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Hollywood Celebrities Hide Their Conservatism Fearing Backlash

Most of us are probably too young to remember the infamous “McCarthy Era”, beginning in the late 1940’s through the 1950’s by a little known Republican lawmaker from Wisconsin named Joe McCarthy.

At the time America was in the grip of what was then described as the “SECOND RED SCARE,” and McCarthy seeing the unhinged paranoia regarding the fear of communist influence in America, took advantage of America’s emotional disorder, going after individuals with reckless abandon. Targeting those within the Hollywood community he perceived to be either communist sympathizers or actual communists.

The witch-hunt quickly gained momentum within Congress and before long a little-known congressman became one of the most powerful men in Washington, D.C., with his own nametag called “McCarthyism.”

The Wisconsin lawmaker held hearings accusing celebrities, writers, producers and directors of being communists or communist’s sympathizers. Soon blacklists became the order of the day, with hundreds of individuals losing their livelihoods; the paranoia grew and grew with friends and colleagues betraying one another, usually without proper regard for evidence.

Fast forward to 2018, and again unhinged paranoia has once again gripped the Hollywood community. However this time it isn’t the red menace, but rather being a conservative within progressive Hollywood, worst yet within the era of President Trump.

Ironically one celebrity who remembers those dark days of “McCarthyism” is 84-year old Pat Boone. The legendary singer noted in a recent interview that conservative stars in Hollywood are extremely careful of publicly discussing their politics for fear of public backlash.

Boone speaking Monday to the Hollywood Reporter, candidly addressed the issue; “There used to be more of us. Tom Selleck, Jon Voight, Bruce Willis, who were outspoken, but they’ve been browbeaten and ridiculed, which is the main instrument on the left to shut us up.”

The iconic singer sold more than 45-million records in his heyday, and can still be seen on infomercials selling products, and is one of the few big-name entertainers refusing to be silent regarding his conservative principles.

In fact, the crooner has made a series of robocalls on behalf of several Republican candidates, including John Cox running for governor of California and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee for senator.

Child star Zachery Ty Bryan appearing recently on “Fox & Friends revealed that people would be surprised to learn who many actual conservative celebrities are hiding within the progressive bastion of Hollywood.

The former “Home Improvement” star who is now 37 years old said, “Surprisingly, there are a lot more conservatives in Hollywood than you would expect.”

Adding; “They stay more anonymous.”

Bryan went on to draw an analogy between today’s divided Hollywood and when he was a kid in high school, and the various cliques that existed.

“The party of tolerance and acceptance is only accepting if you agree with them,” he said.

Another celebrity who’s openly conservative is Tim Allen, who had a recent incident regarding his hit show which was suddenly canceled by ABC in May of 2016, despite its high ratings.

However, the “Last Man Standing” star along with his numerous fans was delighted when Fox announced that the hit show would once again return on prime time.

The comic acknowledged however during a PaleyFest panel discussion earlier this year that, as of late, he’s had to be cautious when it comes to his jokes.

The 65-year old funnyman said, “You don’t know what you’re going to say to offend people. It is really like dancing on the thinnest ice. I’ve been in the comedy world for 30 years as a comic and there’s nothing more dangerous right now for all of the comics I know, what we can and cannot say. I don’t like being told what I can and cannot say and who’s telling me what I can’t do.”

Another celebrity who’s felt the wrath of the far left is “Eyes Wide Shut” actress Julienne Davis, who confided to Fox News, that the riskiest decisions of her life was coming out “of the conservative closet.”

Stating, “Since then I haven’t fared well. My ‘un-friendings’ on social media have been many, from acquaintances and close working associates to good friends, including even my best friend.”

No doubt the concept of “McCarthyism” is alive and well in Tinseltown, only this time it’s called “progressivism.”

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  1. Your comparison is flawed. Sen. McCarthy abused his power of subpoena to ruin people’s lives. Hollywood progressives, just like all Americans, don’t have that power, and so the Hollywood conservatives you’re defending don’t really have much to fear. We all have to deal with progressives in our lives. So what. I’m not convinced you and your conservatives are really persecuted much. So you have to stand up and talk about and defend your conservative values? Well, do it.

    • While McCarthy ‘abused’ his power, his suspicions of a socialist-communist take over have been vindicated, largely by the Democratic Party whose members have been funded by CPUSA and DSA since 1959. As for an abuse of power, neither you, KR, nor any rational person can deny that the collaboration between Hollywood stars and power brokers, the state run media and rabid so-com progressives in the Democratic party are not abusing the power they have. For forty years now conservatives have embraced the old Beatles motto of the sixties, “all we are saying is give peace a chance” and it doesn’t seem to have worked–at least not as well as it did for the ex-hippies now in power. Perhaps we should try something else–turn over a few cars, block a few interstate highways….

    • I have to respectfully ask on what planet you live, sir? Conservative Hollywood-types are banned daily. Only those who have a tremendous level of clout and money to fund their own productions, i.e., guys like Tom Selleck, are safe from the savage attacks and destruction of their careers by rabid Hollywood progressives. I’m not overly wild about FOX news or network but were it not for them, guys like Tim Allen would have to accept an unfair and unreasonable end to their longstanding careers.

  2. Kevin, that’s exactly what the author of this article is doing: stands up, talks about it, and defends his or her conservative values. Do you have a better comparison? How much do the conservatives have to be persecuted to convince you that their persecution is real?

  3. “there’s nothing more dangerous right now for all of the comics I know” – tell that to all the comedians who for decades couldn’t be openly gay, or openly trans, or who had to endure the humiliation and abuse of the “casting couch”, or who were black and couldn’t play venues in the South for risk of actual, physical danger. Yes, today’s world can be confusing for those who previously held a lot of social capital due to privilege, but it’s become a better, and tangibly safer, world for everybody.

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