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China Kills Christmas and Everyone Blames Xi Jinping

Christmas is an American tradition birthed from Christianity and it is something that is generally adopted and celebrated throughout the world. China, however, feels that this is simply not going to work for the Chinese and they are doing everything they can to delete evidence of Christmas from their malls.

Most are calling this act of ‘Christmas rebellion’ something against Santa Claus rather than looking at this act for what it is: an attempt to remain true to their own tradition.

Currently, there are four Chinese cities and one county that have ordered restrictions on Christmas celebrations this year, according to the Associated Press. Schools, homes, and public places have all curtailed any celebrations that would resemble the embracing of the Christmas holiday.

This would seem normal to anyone who respects the rights of other cultures to embrace their own traditions. Unfortunately, this is not being taken lightly by some in America who feels this is a slap in the face to Santa. That’s right…Santa is being insulted and we aren’t going to stand for it.

Media outlets are blaming this act of rebellion against Santa on President Xi Jinping and his desire to support the Chinese embrace on their own traditions, religion, and culture. Rather than accepting this as being fair, most American media outlets are screaming bloody murder at the fact that Xi is pushing communism down the throat of his people.

He has even been turned into a villain for his refusal to allow anyone in China to celebrate the holiday that supports American religion. What’s most unfortunate about this situation is the fact that Americans refuse to accept the tradition of other cultures but absolutely lose it when other cultures refuse to accept their own.

It leaves one to wonder why Americans can’t accept the fact that other cultures are actually proud of their own traditions and want to do all that is possible to maintain them.

The refusal of Americans to accept China’s decision to exclude this religious holiday from their day to day living helps us to further understand why most foreigners in other countries dislike Americans. If you have the opportunity to travel outside of the American borders, you will soon discover that not everyone in other countries like us. They feel we are egotistical and rude, in addition to a few other things.

We typically refuse to learn their language, but we will go onto their land and demand that they speak ours. We feel that the world must bow down to us and accept our way of thinking and our way of life, regardless of what cultural history others might try and uphold. This helps us to understand why Xi might be looked upon as a villain who is attempting to push communism down the throats of his people. We must ask ourselves if he is disrespecting his people by refusing to support a tradition that is not their own or if he is showing love for his people by ensuring that they embrace their own tradition and cultural beliefs.

Maybe it depends on the person making the judgment call. Either way, it should be noted that any president that encourages his own people in his country to embrace their culture is someone who truly loves the culture that he comes from.

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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. Interesting how through our shopping choices we support and help a dictatorship to prosper even at the peril of our own country and even though we profess to embrace freedom!

  2. CharlesWilliamMorganJr

    The author makes some strange and unusual conclusions! The issue is NOT a love of culture, but of freedom to choose what we like and want in life. Love the culture, but don’t restrict freedom of religion. It is VERY clear that communism is being rammed down the throat of the people, and they are allowed no other choices. A Christian in China has no hope of being a government employee, getting a higher education, or being an officer in the armed forces, to name just a few.

  3. Culture cannot he forced down a people’s throat! Your thinly masked propaganda screed is laughable on many levels. First if all, Christmas is NOT only an Snericsn tradition. It’s roots are in old Europe, and it’s still celebrated there as widely as in the US.

    How brazen to paper over Xi’s forced top-down censorship of something beautiful and treasured worldwide you call “encouragement” to embrace ones own culture??? Using the power if the state to instill fear in the people about celebrating a tradition they love s NOT cultural encouragement!

    Stop being a patronistic apologist for a tyrant! No one agrees with you, save your Politburo minders on whom you depend for your income. Get another profession! You don’t fool nor impress anyone with this propaganda piece!

  4. “The refusal of Americans to accept China’s decision to exclude this religious holiday from their day to day living helps us to further understand why most foreigners in other countries dislike Americans.”
    The conclusion drawn above is really inaccurate. First, this is the first time I had read about China’s decision. However, it is no surprise. China is, officially, a socialist/communist/atheistic country. Their government has a long history of control of the culture. Their “cultural revolution,” after all, was reactionary, not progressive.
    The fact is that Christmas has, for many years, been a season promoted for its benefits to the retail economy. People under 40 would be surprised to know that “Black Friday” is not that old an event or “tradition,” and the “cyber” days are even younger. While orthodox, catholic, protestant and otherwise “Christian” world emphasizes the “real meaning of Christmas,” the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Santa Claus has been the representation of the “giver” of gifts, the commercial aspect of Christmas, not the “Gift” itself.
    There are far more historically significant reasons for foreigners in other countries to dislike Americans. But a delineation of those reasons would require more a liberalism with respect to space than conservativemom would, probably, be able to tolerate!

  5. China dumps Christmas because they do not like Santa Claus???, The name is Christ Mass, and Santa is a ritual of America, mainly because of some European grandfather types that tried to get folks to enjoy making others happy, Wenceslaus, St Nicholas and black peter and others soon adopted into the Lore of Christmas. If China dumps the commercial spirit that invades each Christmas…..good on them. If they disrespect our wish to Worship Christ’s birthday, they are dead wrong wherever there exists one Christian.

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