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Say Hello To America’s Youngest Lawmaker

Although West Virginia House of Delegates member Caleb Hanna is just 19-years old, he’s already become someone to watch as the future of the Republican Party.

The young charismatic African American legislator appeared on Fox & Friends to outline his unique proposal to help fund the president’s border wall — which is donating $10 million of his states’ surplus to help combat both America’s national security interests and West Virginia’s monumental drug problem.

“West Virginia has a terrible drug problem,” Hanna said Tuesday. “I believe that a lot of those drugs and opioids are coming directly from the southern border. I spoke to local and state law enforcement, and they say these drugs are so pure they can’t be coming from anywhere other than Mexico. So I believe that the wall is a crucial part in addressing West Virginia’s drug problem.”

Adding, “So, the West Virginia Republican majority in the House has been very supportive of President Trump and his efforts to secure the southern border. So, I am happy to co-sponsor a piece of legislation that I don’t think just West Virginia will be happy about, but the American people as a whole.”

The young legislator will be introducing a bill along with fellow Republican delegates Carl “Robbie” Martin and Patrick Martin. The bill would transfer $10-million dollars of the states’ surplus towards the President’s border wall.

“I believe in President Trump and the wall,” Delegate Hanna said. “For me, this is no different than sending our National Guard to the border or overseas to protect U.S. interests. We, as a state, have resources available to help make America more secure, and I believe West Virginians would want those resources used to make us more safe.”

Although the $10-million dollars isn’t much, considering the President’s is asking Democrats for $5-billion, the symbolic gesture may inspire other Republicans whose states’ may also have surplus funds, to donate a small portion towards the border wall.

Currently West Virginia because of its sound fiscal policies has over $185 million dollars in surplus funds.

Hanna was elected to West Virginia’s House of Delegates District 44 in November after defeating Democratic incumbent Dana Lynch.

In an interview conducted by The Daily Caller News Foundation, Hanna described what drew him to the rough and tumble world of politics.

“I always knew that I was not satisfied with the leadership I was getting within my own house district. I told myself if I ever had my opportunity to take that, I would give it my shot.”

The $10-million dollars being purposed for border wall funding is actually an insurance policy for West Virginia, considering that the state had the highest drug overdose death rate in 2017, surpassing other states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, who are also struggling with the drug crisis.

Another important issue for the young lawmaker is his stand on “gun rights” echoing his core principles of “God, guns and babies.”

Hanna as a member of the majority party in the House of Delegates wants to also co-sponsor a campus carry bill.

“The Constitution clearly lays out our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, not just in our homes but also in our places of work and our places of study,” Hanna told TheDCNF. “I live in my college dorm while I’m at the legislature. … I consider that to be my home. I feel like I should have the right to protect myself in my home.”

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  1. He sounds like an energetic young man with great ideas! Glad to have him here on the Right!

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