are various “of the month clubs.” Pick one for your lover that reminds him or her of what is special, unique, and loving about your relationship. This can be the “Wine” or “Flower” of the month. Whatever it is, just be sure it is something symbolic of your love and your relationship, and each time it arrives, your partner will be reminded of you and your love.
  4. 101 Nights of Great Romance Available for less than 20.00 on, 101 Nights of Great Romance is designed for you and your lover to have a secret rendezvous at least once each week, by each of you tearing a sealed page from the book. But because they’re all secret, each one is an incredible, delicious surprise when it happens. The author says you will “learn to be romantic by practicing romance.”
  5. Make Your Own Love Shack – Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for some “romantic remodeling?” Redo the room of your choice (not necessarily the bedroom) into a space that just oozes romance. Get satin sheets, light some candles, add a fountain, flower petals, scented oils – you get the picture. Welcome your lover to your love shack with his or her favorite drink, wearing a smile – and little else.

Valentine’s Day, like any day, can be a time of stress – or sensuality, the choice is yours.

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