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How To Discuss The Migrant Caravan

As thousands of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador made their way to the U.S. southern border in hopes of establishing asylum, they were shocked and saddened to see that the welcome wagon was not there to great them with happy regards.

As the migrants walked through Tijuana, rocks were thrown at them, insults were shouted their way, and store owners accused them of stealing or begging, according to The Hill.

Although the city is doing its best to accommodate the migrants with shelters that can hold nearly 4,000 people, it is still becoming a burden that the city can’t ignore.

“The city is not well-equipped to handle the additional thousands of people,” said the mayor of Tijuana, Juan Manuel Gastelum.

How could the migrants expect anything different?

The amazing thing about the ill-treatment of the migrants in Tijuana is that this is coming as such a shock. The migrants are complaining that they are being treated poorly and they can’t seem to understand why.

They can’t see how their massive presence could possibly burden an already struggling city filled with poor people who would love to come to America. The migrants received help and financial assistance from private groups who apparently disappeared the moment the migrants reached Tijuana.

The mayor of Tijuana is now worried that the migrants will be there for months because it might take that long before the U.S. can process all of the asylum claims.

Don’t blame Trump for the treatment they are getting!

President Trump made it very clear that he was not interested in entertaining the thought of welcoming the thousands of migrants that were headed to the U.S. for asylum.

He discussed how their presence might pose a threat the citizens, how their inability to contribute to the economy might cause problems for Americans, and he discussed how many of the migrants were criminals who could very possibly bring their criminal activities to the United States. Many might attempt to blame Trump for how the migrants are being treated in Tijuana, but that would be a mistake.

The individuals in Tijuana are not privy to the speeches that Trump has made regarding the caravan migrants. The actions that they are displaying toward the migrants are based on their own feelings of disdain for a group that now crowds their city and is seeking something that they can’t even receive.

When will it all end?

Trump has been a bit tight-lipped about the migrants since the elections, so we can’t say how he feels about the mistreatment they are facing in Tijuana…although we can guess that he probably could care less.

He warned them not to come, so as far as Trump is concerned, they are deserving of any treatment they receive. The biggest question is how will this all play out? It’s pretty unimaginative that Trump will be in favor of asylum for the migrants, and currently, there is a growing number of Americans who agree with him.

The migrants can’t turn around and go back from whence they came, so it leaves everything up in the air for now. It’s very unfortunate that the very groups that once supported the migrants have now seemingly left since their political agenda has been met.

We can only sit back and see how this story ends. In the meantime, the world watches… and based on how the U.S. handles this situation, it will be a message to all other asylum seekers throughout the world.

About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. Interestingly, this article contains no information about how to discuss the caravan, just some opinions the author holds.

    • For those that took a Critical Thinking class, there’s plenty of information about how to discuss illegal immigration. The conclusion is, do it legally, and you will have a better chance, with less risks and problems.

  2. I agree it is asking too much to blame so called President Trump for the experience of migrants in Tijuana. Different Country, not his responsibility However, beyond that, for some people it seems to be too much to blame Trump for anything, despite the clear and obvious harm he is doing to America.

    • We have to control our borders. Really, so you’re blaming President Trump for the thousands that are homeless, left by hurricanes and fires, plus the thousands of Muslim immigrants Obama brought here? More people have had jobs in the last 2 years, than they’ve had in years. He has helped our veterans and is attempting to build up our military. He is attempting to help protect our borders. He has helped to protect Israel, so that the Christian heritage and Biblical traditions will not be removed by Islam, Muslim memorabilia and the call to Allah, that is increasing across our nation. You can credit that to Obama and Hillary with their advisors. Don’t get too close to their Mosques or festivals in Michigan, you might get arrested. The officers may be the questionable, police force reserve with limited credentials. We now have more to fear, because our traditions are being altered under the guise of political correctness, to meet the goals of the varying extremists. One can’t compromise with evil, for it will overtake you. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

    • Please explain”the clear and obvious harm he is doing to America”

    • Eric Granberg, he’s not the “so called POTUS” he is THE POTUS!! And I for one think he’s doing a helluva job! And will be voting for him AGAIN!!! Also, these “migrants” need to turn their criminal arses around and go right the hell back where they came from. We, the LEGAL citizens of the United States, do not want nor need these miscreants to enter this country, so they might as well turn around and go right on back where they came and belong, and GTFO with their claims of needing to flee where they came from, they CHOSE to leave their country, so in a word, SCREW OFF.

    • Eric, What harm is he doing to America? You don’t like him because he doesn’t coddle your sensitivities and emotions, and tell you lies so you feel better? Or maybe because he is tough on our allies and other nations to ensure equitable trade? Perhaps it’s the fact that he has a foreign policy so the administration doesn’t make it up as it goes. Maybe you don’t like how unemployment is at its lowest and the economy is better than it has been in a decade? Tell me Eric, what harm is he doing other than not honoring your sensitivities?

    • What specifically has Trump done to harm the USA?

  3. Screw the migrants. This is an invasion on America. Meet them with deadly force. Keep them out of our country. Protect American boarders

    • My ancestors came here the same way these people are – poor, destitute, and seeking a better life. Should they have been met with deadly force?

      • What about all of the people trying to get in to the US legally? My ancestors came over poor, destitute and seeking a better life…the legal way. I’m guessing yours did too? To let in a bunch of illegals in is unfair to all of the other’s following protocal and waiting in line. In addition, we can not afford to have open boarders and let everyone swarm in! Seriously, have you thought how this would negatively impact our economy!

  4. GO AWAY…

  5. Stop the illegal migrant marabunta caravan, bad people who don’t think they can NOT have the right to come to our house just like that. They say ONU and Russia are helping them to create problems, sickness, trash, they say they have human rights to migrate to any place, but who told ONU the USA people DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS ? Were are in our rights not to accept people who just come illegally,uninvited, problematic people? USA, We the people, we have rights too. NOBODY, no organization should step on the rights of the people who lives in peace. Otherwise , we have the right to defend US against retarded ,troublemaking people. USA needs professional, prepared people, not people by the thousands maras, drogaddicts, incults. We as USA citizens , we need to do something to preserve our way of life.

  6. What on God’s green Earth is stopping a single 1 of them from going back whence he came??? They had no right to go to Tijuana in the first place or to try to get into the US. THEY are committing crimes just being in Mexico and trying to force themselves into the US!

  7. “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

    ― Dante Alighieri

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