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Poor Sales Cancel Clinton Tour

What if they gave a high-priced celebrity show and nobody came? That’s exactly what just happened to former U.S. President Bill Clinton and failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The power couple just canceled a 13-city speaking tour due to insufficient audience interest.

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On Monday, November 12, 2018, a source told The American Mirror about the sudden change in plans. The reason given for the Clinton tour cancelation was “poor sales.”

Little over a month before that surprising news came to light, on October 8, 2018, CNN covered the tour story. The series of live events was called “An Evening with the Clintons.”

Tour promoter Live Nation tried to coax the public to pay $70 to $699 for a “one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world and had a front seat to some of the most important moments in modern history.”

Performances were lined up in Las Vegas, Nevada; Toronto, Montreal, Texas; New York; Michigan; Pennsylvania; Connecticut; the District of Columbia; British Columbia; Washington; and California.

The promoter’s website promised ticket-buyers the night of a lifetime:

“From the American presidency to the halls of the Senate and State Department to one of the United States’ most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections, they provide a unique perspective on the past and remarkable insight into where we go from here.”

Evidently, not very many people are impressed by the Clintons’ perspective and insight.

Take a look at the number of seats sold for the November 27 appearance in Toronto, Ontario. The blue dots are available seats and the gray dots were purchased:

We can understand that the Canadians have other things on their mind than the ramblings of a former U.S. President and his First Lady. They just legalized recreational marijuana, for example.

But ticket sales for the December 4 show in Sugar Land, Texas were equally sparse, with only the up-close-and-personal seats sold:

The American Mirror article wondered if audience share was down in Texas because “a documentary movie featuring Juanita Broaddrick, who says Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, was scheduled to be screened in each city on the very same night the Clintons would appear.”

Although that theory is purely speculative, it certainly does appear that the Clintons are out to shatter the old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Another theory as to why Clinton tour sales slumped is that people are wising up to just how deplorable these two politicians are. A YouTube documentary called “The New Clinton Chronicles Extended Edition” was filmed in Mena, Arkansas (where the Clintons got their start while Bill was governor and Hillary’s attorney fees supported them) and exposes “corruption, murder, and drug running and fingers all pointing to the Clinton clan.”

Once the darlings of the Democratic Party, has the political wind shifted away from the Clintons’ incessant message of socialist control and preferential above-the-law treatment?

On October 14, 2018, Mrs. Clinton was interviewed on the CBS “Sunday Morning” show. After slinging general accusations of sexism in politics, the loyal wife and lawyer then defended the unconstitutionality of her husband’s admission that he did, in fact, “have sex with that woman” (Monica Lewinsky) after lying under congressional oath about it, leading to his unsuccessful impeachment.

When asked if she thought her husband should have resigned after his bald-faced lie was exposed, she replied:

“Absolutely not.”

When pressed with, “It wasn’t an abuse of power?” the former FLOTUS said through clenched teeth while shaking her head side to side:

“No. No.”

Mrs. Clinton then pivoted the question to her favorite target, President Donald Trump (who, as you may recall, bested her in the 2016 election despite the withdrawal of close contender Bernie Sanders and the Clintons’ pricey purchase of the Democratic National Committee, plus an FBI cover-up of Hillary’s private email server negligence and/or abuse of power) and asked, almost snarling:

“Where’s the investigation of the current incumbent, against whom numerous allegations have been made?”

Frankly, Mrs. Clinton, many of us patriotic Americans are much more interested in you and your husband, Bill. The president seems to be doing fine on his own, but the two of you certainly give us observers plenty of material to cover.

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  1. Wonderful news, these two were and are corrupt, duplictous liars and absolutely deserve rejection.

  2. So you think Clinton should’ve resigned because he lied?

    • No, the Senate should have voted him out!

    • Because he committed a crime – purjory, or lying under oath. That’s what he was impeached over.

