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GoFundMe Donations in Jeopardy

To most patriotic and critical thinking Americans it seemed like an 11th-hour holiday miracle — the kind we see on the Hallmark Network during this time of year.

A newspaper article written by a renown columnist, regarding America’s sovereignty, inspires a triple amputee veteran to single-handedly pick up the mantle and begin an ambitious campaign to raise money through a “GoFundMe” website.

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Brian Kolfage, a war hero and Purple Heart recipient, understands miracles and beating overwhelming odds. By all medical reasoning, Kolfage shouldn’t be alive today after the incomprehensible wounds he sustained on the battlefield.

However, Kolfage’s noble effort may actually be in jeopardy because of bureaucratic red tape combined with a self-serving and dysfunctional Congress — which now control an individual’s right to directly control their own wellbeing.

At issue once again is interference by congressional lawmakers regarding the funds being collected earmarked for the president’s border wall.

 According to Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, he’s unsure about how the donation would work.

Part of the problem is how donations made to the federal government are handled. “Gifts to the United States” are set aside for “general use” by the federal government or “budget needs,” in short the funds may not go to the wall, if those funds go into the general fund.

However Republican’s have rushed through a House Resolution bill 7207 that specifically addresses the “GoFundMe” donations regarding the border wall.

The “hang-up” requires the House bill to pass before Democrats take control at the beginning of the year. The bill officially titled “H.R. 7207 would establish a “Border Wall Trust Fund” which would allow the government to receive funds for the earmarked project.

To complicate things further, some agencies have to have money allocated by Congress. Homeland Security may not be able to accept donations without approval from Congress, and earmarked for a specific cause…all very bureaucratic.

Moreover, the terms within the service agreement of the GoFundMe contract specifically states in writing that the donations must go towards building the border wall.

This brings us back to Senior Airman, Brian Kolfage Jr., the most severely wounded Airman in US history, who symbolizes the spirit of America, reminding us once again how a ragtag army of farmers and merchants against overwhelming odds beat the most powerful empire the world had ever known.

However that was then and this is now, in that our fledgling nation in order to survive required unique individuals who put their personal differences aside, for the betterment of a newborn nation to survive.

Kolfag is that rare breed, who still believes that one individual can make a difference, a far cry from those bureaucrats of today who now roam the hallowed halls of Congress, proclaiming themselves lawmakers.

The grassroots movement originally inspired by a newspaper article, in which a unique individual once again answered the call to duty on another battlefield and raised thus far 10 million dollars, with over 160,000 individuals donating.

Perhaps to better understand how Democrats in Congress and leftist celebrity types like Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano view the efforts of a triple amputee war hero, is to simply realize how uninformed they truly are.

“Oh, yes! Let’s  GoFundThe Wall while not taking care of our veterans. Cool. Cool. Cool.”

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) December 20, 2018


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