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When Being a Mom is Too Much: Decompress in Five Minutes

It takes a mother to truly understand how much pressure being a mom can be. You work, you make sure the children are nurtured and secure, you serve as a partner for your spouse, and you rarely take time for yourself.

Correct so far?

Being a mother is a full-time job that encompasses daily overtime that can truly leave you burnt out by the end of the day. All of this just to get up and begin the process the very next morning.

Believe it or not, there is hope for a mother who needs to become centered once again. All it takes is your ability to breathe, an open mind, and about five minutes.

Try these simple decompression steps to regain control of your life and see for yourself just how rewarding being a mom can truly be.

Remember to breathe.

You may not know this but when you are angry, stressed, or feel a sense of anxiety, your breathing begins to pick up as your heart rate speeds up. Not good.

According to WebMD, stress can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, arthritis, and even depression! This not only causes you to age much faster in appearance, but it also shortens your life.

If you want to be around to see your children grow up, as well as see your grandchildren, then you’d better take the time to slow that heart rate down. The best way to do this is to close your eyes for only five minutes and take a few deep breaths.

Inhale through your nose and simply exhale through your mouth. Do this for a few minutes when you feel anxiety and you will be amazed at just how fast your stress level will fall.

Accept your feelings.

As a mother, you often feel it is your responsibility to push away negative feelings as they pertain to your life.

You try too often to turn away from feelings of anger or sadness because you feel it is a reflection on your children, somehow. This can’t be further from the truth. If you feel sadness or anger about your life don’t turn away from these feelings.

Not thinking about something, or trying to not think about it, will only make the situation worse. You must face your feelings head on, identify the source for the emotion, embrace the emotion as a reality, and then move on. It will be much easier to move on from the emotions that you feel the moment you face and deal with them.

Forgive yourself daily.

Unfortunately, you forgive your children and spouse for their inability to be perfect but fail to forgive yourself for this same quality, or lack thereof. You are not perfect! Accept this fact and then embrace yourself for who you are.

Take the same advice that you give your children so that you can not only find a way to love yourself more, but you will also serve as an example to your children. Living your best life doesn’t have to begin once your children go off to college.

You can enjoy being the beautiful, inspiring, and loving mother that you were born to be right here and now. All you have to do is remember that you have what it takes to center yourself. Just give yourself five minutes. You are worthy and you, more than anyone, are deserving. Breathe easy, mom.

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