      By the way, this is the very same crime Mueller is trying to catch the Trump people in, because he can’t come up with anything else. No collusion, no crimes, no nothing. Basically, if you don’t repeat what you said months ago word for word, Mueller is saying you purjered yourself.

      • @Texas Jester. I would generally say that perjury, in and of itself, isn’t really an offense that I would impeach an official over. It is a crime, however, and that’s why many investigations (not just Mueller’s, but other criminal investigations) tend to try to use it to leverage a plea deal with underlings so that they can get people to testify to actual crimes.

        Keep in mind that no on-the-book crime needs to be committed for impeachment – that was specifically done that way by the framers so that high officials weren’t able to get out on technicalities, but could be impeached basically for anything that the House thought was inappropriate for the office.

        *If* Trump is guilty of putting Russian interests ahead of US interests then I would support an impeachment. If he’s guilty of gross campaign finance violations I would support impeachment (otherwise all those campaign finance laws we have are useless – a Presidential candidate would willingly flout them and then after the election pardon anybody else involved). If he’s guilty of pushing for a foreign power to hack into the DNC then he’s basically as guilty as Nixon was, and should be impeached.

        But until (and unless) Mueller’s report is public, I can’t see anything Trump’s done that’s impeachable. I might think he’s a terrible President, I might think he’s doing terrible, awful things, but impeachment should *never* become about political disagreements but about harm to the nation and office.

        • Well, that’s where you’re incorrect: This president has publicly committed and publicly admitted firing James Comey “over that Russia thing” on national TV. That “Russia thing” is a legal investigation into whether Trump campaign members and possibly Trump himself, along with Russians, committed conspiracy to undermine an election in favor of one candidate, namely Trump. So technically, and legally, while the president had a “right” to fire Comey, his reason for doing so was not valid and clearly had a purpose. Comey committed no acts that warranted firing – reprimands certainly, perhaps for giving a public news conference two weeks before an election that undemined the Clinton campaign, which is against Justice Dept. Guidlines – but not firing. The president admitted – and I repeat, the word admitted – that he fired Comey over “that Russia thing”. So if anyone thinks that act is not interfering with a criminal investigation, and one that might nail guess who, then they have been anesthetized and need a lobotomy.

      • Amazing. Spelled perjury wrong two different ways in one paragraph.

  3. Damn… I was just getting ready to buy tickets…😳

  4. Sugarland is just outside Houston, the 4th most populous metropolitan area in the United States, and a democrat stronghold. If the dems don’t want to see the Clintons THERE, the Clintons are truly out of favor!

    Next, it’s well known that the accusations against then-Candidate Trump were false, just as the ones against Judge Moore and Justice Kavanaugh. Notice that all of these accusers faded into the woodworks after their work was done – whereas the accusers against the Clintons are STILL being quite vocal, decades after the fact.

    This staying power against the Clintons (coupled with proof) shows that these accusations are true (at least in my mind). If the accusers disappear from all view after an election or confirmation, and never provided proof, then there’s nothing to the accusations, other than to sway an election.

  5. I’d pay to see them behind bars, where they rightfully should be…

    They are just after more money and more public support, anticipating that justice may be coming after them for their role in the Deep State corruption. What if the Justice Department goes after Jefferey Epstein and he turns State’s evidence. If he testifies against all the clients he had on the Island it could roll up a large part of the Deep State. They may be raising money too since the DOJ got that evidence on the Clinton foundation, and they may be afraid they will have no money to live on or pay defense lawyers. These evil people deserve to suffer, and this is the karma. Lies, cheat, steal, corruption. The Clintons are basically an organized crime family that have been fostering corruption theft, and probably murder among other crimes, and it is about time justice came for them. You both go to hell, because I LOVE MY FREEDOM.

  7. This is just ‘another brick in the wall’ as per hilLIARy, as i ALWAYS call her!

  8. I’m going this weekend. Why can’t CON-servatives stop lying? You people are mentally ill

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