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Elementary School Teacher Steals from Student to Pay Traffic Ticket

As parents, we place a great deal of trust in the teachers who are responsible for instructing, guiding, and protecting our children for eight hours a day.

Teachers play a pivotal role in showing our children the importance of honesty and integrity. However, what happens when you have a teacher who purposely steals something from your child?

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It would make you lose a lot of faith in the schools and the teachers they hire, no doubt.

Recently, Fox News shared a report about a 21-year-old teacher named Kalif Jones in Georgia who stole a violin from one of his 9-year-old students to pay for a $700 ticket he received.

He was seen on video picking up the violin, walking with it through the school, and then walking out of the school with it in his hands. This incident led to a criminal investigation and the arrest of Jones, who was later charged with a count of misdemeanor theft.

Teachers who lie need teachers themselves

It would make sense that some might argue that Jones was a 21-year-old who was too young to have the maturity necessary to make the right choices. This would be foolish, however. Jones was not only fully aware of what he was doing, but he even rationalized his actions by stating the importance of why he was doing what he had done. He felt the violin was more important to him and his needs at that time than they were to the student.

Parents have reason to fear teachers such as this because these types of personalities can’t see beyond their own needs. If an adult can’t see past their own selfish desires, then how on earth can they truly understand or protect the needs of the children they are supposed to serve? Jones proved in his decisions that he was in need of an instructor who could teach him values, responsibility, and integrity…given the fact that he had obviously missed this lesson at home.

The children pay the price for adult downfalls

One of the most unfortunate repercussions of this situation is that the student that had his or her violin stolen will suffer the most. The student has learned through all of this that adults who claim to protect are not trustworthy. Children are in need of guidance and lessons that reveal a strong sense of community.

They are in constant need of love and empathy, all of which are typically shown or taught by their teachers at a very young age. True, parents teach these traits, but the reality is that children spend more of their time at school with their instructors than they do at home with their parents. This is why this situation is so sad. What will this child believe about people and their good nature after something like this? Time will only tell.

Lessons at home

Unfortunately, there are many Kalif Jones’ in the world. People who can’t see beyond their own immediate need and will do anything (including stealing from a child) to get what they need.

Jones couldn’t even see that his actions would lead to his being arrested, charged, and then fired…all of which are more detrimental than a mere $700 ticket. This is why it is imperative to teach children important values at home.

Relying on others to do the job of teaching morals and respect just might place parents at a disadvantage if something like this happens to their child. So be proactive so that your child won’t suffer if they should ever encounter a Mr. Jones in their lifetime.

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About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. $100 bucks says this guy was an anti-Trumper. This happens all the time; I can spot these vermin a mile away.

    It’s a gift.

  2. This is one more of the core reasons parents have decided on Homeschooling for their children. Public Schools have become a place where teaching Social Justice to children is of more importance than teaching them the basic academics of Math, Reading, English, Science, History, Spelling, How to study for a test, Handwriting, Speech, Languages, PE time, Music, and Art. Social Justice is often founded on opinions of a individual rather than what is truly based in moral values or truth. Teaching values is done more by our own examples of how we live not by so much how we tell others to live. Teaching children cannot be filled with contradictions of values.
    Teachers need to be of good sound moral character to be the ones who instruct children, someone children can respect, trust, and learn from how to build good moral character.

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