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Justice Ginsburg Misses Court For The First Time

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court’s fiery liberal Justice, was absent from the court for a few days last week — where she was scheduled to hear oral arguments regarding several cases in front of the high court.

This was the first time the 85-year old Justice has missed a day appearing in court since joining the bench, back in 1993.

The legendary liberal justice had surgery just before Christmas to remove cancerous growths found in her lungs.

Her absence once again has caused a firestorm of speculation as to whether she will return.

Elizabeth Slattery, host of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s “Scotus 101” pod-cast weighted in on the those within the media speculating on whether Justice Ginsburg will return or not.

“We shouldn’t read too much into the fact that she’s missed three days of oral arguments. She famously was back on the bench the day after her beloved husband Marty passed away, so she’s obviously very committed to the job. But clearly she needs time to recuperate.”

The stunning announcement on Monday came from Chief Justice John Roberts that his colleague Justice Ginsburg would not be in attendance to hear oral arguments, which marked the first time in her quarter-century on the bench that Justice Ginsburg would not be present.

Ginsburg, who normally sits immediately to the left of Roberts, has thus far missed three consecutive days, which is raising concerns regarding her long term medical prognosis, as well as the court’s ability to adequately function, with one member perhaps not able to serve for an extended period of time.

Her absence has raised a few red flags in Washington, as a sign that perhaps the oldest member on the court may not be able to come back from her major surgery.

The White House as a precautionary measure quietly contacted key GOP lawmakers, and conservative legal activists assuring them that if a sudden vacancy should occur, they’re ready with a list of top-tier quality conservative candidates. In fact new White House Counsel Pat Cipollone when contacted by Fox News, regarding the issue of Justice Ginsburg, acknowledged his staff is currently updating its candidate list.

The court thus far hasn’t offered a timetable on Ginsburg’s return, noting only that the Justice is convalescing at home, and fully engaged with the caseload.

However, this isn’t the first time that Justice Ginsburg has faced serious medical issues. Within the past two decades she’s faced two medical procedures, for colon and pancreatic cancer, and each time she’s returned to the bench within days, astoundingly never missing a scheduled public court session.

No doubt Ginsburg is a fighter, despite her petite frame, after taking a nasty fall a few years ago in her chamber injuring her ribs Justice Ginsburg was back to work 19-days later, never missing a session.

This time Ginsburg was treated for “Pulmonary Lobectomy’ at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City to remove two malignant growths in her left lung.

February will likely emerge as a critical period for Ginsburg to return back to the high court, more specifically by the 19th which is the start of public sessions

Fox News contacted several doctors with experience in performing pulmonary lobotomies surgery, simply to get a better idea regarding Ginsburg’s advanced age, and how long (barring any complications) it might take for a full recovery, the consensus about 6 to 8 weeks, to be able to resume normal duties…we wish her well!

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