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Mother Cries Foul After Evading Police With Her Children In The Car

There is a video going viral of police officers bashing in the window of a Black mother’s minivan in an attempt to excavate her teenage son, and then images of her driving away in fear while the police shoot at her car. The video sparked complete outrage from the community and continued to add fuel to an already intense fire of police brutality among Black people.

This video was used by the activist group “Black Lives Matter” to further prove the danger of police officers in the black communities. There’s only one problem, however. The video only shows the aftermath of over 10 minutes of interaction between the mother and the police officer prior to the situation escalating.

What really happened?

So, the entire saga begins with a woman with her six children speeding down the freeway in a minivan when they are suddenly pulled over by a police officer. When he approaches the vehicle to give her a citation, she refuses to sign. Not only does she refuse to sign the citation, but she tells the officer that she doesn’t have time to deal with him or the citation right now and then goes on to argue with him about her desire to get on with her day.

This goes on for at least 7 minutes. The officer, continuing to remain calm, asks her to turn off her vehicle while he walks back to his car. Needless to say, she speeds off. When the police officer catches up with her, he opens her door and tells her to get out of the car, at which time her teenage son gets out of the car and begins to approach the officer aggressively. This is when the officer takes out his gun, tells the teen to get back into the car, and then asks the mother to get out.

During this exchange, the teen boy gets out of the car again and attacks the officer, which leads the mother to get into her car (after she yells for her son to get back into the car) and she speeds off. The video that circulates currently only shows the point after this altercation that led up to the police officers shooting at the vehicle (once it sped off for the second time) and after the officer was attacked by the son. Sounds like a lot? That’s because it was a great deal of foolishness occurring on the behalf of the mother.

Time to play your cards

When you see the video, you understand the frustration that the police officers felt. The woman placed her own children in harm’s way by failing to comply with the officer in the first place. It’s unfortunate because she not only endangered the wellbeing of her children, but she also made the officers (and their reaction to her noncompliance) seem as if it was unjustified.

When the police finally stopped her again (after the woman sent them on a chase that involved her driving on the wrong side of the road), they pulled their guns and told all of the people in her car to get out and lay on the ground (which they finally did). The mother only received two days probation, and the officer who shot at the vehicle when it sped away was fired.

The race card was played, of course, and the officers were forever scorned for the entire scene. The only problem was that the video only shared the portion of the event that revealed the officers reacting to the woman’s unfathomable antics. No one truly understood how the situation had escalated and all everyone ever saw was a helpless mother and her children being forced to lay on the ground with gun-toting police officers surrounding them.

The time has come for everyone to accept responsibility for their actions. The mother involved in this story was completely wrong in every regard. She failed to respect and comply with authority, she ignored the rules by deciding to break them instead, and she acted as if the officers were completely wrong by attempting to force her to follow rules that were meant for everyone.

As a Black woman, she then complained that she was treated unfairly because of her color. Anyone watching the video in its entirety would see for themselves that the situation could have been avoided if she only signed the citation and went on her merry way, rather than choosing to rebel at that moment in time. Does racism and bigotry exist? Absolutely! Was this a case of racism or bigotry? Absolutely not!

This was a case of a mother who should have had her children removed for placing them in harm’s way (especially the way she drove sporadically at high speeds in the wrong lane on the freeway) in order to escape the police. When will society stop living in fear of being accused of something by those who are genuinely wrong?

Allowing others to use the sex card, the race card, or any other card in an effort to avoid being penalized will only spawn more events such as this. It’s time to wake up, open our eyes, and accept that there are those who will do anything to avoid their own responsibilities even if those responsibilities are for the betterment of their own children.

What the video for yourself here.

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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. i am tired of the same old story that blacks are being singled out. this situation had nothing to do with the color of her skin and everything to do with her disobeying the law. how about the “fake news” telling the WHOLE news!

  2. Irrespective of the mother’s actions, the police had no need to draw weapons and shoot recklessly at her vehicle perhaps endangering other motorists on the road. This is not the old west and police need to use reason also. hat was the big deal, put out a call for her arrest and handle it professionally. Glad to hear the irresponsible police officer was fired; jailed might have been a better alternative.

  3. I appreciate your position, and perhaps this is picky, but if you wish to be taken seriously and have your message expand to a greater audience you might wish to edit your articles. Just as a starter, it is ‘foul’ not ‘fowl’

  4. When was this?

  5. Just another Black woman outlier on the IQ Bell Curve teaching her brood how to grow up as morons. How they continue to perpetuate the cycle generation after generation.

  6. I agree with all of you. When we were kids we were taught to respect adults and also the police. But now people don’t teach their kids to be respectful, and this mother in the article is clearly not doing that. She should not be allowed to have her kids anymore just for the fact she endangered their lives! She is teaching them so much of what is wrong with our society.

  7. What has fowl got to do with this story? Means bird.

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