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Trump Uses His Own Money To Buy Players Fast Food

ESPN recently reported on Trump’s choice of food to be served at the White House during the celebration of the College Football Playoff National Championship held Monday evening.

Trump served over 1,000 hamburgers, huge lots of fries, and hundreds of pizzas — to name only a few of the fast food selections that night.

When asked about his choice of foods for the celebration, Trump responded by saying that he bought the food himself and he did so because of the government shutdown, in addition to the fact that “the players would appreciate the food better than anything else.”

Even though the players “whooped” from excitement when they saw the spread, according to a reporter, the president was still condemned for purchasing cheap food for such an event.

To make matters worse, people are now complaining that Trump spent his own money for fast food but refuses to spend his own money on the wall that is currently creating a government stalemate. Sometimes you just can’t satisfy people.

Show me a hamburger that costs $5 billion

It seems ridiculous that people are making such a big deal about Trump serving hamburgers to a group of overeating football players who eat this type of stuff on a regular basis. The players almost fainted when they saw the spread awaiting their arrival because they didn’t expect anyone to consider what THEY might want to eat at the White House.

True, you and I might not freak out with excitement if we walked into a White House gala and found a slice of pizza on our plate, but hey, we aren’t Clemson champs who actually like that kind of food now are we? People continue to point out Trump’s comment about purchasing fast food because of the government shutdown. Everyone seemingly wanted Trump to stick to the status quo and use the tax payer’s dollars to purchase steaks and potatoes for the evening.

Be assured that if he did this, everyone would lose their damn minds because they would call him inconsiderate and insensitive of those federal workers who are currently going without pay. What’s the relationship between the federal workers and hamburgers? Not really sure, but it can be assumed that people would find a way to compare the two.

Stay focused, people!

Currently, we are enduring a process that is very painful for us all. We are praying that we aren’t headed toward a recession sooner than originally planned, all while hoping that this shutdown will end sooner than originally planned. It’s a vicious game and we are the pawns. The politicians who are fighting one another about the billion-dollar wall are all going home at the end of the day to their families who are well fed, with light bills paid in full.

They aren’t worried about how they are going to feed their families and they are damn sure not feeding them fast food. We all make assumptions that Trump is the only person in the White House holding up this process without really dealing with the fact that he’s the pilot…not the actual airplane.

The entire group of politicians are proving to us all that they are ineffective in communicating with one another, let alone understanding the true pain of those who are living in America paying taxes…while these same taxpayers sit and wonder if they’ll ever again see another refund. It’s enough to make any conspiracy theorist go mad with ideas of what’s really going on here.

It boils down to accepting the fact that Trump served a group of young men fast food in an effort to make them happy, all while saving money. Ok, so what. Did those burgers assist in getting the Democrats or Republicans closer to an understanding or agreement? Did the pizza’s that were served change the pace of the government shutdown any? No? Then let’s focus on what really matters rather than consistently looking for something else to gripe about when it comes to Trump. Just my thoughts.

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  1. It was an insult and astonishingly cheap of Trump to treat those guys with that kind of disrespect.

  2. I think that Audra is right on. This partial shutdown was not allTrumps fault. Trump has done well with most of his international efforts. Let’s have him choose how to improve border security. That’s why we elected him.
    As far as serving fast food at his personal expense – the players loved it & it’s often Trump’s choice. He did the right thing again.

    As far as Nancy; she has voted for walls many times & uses them around her own home.
    Nancy is just starting early on the 2020 election by trying to make Trump look ineffective.

  3. If Trump is such a big man, how come he didn’t use the White House chefs to make these kids dinner? They were not furloughed.

    To Richard Lindner: Trump is the only person to control the switch. He had no problem using the federal workers, their children, contract workers and their families as well as businesses which depend on these workers to eat at their restaurants, purchase items from their stores, etc., as pawns. Whether or not he has done well with international efforts is certainly up for debate. His own military does not agree with his tactics as well as many, many others. You, and most Trump supporters, conflate( I will give you a few minutes to look it up) border security with a wall. Very few politicians will publicly say that they do not support improving border security. It is only the refusal to build a “big, beautiful wall” which angers him/you. I would be interested to poll the border states and see how many voters think there is an emergency. Emergency is defined as “a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation which often requires immediate action”. How does the wall fit that definition? Considering that Trump sells himself as the greatest deal maker on the planet, I find it interesting that there have been no “deals”. I do not consider bullying the art of the deal.

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