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Teacher Fired After Forcing Black Students To Enact Slavery

The New York Post recently reported the firing of a white Bronx teacher who had her black students lie on the floor while she stepped on their backs to enact what went on during slavery.

It was 37-year-old Patricia Cummings that felt she was being mistreated after her actions led to her being fired for insensitivity. Students and their parents complained of humiliation, but Cummings fought that with statements declaring that it was only one student and his parent that complained, so what’s the big deal?

Cummings is even suing the city for $1 billion because she is mortified that no one wants to hire her after the word got out on how she was fired. “That teachable moment changed my life,” Cummings complained after being pelted with emails calling her a racist. The sad thing about all of this is that she really can’t see the harm in what she did.

Many liberal whites fall into the realm of assuming they have a pass when it comes to how they treat black people. They feel they have black friends, they have a black lover, or they have blacks who are members of their associations or clubs, so by default they are cleared of being misconstrued as racist when they say or do dumb shit.

In the report, Cummings never apologized for how she might have made the students feel. She never saw the harm in her actions and she never once stopped to think about any long-term harm that she may have inflicted through her actions.

The lawsuit that Cummings is preparing to file against the city for her being fired is completely bogus. She claims that she was wrongfully fired, and she can prove it by having black teachers back her up. It would be lovely to have those black teachers stand before a crowd of black people so that they can explain why they would support a white woman standing on the backs of black children that she made lie on the floor in front of other white students.

The black teachers that felt “she did nothing wrong” were just as guilty as she was if they truly feel that the act performed by Cummings was completely innocent and harmless. It appears that everyone needs to take sensitivity classes, which is unfortunate considering the fact that these types of actions would seem harmful to anyone with common sense and a heart.

Cummings represents a handful of people who are such narcissists that they fail to see anything outside of themselves. They fail to see how their actions have detrimental reactions that can’t be retracted. They also fail to see that the children being harmed in the act will forever feel the scar that the action created. It’s really too bad that people like Cummings are only fired after incidents like this.

One would think that she would be forced to take classes on cultural sensitivity so that she could become a better person for both herself and others. If the city should be sued for anything, it should be for that.

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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. I wonder if she would have been fired if the students had been white…my grandsons class in elementary school did something similar several years ago and nothing happened…could it be because it was almost an all white class???

  2. This is an opinion article, what was the purpose of the act? what was she teaching? It is interesting, because I have never heard of what she did in any History book I read. It seems like progressive move on the part of the school board. Until she goes to court no one will know for sure.

  3. Because slavery did happen and you can read about it doesn’t call for an actual re-enactment. I’m sorry this event occurred. If you are teaching this segment be sure to tell them that the natives in Africa were the ones capturing rival tribes and selling the captives to the slave ships. We were not actually jumping in a boat & capturing them ourselves. By the way, before there ‘actual” slaves those that had indentured” servants. Those were people who couldn’t afford to come on their own because they were poor. When they found a sponsor to help them come to the colonies they became servents to that sponsor until there passage was paid for. One more fact for you. The FIRST slave owner was a black man. Look it up for yourselves. We were still colonies when that occurred.

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