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Teens Attack After Being Told They Were Too Big For McDonald’s PlayPlace

Teenage girls were recently accused of destroying equipment at a Moreno Valley, Calif., McDonald’s after employees and parents asked them to leave the children’s play area. The teen girls were playing inside the PlayPlace of the McDonalds when one of the parents asked them to leave because she feared their rough play would harm her 2-year-old and her 5-year-old who were both playing in the play area as well.

When the parent asked the teens to leave, they threatened her and told her to fight them. When she refused, they took it upon themselves to beat her up in front of her children. When the employees of the food chain stepped in to kick the girls out of the restaurant, they became even more belligerent and started to throw things, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damages.

When the police arrived onto the scene, the girls were gone and there was nothing left behind but damaged equipment, a mother with minor injuries, and two small children who were potentially forever fearful of being around older kids.

This type of incident begs one to ask who raised these teen girls and how did the girls get to be so angry. Teens who will beat someone up for telling them that they can’t play in a children’s play area are teens that one might assume to be missing a few screws upstairs. If not that, then it must be that they were merely angry at the thought that they were being told what to do, which opens the door to another problem entirely.

Teenagers who are allowed to do anything that they want around their parents are not being taught how to deal with rules and regulations. The parents assume that by allowing their teens to do all that they want to do, they are creating happy teens who will like them more.

This can’t be further from the truth. Teens who are not disciplined by their parents only take their aggression out on the public and they prove that they lack the insight to understand how they are to play within certain parameters. This particular incident of teen girls failing to handle being told to leave McDonald’s is only a small view of what they will give society unless their parents take the responsibility of showing them that they can’t have anything they want when they want it.

It is the complete responsibility of the parents to teach their children the importance of walking within the boundaries given so that they can be effective members of society…not the problems of society.

Most parents get angry when they are told that their children should be disciplined. Parents feel that others shouldn’t have the right to tell them how to raise their children. This is the attitude that they carry onto their children, which might explain why their children go into society acting as if no one should have the right to tell them what to do, even if they are wrong.

The unfortunate deal here is that other people are harmed when teenagers take their undisciplined wrath out on others. Parents can all take a lesson from this situation and do what is necessary to ensure that their children will not be the teens who are wreaking havoc in McDonald’s somewhere. It won’t make them parents of the year by their teens, but it will help to ensure their teens are not staring at them from behind bars someday soon.

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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. These are “girls” that deserve to be beat. Since apparently their parents did not and will not discipline them, it is time for Hillary’s village to take over.

  2. Welcome to the new moral-less, godless, no discipline progressive society, isn’t it nice.

  3. Beyond the current psycho babel, maybe the old school – spare the rod and spoil the child comes into play. Also we are tolerating everything and everyone wins and there is no consequences to children’s of adults actions. We are reducing penalties for older teen offenders even when their actions resulted in the death of others and we wonder well and how their over the top morally corrupt behavior happens. Has anyone noticed the more tolerate the less considerate folks have become. When acceptable societal behavior has been removed and everything is tolerated this is where we end up. A group of ill mannered, offended by everyone and everything, not responsible for their own actions. UGH!

  4. I have to agree with what was stated here, but did it occur to anyone that drug use could also be a culprit here and not bad parenting? Could be both, but the behavior was extreme it seems.

  5. 1 problem is that most kids know that adults aren’t supposed to touch them. i watched a video of a bunch of teen girl thugs, beating & kicking a girl on the ground. her father 1st told them to stop, which they didn’t. then he started pulling them off. as soon as he pulled 1 off, another would take her place. finally in desperation, he started punching them in the face, knocking them to the ground. the teen girl who was recording all this on her cell phone, yelled to him, “ur a grown adult. ur not supposed to even touch them girls”. if this had been my kid, i would have done the same thing in order to save my girl from at least getting her brain s scrambled permanently. in the mcdonalds incident, anyone that starts beating my wife/girlfriend, or kid is going to get a beating. when a teen thug starts to beat any one of my loved ones, they have forfeited the right to “not b touched”. kids r more dangerous these days then they were a generation ago. a coworker of mine’s
    9 year old daughter was repeatedly gang raped by a bunch of kids ranging from 9-11 yrs old. the leader who i think was 10 or 11, wasn’t afraid of the consequences. he laughed off the sentence that the judge gave him.
    yes, parenting has a lot to do w/this problem. diet also has a big role. this has been proven. not just in kids, but adults also. but we can’t force parents to do things they don’t want to do. so we need to provide enough funds for anti-bullying programs at school.

  6. Who raised these two monsters? Jerry’s kids, Mexifornian illegals, scum of the earty, Cthat’s who…

  7. One can only hope those little punks will be held accountable for their actions. Both financially and physically!!! Their parents (or shall I say, lack of parents) also be held accountable for their failed responsibility!

  8. As I was reading this I was wondering why the Police weren’t called right away and why the girls weren’t detained so that they could face the consequences of their actions? How old were they? Just questions. Not critical since events happen in seconds.

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