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Bride Uses Wedding Vows To Dis Her Cheating Man

It is often said that there is nothing like a woman scorned!

Too bad someone didn’t share that information with this groom who cheated on his fiancé, only to have her wait until their wedding day to confront him… in front of everyone… during the wedding.

A woman, who goes by the name of Casey, came across sexy text messages between her fiancé and another woman the night before their wedding, according to a post on Whimn.

Casey didn’t share her findings with her fiancé and tried not to show any signs of her being upset. This was because she had already come up with a plan that would not only provide her with the revenge she needed, but it would also expose her fiancé for the person he really was.

“I saw the two of them talking about how much they enjoyed one another over the weekend and how much they like each other’s body,” Casey said when discussing the contents of the text messages that she found. “I felt like a fool for not seeing this sooner,” she continued.

When her friends found out about the betrayal, they attempted to talk Casey into canceling the wedding, but she refused. Everyone was worried about her and everyone thought that she was crazy for going through with the wedding plans despite the new information. “I was in shock, but I was coming up with a plan. I just didn’t want to share the plan with anyone,” Casey said.

On the day of the wedding, Casey walked down the aisle as planned. Once she reached the position where her fiancé stood, she turned around to the audience and announced his betrayal and began to read the text messages between him and his lover aloud.

Needless to say, the groom rushed out of the church without saying a word. When the groom left, Casey turned to the audience and thanked them for coming and then invited them to join her at the reception. It was then that she said she felt free. “I spent money on that wedding and the reception hall and I was not going to let it go to waste just because he messed everything up,” she said. “We had a great time and I have no regrets!”

This only goes to show that when life throws you a curve ball, you have to do what is necessary to make the very best of it. Casey is the best example of this and she deserves an award for not allowing her spirit to be broken as a result of what occurred.

Do you agree with how she handled the situation, or would you have done something different? Tell us because we would love to know.

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  1. Cheating scum deserve to be called out publicly. Good for Casey!

  2. My kind of gal, she showed some real spunk. Not only did she rid herself of a real jerk, she probably branded him as a real heel and may have queered him for any further relationships.

  3. marriage is a serious commitment in life! she is a revengeful & stupid woman ! if she had any degree if self-respect she would have simply called off the wedding snd waited for a lotal man! they deserve each ither — two weak & miserable pueces of wirk.

  4. It was perfect. Glad she found out before and not afterward like so many of us do.

  5. She is very brave and very beautiful inside her soul. She has lot of good thing coming to her in the future. God is looking down on her.

  6. Mary Kathleen Crews

    Poor guy .. guilty until proven innocent!

    He should have taken Page 1 from the Republican Scandal Playbook JKV (James Kavanaugh Version) and denied it VEHEMENTLY! Thrown flowers around, knocked over candles, pouted, glowered, and quivered his lips in disgust and the deep deep DEEP pain of betrayal!

    SHE would have been the one leaving all broken and embarrased!

    • Actually he was already guilty, she found the proof on his phone.

      In Kavanaugh’s case, maybe you didn’t understand the Bill of Rights. You are innocent until proven
      guilty. He was never proven guilty, because he wasn’t.
      I was an actual victim and when something like that happens, you remember every detail about the violation.
      There is very rarely any “I don’t remember where I was, I don’t remember who it was.” That statement alone proved to me, the story most likely was made up, if it was not she would not have waited weeks to go in front of the committee. Even her friends didn’t agree with her.

      It is women like you and the other posted comment from the man below, that make it difficult for true victims.

      Please read the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights it will help you understand the concept of being innocent until proven guilty.
      As I stated earlier she already had her proof. There still isn’t any proof with JK.

      “Casey” actually handled the situation quite well.

  7. I totally agree but I would have gone one further and if somehow possible invited the other lady to the wedding.
    I would have also sued him and let him pay for the total cost of the wedding

  8. A cheap childish episode. Wonder how his parents felt. Probably relieved that she was not going to be their daughter in law. As for him I would be relieved as well. Go and enjoy your other woman She will treat you much better.

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