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What It Takes To Ensure Employee Retention

Most employers fool themselves into believing that the best way to maintain a loyal employee base is to pay top dollar. Employers then load their employees with a bundle of work, provide strict deadlines, and then threaten their employees with possible firing if certain requirements are not met.

This process does not ensure employee loyalty because it fails to touch the heart of why a person might work for a certain company. Yes, there is actually a ‘why’ that is attached to employee loyalty for any company that is consistent across the spectrum.

Here are just a few reasons why an employee might stick around, even if the money isn’t so great.


Employees are people too. They have feelings that can dictate whether or not they give their all when working for someone, or a company. Considering this fact, most managers crack the whip on their employees because they are only focused on the bottom line…instead of being focused on the people who help to strive to achieve that goal.

Treating employees with respect might seem obvious, but you would be surprised to see just how often managers fail to show mutual respect. When managers degrade their employees, talk to their employees as if they are less than intelligent, treat their employees like they are disposable, or act as if their employees are merely cogs in a wheel, then they are showing the employees that they are not important.

Feeling inadequate can hinder anyone from giving their all, which is why it is important to show respect to ensure that an employee gives their very best.

Feeling Valued

When an employee feels that their ideas and contributions are valued, they work that much harder. No employee wants to feel as if they can be replaced at the snap of a finger. It is important that employers meet with their employees and share with them the things that they are doing to help make the company grow. When employers show their workers that they appreciate their contribution, they begin to see more of an effort in return.

Guidance makes a world of difference

When employers provide guidance to their employees, they show that they care about the employee’s growth as an individual within the company. Constructive criticism falls within this sphere, but keep in mind that the criticism has to come from a place of respect and a desire to help the employee be their best self.

People know when others are coming from a negative place and they react accordingly. Employers must keep in mind that they have the power to control the energy of the workplace environment. This power can help to encourage loyalty in any company.

The job market continues to fluctuate and it doesn’t help that more and more people are feeling insecure about their financial future. Employers can help to alleviate this insecurity by showing their employees that they care about them and their future, both at the company and beyond.

Once an employee sees that they are truly valued, respected, and mentored in the workplace, they will show their loyalty through their work…not to mention through retention.

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About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. People will stay with a company if they get paid more than they believe they can get anywhere else…….OR…If they are happy with the way the company treats them Pay, vacation, money, good people to work with, and a little respect, OR they like the people they work with.I would have stayed with the Conrail railroad until I was 70 if my wife had not been so sick. People will not stay with a company that they feel takes advantage of them because they are just grist for the mill to get the company the best bottom line.

    in 1980 The American automotive worker would drive a foreign car in spite of the automotive industry giving up to 6 weeks vacation, even giving the workers a Personal Paid Holiday that they did not ask for every 23rd day whether or not they wanted it. They could not turn it in, or not take it. Bethlehem was giving months off after so many years with the company. They wanted everyone to be a permanent full time employee. Their Medical, visual, ear etc coverage was massive, and they no longer paid anything at all for it. It became cheaper to work people overtime than hire new people to increase producion

    We went topsy turvy compared to competing countries, so employers moved jobs out of the country, or operated without unions. Plants were shut down, personnel got hired as part time employees. Medical benefits wire slashed, vacations, and the workers hated the companies they worked for.

    We will never get back to anything like the 70s again, Our Management has gotten out of union control and will not give it back if they have to relocate to Mars.

  2. & promotion, recognition IE share the wealth DONT HOG the credit.
    More pay, a Vacation, pay off some debt??
    ALL can help retain employees

  3. I was “let go” after 23 years working for the same company because of “poor evaluations”. Yeah, right. I had ALWYS gotten stellar evaluations until the company deemed it necessary to cut expenses. They did not want to fire anybody so they figured that they would just not hire anyone to replace the ones who quit. Good idea–except the higher paid employees, with their seniority were not the ones leaving! Thus the need for “poor” evaluations. The seniors not only began quitting, which was the aim all along, but now they were unhireable to anyone else! Way to go! The company was then able to hire 2 new people in the place of the older one and everyone was happy. The work still got done, the new hires left within 6-8 month and more untrained, inept workers were hired. The morale of the remaining workers was in the toilet, but nobody cared. The work was still getting done at a fraction of the cost. Respect? Management didn’t even bother to learn the new peoples names.

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