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Will The Boy Scouts Go Bankrupt?

The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help deal with the recent fallout from numerous sex abuse allegations.

Declaring bankruptcy would put a pause on all litigation and give the Boy Scouts a chance to negotiate with those who have sued the organization.

Declaring bankruptcy is a common move for organizations dealing with sex abuse allegations. In recent years, more than 20 religious groups have filed for Chapter 11 to negotiate with victims. USA Gymnastics followed suit last week as it continues to negotiate with the many victims of longtime gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar.

In a letter to employees Wednesday, the Boy Scouts said it intended to “explore all options available” to ensure that local and national programs continue uninterrupted.

Since its founding in 1910, more than 110 million people have participated in the Boy Scouts’ educational programs – which focus on outdoor skills, leadership, and character development.

The organization is now struggling to stay afloat amid dwindling membership and legal costs associated with sex abuse allegations. According to public filings, the group has paid law firm Ogletree Deakins over $11 million since 2015.

In an attempt to increase participation, they even opened the organization to girls. Unfortunately, not everyone saw the move as a step towards equality — especially considering their checkered past with bans on gays serving in leadership roles (lifted in 2015).

In fact, the Boy Scouts is fighting a lawsuit from the Girl Scouts, which complain that its push for girls to join its ranks is causing confusion for parents.

There’s no doubt organizations like the Boy Scouts are a great way for children  to make friends and learn important skills. Here’s to hoping they get their act together.


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  1. The Boy Scouts are history! When you abandon your core values, identity, just to be politically correct you loose your purpose and your cause! It is that simple, boys are boys, girls are girls, the rest is BS. If some one does not like it, they can form their own organization, OR modify their own organizaton, not mess up a good one. I have nothing against any gender, and mixing them for reasonable purpose is good, but to do something because that is your right is not always the right thing to do. Buuuuuut, they (who ever they is) want Socialism, equality that is not viable or sensible and the weak leaders cave in to WHAT? Yes the so called BOY SCOUT leaders failed THE BOYS and what you see is what you get!

  2. I was awarded Eagle Scout in 1955 and the God & Country Award about a year later. Allowing girls in Boy Scouts (when there is a Girl Scout organization) is just crazy.
    If girls want the activities that Boy Scouts have; they should change the GIRL SCOUTS, not disrupt everything that the boys have done for generations/decades.
    Why do the sexes have to be mixed; causing all types of issues??
    This is my opinion; I hate to see the Boy Scouts going broke; but, I have made no contributions since girls were admitted… mixed in.

  3. What’s killing the scout’s is their cave in to the P C crowd…

  4. It was foolish to allow people who are confused about their gender to be a part of the Boy Scouts, it was equally stupid to allow girls into the Boy Scouts.
    First things first, this is part of the agenda of the gay people to recruit your boys to become a part of their society, I’m calling it a society because the true words for their sick agenda is deplorable. My grandsons participated in the Boy Scouts but the way the organization started accepting Gays I can assure you we would have looked at other organizations for the boys to participate in.
    The issue with the girls joining the Boy Scouts never should have happened. Girls have their own organization it’s called the Girl Scouts. To mix the population of either group was an accident looking for a place to happen. In other words boys & girls. are physically different. I personally feel that all the gays need to be moved to their own island so they would not be able to get to innocent children. I also think gays should not be allowed to adopt children. Even our public schools are pushing the gay adgenda. If I had a school-aged child I would be homeschooling that child.
    I used to contribute money to the Scouts but I stopped when they started allowing gays to enter their groups.
    Gay behavior is disgusting and besides that immoral.

  5. Shut it down it is worthless now that they caved into the sick perverted garbage they no longer are worth anything good when my husband was a Scoutmasters it was a very good way to help boys become men with honor and respect know they are filthy disgusting disgraceful garbage and you queers destroyed something good over a 100 year old organization and you idiots that allowed this all of you need tarred and featured and decent people out there we have to shut these perverted disgusting garbage up and to stay out of our way of life queers you will answer for your garbage do your thing in private we don’t care stay out of OUR LIFE

  6. What are you calling getting their act together?

  7. How sad it is that a revered organization, like the Boy Scouts, known for doing such good things for young boys and men transforms itself, becoming so dominated by the IDEOLOGY of Political Correctness, Gender Politics, resulting in the DESTRUCTION of such a ONCE PROUD Organization!

  8. Id like to see the girl scouts go bankrupt since they support planned unparenthood. They are baby murderers and they are using little girls to help them.

  9. The BSA made a possibly “fatal” error when they lifted the ban on gay Scoutmasters and adults. Just as Girl Scouts should ban straight male from serving as Scoutmasters for girls. Ditto for gay men as Scoutmasters for boys. This was foolish and weak decision. Not sure if the people who made the decision felt pressured by media or truly believed in what they were doing. Not that makes a lot of difference. Either way they have pretty much managed to bring to an end the BSA. Sad.

    • Yes, it is a sad demise. The PC crowd has won many decisions due to their diligence in serving, advertising, politics, lobbying, etc. The Conservative just sits back and thinks it won’t ever happen. WOW! when will people of moral, ethics and values wake up? We must invest our time and energy to fight these evil and sad changes in our nation.

  10. I have been a BSA Adult volunteer since 1992.. our son is an Eagle Scout and career Officer… I have been disgusted by the Boy Scout National Office pandering to the Pro Gay, Pro Transgender minority… I am a Sea Scout “skipper” and we have female members with no problems whatsoever. BSA is simply “low hanging fruit” for every legal parasite looking for an “easy mark”…. The LDS hierarchy has had ebough of their Poltically Corrrect actions… The Scout Oath is the Scout Oath, but, recent Scout Execs in Irving, Texas have elected to forego basic Scout principals in favor of being “leaders” with no gag reflex!! Man Up Gentlemen!!

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