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Warning Children About Traveling Abroad

Canadian citizen Edith Blais and her Italian friend Luca Tacchetto went missing on December 18, 2018, in Burkina Faso, a country in western Africa located to the north of Ghana. Although unconfirmed, they are presumed dead at the hands of natives under their self-proclaimed international jihad (holy war).

Blais and Tacchetto ignored travel warnings and ventured optimistically into hostile territory with a history of recent terrorist attacks.

They did this because they believed in a philosophical idea first formulated almost 2500 years ago in ancient Greek: relativism – also called cultural relativism.

The basic idea behind relativism is that truth is relative to nations and locations on Earth rather than absolute no matter where you are.

Relativism “is the mistaken idea that there are no objective standards by which our society can be judged because each culture is entitled to its own beliefs and accepted practices.”

Cultural relativism “is the view that no culture is superior to any other culture when comparing systems of morality, law, politics, etc.”

Cultural relativism is a kind-hearted, tolerant delusion shared by many naive individuals, especially liberals. Protected within the borders of their own countries, this viewpoint sounds great: we’re all equal, therefore, we should all get along just fine.

This is definitely not what we are seeing across Europe.

Religious intolerance and extremism are at an all-time high across the world. In fact, people are killed in the name of religion every day.

Young people often don’t realize how hostile foreign countries are or understand how different their customs are from our own here in the free world.

In fact, many don’t realize there are no-go zones all across Europe.

Conservative observers such as Daniel Lang warn that no-go zones are coming to the United States.

In war-torn countries such as Africa’s Burkina Faso, where the open-minded cultural relativists Blais and Tacchetto were last seen alive, Western visitors are literally taking their lives in their own hands.

“The Canadian government had issued serious warnings about Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso” and the Global Affairs Canada website advised travelers to ‘avoid all non-essential travel’ to Burkina Faso…mostly due to terrorism and banditry concerns,” according to CTV News in Canada.

Unfortunately, these were nowhere close to the first or last attacks on unassuming travelers. Make sure your children know the realities of the world — it could save their life.

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  1. Sandra Hutchinson

    Young people do reckless and/or dangerous things. They enlist in the military during wartime; they drink and drive; they engage in extreme sports; they go off as missionaries to hostile cultures. For some , that’s part of being young. Often they have no sense of their own mortality. It has little to do with a liberal philosophic mindset.

    In reading over the coverage of these two young people, they were on their way to a tree reforesting project in Togo. They were bohemian, and may have believed (in addition to being unconvinced that they might die) that they had nothing that would interest a kidnapper or rebel.

    They were foolish to have ignored the Canadian government warnings, true, but as someone who has gone to Israel to visit despite government warnings, I can’t condemn them too harshly.

    By all means, warn children that the world can be a dangerous place, but address the root cause of immature judgment, rather than a liberal philosophy as a bogeyman.

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