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Can You Blindly Trust Conservative Republicans To Always Vote Conservative Christian?

Those Who Support Newly Proposed LGBT Laws In Virginia Says, Prove Likely Not

I have always considered myself a Republican, and a moderate conservative, but to me these terms were not synonymous with being a conservative or far-right leaning Christian. The term ‘Republican’ is how I likely I would vote for one party vs. another, but it doesn’t encompass my entire belief systems. The label itself doesn’t define me, and I’ve learned not to believe that it defines others either.

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When Donald Trump decided to change political affiliations, I was surprised and even doubted that he might fulfill the needs of the Republican party. Even Republicans wavered in their overall support throughout his campaign. However, surprising to all, he has not only adopted much of the political causes supported by Republicans, but helped to move the needle forward on laws that without his help the Conservative movement may still be stymied.

It’s a person’s belief systems, relationships with others and their experiences that defined their politics and vote. So, it didn’t surprise me that there was a ruckus when the news reported some conservative republicans support recently proposed anti-discrimination laws related to housing rights for the LGBT population.

What surprised me was that people presumed that the term Republican was equal to the term conservative Christian. FYI: These are not the same and should not be used interchangeably.

In fact, one Republican who had been slated a conservative Republican (and who showed support for the new VA laws being proposed) is Del.- Roxann L. Robinson (R-Chesterfield).

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She considers herself a moderate, and so for those who mislead themselves into believing that all Republicans are created equal, so vote straight Republican across the board when heading to the polls need to reconsider that idea and do more due diligence when researching their constituents.

They represent the voice of the people, and they also take into consideration personal experiences, friendships, relationships, and this influences their decisions.

What you think a label represents when used by a Republican party candidate, may not always be the case. It’s vitally important for Republicans with strong Christian convictions to do due diligence and to be ‘woke’ as the term goes.

New changes in the structure of politics means more questions and no room for a mediocre approach to politics and government.

Dig into the facts when liberal news sites report changes in the norm when it comes to political candidate decisions, especially when it involves Republicans who have been presumed to be conservative and/or Christian.

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About Aria Gmitter

Aria Gmitter writes about parenting and political matters affecting the family.


  1. Please stop talking about “far right” Christians as if they have some relationship to Fascists who are de facto left wing. The correct left-right usage is that those who want a powerful state are left wing, and going to the right are those who value individual freedom. On the the extreme right are anarchists, who claim to value total freedom from all government.

    “Republican” is a political label and political labels determine which of the two major parties and candidates someone is likely to vote for. Whether or not one is a conservative depends’s position on the issues. Conservatives are by nature and definition centrists. When people vote for the left they are voting for a strong federal government that has vast power over the people. Today we tend to call them liberals which is incorrect. They are statists, totalitarians, and they can label themselves Christians, go to church and seem to be Christians in their daily lives, but they are not really Christians, because they either do not believe in individual freedom or are too ignorant to know what they are voting for and against. See diagram at the end.

    Roxann L. Robinson (R-Chesterfield) is a politician who uses the label “R” to get votes. The article tells people to do more homework before voting for a label, but how many who wear the label of the other party are likely to vote against anything that seems to favor the poufter community? The answer is most likely none. So even if one votes for a “Democrat”, it will be a vote for the bill that Robinson supports.

    The real issue is that in a free country there should be no discrimination, but in a free country with private property rights, owners of private property should retain the right to determine who can rent or buy their property, just like a private club should be able to determine who they will accept for membership.

    To fix this problem will require a major transformation of American education for about 50% of the country.

    State control Limited Government Very Limited Government No government
    of the means of production Conservatives Libertarians Anarchists
    Current Libs, Progressives
    Fascists (including German Nazis)
    other Statists
    Other Totalitarians
    Islamists (Worship of Mohammed
    is their version of state control)

  2. if you do not welcome gay people into those life you re not likely a christian. if you allow people to discriminate aga9nst [eople of color or jews or muslims you are a bigot. you must have a hard time reconciling your views of private property rights with the trump wall.

  3. I am disabled ..hard time controling fingers so texting is hard. please excuse

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