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Hit-and-Run by Illegal Immigrant over Thanksgiving Weekend

While most of us were at home with family and friends enjoying the long Thanksgiving weekend, some of our neighbors were forced to deal with the immigration crisis in extremely personal and heart-wrenching ways.

Joel Velazquez, who was arrested for assault back in 2017, was out on bond when he willfully ran a red light on Thanksgiving Day hitting and instantly killing Amanda Ferguson Weyant  — while she walked a crosswalk in El Paso, Texas.

Weyant, a sixth-grade teacher at Eastwood Heights Elementary School, was on her way to spend Thanksgiving Day with her family when she was mowed down by Velazquez.

Dan Ferguson, Mandy’s father, said, “He’s destroyed, my family. My daughter, Mandy, was the glue that held my family in place, she was my everything.”

Velazquez turned himself in two days later after fleeing the scene.

“I saw where my daughter was hit and where her body was 50 feet from the point of contact. He didn’t even attempt to stop to render aid,” said Ferguson.

A second incident took place Sunday afternoon when several hundred migrants attempted to overwhelm Border Patrol Agents between Tijuana, Mexico, and the San Diego area.

The brazen attempt by the marauding gang of migrants was repelled by U.S. Border Agents firing several rounds of tear gas into the crowd after the migrants began throwing rocks and attempted to penetrate various points along the border.

The hostilities began after several hundred migrants from the first caravan forced their way past Mexican riot police who were suddenly overwhelmed by the rushing mob attempting to reach the border at the port of entry in San Ysidro, California.

The chaos at the border was captured by TV Correspondent Emma Murphy through a series of several video clips on Twitter, highlighting hostile migrants attempting to storm through the border shouting “yes, we can.”

Before the incident Sunday afternoon, President Trump called on Mexico through a series of tweets to stop the additional caravans currently snaking their way through Mexico.

“Would be very SMART if Mexico would stop the Caravans long before they get to our Southern Border, or if originating countries would not let them form (it is a way they get certain people out of their country and dump in the U.S. no longer).”

Adding, “Dems created this problem. No crossings!”

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  1. I am very sorry for the death of Mandy. In Oklahoma City we had an illegal ALIEN kill a local sports personality. That POS had been arrested and “deported” three times. Why don’t we just kill those illegal ALIENS that kill American citizens. A bullet to the head would do. And, as far as this article goes, the headline is a major part of the problem. These “people” are not immigrants. They are CRIMINALS. Plus, they cannot drive. Send the MFers back to Central/South America.

    • Allen, how unfortunate this is your way of thinking but not surprising at all. What do you suggest we do with all the white people that also commit crimes like this one??
      Should a bullet also be given to them? I mean after all they are committing the same or worse crimes!!!!

      • Let the punishment fit the crime. That goes for everybody including you and me. Illegals have no rights at all especially if they’ve been run out before. Could choke them to death if you think a bullet to the head is too messy. God help your loved ones. I pray you never have to face anything like Mandy family

        • ” Illegals have no rights at all ” This is remarkably untrue and it’s scary to hear a “conservative” person, who presumably believes that the Constitution is important, making such a remark.

    • I moved to Oklahoma 10 years ago from California. i had been raped by several illegals. I also heard on the news that Oklahoma pays over $450 MILLION Dollars to support the illegals. Whose idea was this? We can’t afford to pay our own Teachers but we can support the illegals on welfare?? This is crazy.

  2. The family should sue the federal government for allowing the illegals to come in. I guarantee you a few of these lawsuits and the border will be haevily monitored. Maybe even sue the democratic organization for fighting for the illegals! I am now an independent I’m ashamed of the democrats.

  3. Just another reason why sanctuary city’s & states should lose any federal money they receive, People who give aid to illegals should be prosecuted also,,, no mercy…

  4. We have read or heard so many stories of our nation’s citizens being killed by illegal immigrants. It is heartbreaking, and we feel angry about these deaths and the misery caused to their loved ones.
    Conservatives care, but the liberal democrats do not and we know that because they refuse to do anything to prevent these tragedies. They want open borders, not to altruistic reasons although they may tell you that is their reason, but for the increased power they hope to get through illegal votes which some of them encourage.

    Democrats do not have a high regard for the sanctity of life unless it is their own. They support and promote abortion which kiills hundreds of thousands of unborn babies who according to our Declaration of Independence are supposed to guaranteed the Right to Life just as every other citizen is. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    According to reports, the Democrats do not hold high regard for GOD since they objected and have booed at having the name of GOD even mentioned in their party’s platform. This tells us what sort of people the leaders of this party are and the sort of things that are important to them. Virtue understood in it’s true meaning is not one of them. They talk about their “values,” but their values have to be questioned when they don’t include GOD or the sanctity of life as two of them. They seem to be a party without a soul.

  5. So if he would have been an American Citizen/white would this situation been better?????

  6. Hi, is there any proof that he was in the country illegally? I can’t seem to find any legitimate news sources that states that.

  7. I feel bad for the family of the woman killed by Joel Velazquez. Just as bad as I feel for the family of the woman killed by James Fields Jr.

    • The media will overlook this because it involved an illegal, no matter how tragic the incident. If it were a police officer in the wrong and killing an illegal migrant, then it would be a major headline. An attorney would already have the lawsuit filed.

  8. Marcus
    The point is… the man is a murderer, doesent matter in this
    Instance where he came from, how he arrived , or any thing other than the fact that he must be held accountable!!! The same as ( anyone) who takes a life
    while deliberately comitting such a heinous crime. Let’s not lose sight of what he did and how he did it! Suggestion
    deportation not an option, capitol punishment or military prison in Cuba!!!

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