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Controversial Punishment For A Bully

Bullying is an issue in which no one has a solution. There have been workshops, videos, books, and even motivational speakers who have attempted to tackle this sometimes deadly issue among our youth.

One parent was forced to find a solution quick when his 10-year-old daughter was actually kicked off of her school bus twice for bullying other students. She failed to understand why bullying was a bad thing so her father decided that it would be better to show her, rather than to tell her.

Matt Cox loves his daughter…so much so, he felt teaching her the error of her ways would be the best bet in helping her to understand human relations. After his daughter Kristen was reprimanded for bullying, Cox forced her to walk to school for days in 2C (36F) temperatures while he followed her in his car, according to BBC News.

He drove behind her and gave her speeches on why being a bully was not only unkind, but it was inhumane. This story could have ended right there, but it didn’t. Mr. Cox took the initiative a step further by recording the punishment and placing it on his Facebook page. This is where the story became one of controversy.

A man with a mission

There aren’t many parents out there who actually take responsibility for the actions of their children. Unfortunately, you have kids who are bullied now taking things into their own hands by bringing guns to school and suicide rates among young people are skyrocketing. So when Cox decided to teach his daughter accountability, he received mixed reviews from other parents.

“What a terrible thing to do,” said one parent on social media. “He is actually the bully by filming his daughter like that and posting it on social media.” Many parents felt Cox was “shaming” his daughter, rather than teaching her a lesson on being kind.

Although he received negative comments from some parents, he found that most parents were actually grateful for what he had done. “Wish more parents took the time to hold their children accountable for unacceptable behavior,” said one parent who appreciated the move Cox had made.

Cox understood that he would get mixed emotions, but in the end, he didn’t really care about the thoughts of others. “I’m doing what I feel is right to teach my daughter a lesson and to stop her from bullying,” Cox said in his Facebook post. “I can only hope that this inspires other parents to hold their kids accountable for bullying,” Cox continued.

Over 68,000 parents felt the need to comment on the post, and the comments aren’t slowing down. People are sharing their mixed views on whether the punishment fit the crime, and although they may not agree on the punishment, one thing is for sure…they all agree that bullying is something that must be stopped.

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Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. My question… what was the act of bullying that got her kicked off the bus twice, but not suspended from school? If it involved social media, then I think maybe, maybe, the punishment fits the “crime.” However, if the bullying didn’t involve social media, then upping the anti like this may have long term dire consequences none of us can foresee.

    Nonetheless, good on him for doing something, even if it might create problems he didn’t foresee.

  2. I would say thatn the parents the have a problem with what DAD did are the same that would do little to nothing or even deny that their “Angel” would never bully. I sure there were also plenty of the “That’s just kids being kids”. As a retired police officer of over 20 years spaning the 70’s 80’s and 90’s bullying was a problem then and has gotten 10X worse today. If shaming a 2 time offender is the only way to get controll so be it. GOOD FOR YOU DAD!

  3. Anyone who has never been bullied sometime in life & not been able to get over it, is why we have SNOWFLAKES…

  4. These are my thoughts about this, chronologically: First, I approve of Mr. Cox taking the time to care enough to teach a lesson to his daughter. Second, because we are a pluralistic society of varying beliefs it is normal that Mr Cox will have critics and that is okay for me, particularly because it appears that the bulk of the comments are positive. Third, my separate comment is a question related to the grand finale. Did Mr. Cox’s daughter successfully educated herself of her wrong ways? I wish Mr. Cox could teach us all on whether it worked.

  5. Good for him, teaching valuable lessons, tough love. I’m assuming the ones criticizing him and left leaning weanies?

  6. It does sound harsh…were the results acheived? It is tough lovr gor sure.

  7. Is this article a desperate attempt to fill some white space? The writer only seems to care about what she sees in front of her face, and the “social” media impacts. not about consequences, like how did it impact the kid, and did the kid stop her bullying?

    What the father did is an input. Bur what about the results (the output)? Did it work? Did his daughter come around?

    As for walking to school in cold weather, so what? If the image in the article is his daughter, she appears to be wearing cold weather clothing. Maybe she liked walking in the cold? Might keep her from going from bully to melting snowflake.

  8. First, that temperature isn’t so terrible to walk in; many of us my age walked to school daily, not as punishment but as a rule because we lived inside a set radius of the schools, often in colder and nastier weather than that, and no one considered it punishment, even us. Second, shaming is often the ONLY way to reach a bully to make him/her understand bullying is unacceptable; the smaller kid on the playground who bloodies a bully’s nose to get the bully to stop is generally doing so before an audience of the bully’s pals, which is shaming in a different way, but shaming none the less. The one thing I see that Dad apparently missed is that he and Mom should’ve been examining their own behaviors as to how their daughter learned to BE a bully in the first place; who modeled that to her and showed her it was a way to get her way?

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