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The Upcoming Midterm Elections Are Critical For Our Future

This year’s midterms are a battle for the majority in the House and Senate, and it’s far from pretty. Everything from the outcome of President Trump’s second term to the possible redistricting in 2020 will all depend on which party gains control of Congress during the upcoming midterm elections.

This election has gone beyond a race between individuals and is instead a race between two parties: Democrat and Republican. Without a doubt, the results of this election will dictate the future of America and its citizens.

Control of the House means control of the American agenda

Let’s be real for a second. This race is critical because both the Democrat and Republican Party have clearly defined agendas that are vastly different from one another.

The Democratic Party, for example, has taken an incredibly lenient position on immigration and social reform; while the Republican Party supports a more stringent position as it pertains to illegal immigrants, abortion, and economic socialism.

With two parties having separate positions that are completely opposite of one another, it’s hard to imagine anyone having the ability to ride the fence on which party they support.

Your Governor is your God

Your governor will have the right and the ability to decide the rules and regulations that you will have to follow in your state. They will have full control over the money that is purposed out for programs that will allow your state, and each city within, to operate and function in a way that will benefit you.

One person, with such power, is not to be taken lightly. Who you select for such a role is pivotal depending on what goals you are attempting to accomplish as a business owner, an employee, or even someone in need of governmental assistance. It makes perfect sense that some states are currently fighting ugly battles to ensure that certain individuals are elected.

In Georgia, Stacey Abrams is now going door to door with Oprah Winfrey in an effort to ensure the support of voters for the upcoming election. In addition to door-to-door campaigning, Oprah has even taken her support of Abrams to the podium by going on a tour throughout Georgia to speak on Abrams behalf.

In Florida, Andrew Gillum has the full support of Hillary Clinton while Ron DeSantis has the backing of President Trump. Big players are coming out to show their support and they are not in the game to lose.

Here’s what’s at stake

All of the governors elected on Tuesday will hold their positions until 2022, meaning they will be in position during the redrawing of legislative and congressional district lines following the 2020 census. If a majority of the states vote for a Democrat for governor, then the Democrats will hold a very firm position of controlling the redistricting process in critical states.

This redistricting can dictate whether the opposing party can ever take control of the House. Just look at the 2010 election that allowed Republicans to control the redistricting process, which assisted in eliminating the Democrats ability to control the majority.

It’s all about power, people. The question is whether the power will support your personal agenda for both you and your family, or will it hinder your ability to progress? As it turns out, it’s your future that is at stake in this election.

About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. Excellent article that educates in a balanced manner. I appreciate the lack of party bias within a strong warning.

  2. What the F%$^ are you talking about!!!! The Democrats and the Republicans are not!! at opposite ends. In fact they are a lot more centrist than you may realize. I am averaging out my analysis of course. Obviously there are outliers and circumstantial evidence that you could bring to the table.

    For example, “The Affordable Health Care Act” (AKA OBAMACARE), is not that liberal at all! There maybe some liberal elements to it, of course. I’m convinced that is has many similarities to Massachusetts’s health care system (AKA RomneyCare), designed by a conservative. My wife is from another country and I have lived abroad. So my family and I have experienced public health care, which is miles (kilometers) away from OBAMACARE. I got to experience first hand the pleasures of an affordable public health care system with no lines of people and qualified medical specialists attending to my needs. My wife thinks Americans are crazy when it comes to taking care of their own. I work for a large public entity so my benefits are sound and affordable. Collectively we have the power to negotiate with health care providers, I digress.

    Big Business and Donors by enlarge, essentially keep the republican or democratic elected representative in line. The Donors do not want crazy individuals making ridiculous votes or proposals/motions. Hence thats why you dont really see a lot of the green, tea or other more peripheral party elected representatives.

    Elections are always important, so what’s your point!? Are you scared? Are you anxious? Are you frustrated? Whether you have a Democrat or Republican in power it is not the end of the world. I think everyone should be more worried about the next financial collapse and our growing deficit combined with our collective insensitivity and addiction to debt and the growing wealth/power divides. Political gerrymandering is fairly inconsequential in relative terms.

    Calm down, enjoy life, take a vacation and work with your representatives and not against them. Reason and talk things out. If you dont like America (U.S.A.) and where it is headed there are always alternatives. Brazil just elected a far right candidate to the presidency. Im sure it is nice down there this time of year.

  3. ED (nov 5th), this comment is for you. When you start a comment, essentially a conversation, with WTF, you have immediately lost your point for the reader. I will work from the bottom of your gibberish. You suggest the commentator/owner of this site/post to join the leagues of people in nations like Brazil that moved to a socialist agenda and that would be counter productive in supporting her point. You also state you and your wife travel and see healthcare in other countries as a plus to the overall population and that you both have received most excellent care from qualified professionals. You mentioned none of these countries by name. Or what party is running them along with how their government stifles their freedoms or allows hideous behavior of its citizenry. Mitt Romney did not win the presidential bid and some would say in part because of his legislation in regards to the social healthcare he enacted. Somebody has to pay for the healthcare. Who do you think does that and where do they get sooooo much money? Donors and Big business? If that were actual then there wouldn’t be a democrat party that so hated big business and rich people with all their wealth and not paying enough taxes. (but that is just their cover to fool the poor folks who believe what politicians say). America is not and never should become more addicted to social engineering and control. I would say this, if you like your insurance that your big company provides you, get an application for your wife to work for them. Quit trying to run Americans out of America and its founding principals. The more taxes collected the bigger the appetite. You think there is scary debt now? so do I my friend. AS far as a statement of Repub or Dem running the country does not matter, well I disagree whole heartedly. WE now have a robust economy and more jobs available then there are people unemployed. Middle class tax breaks and businesses are roaring toward the golden ring. That’s good for America and resending ridiculous over regulation has proven to be just what the doctor ordered. Do I think everything is rosie? No. We still have allot of work to do on Illegal immigration. Why don’t you explore how much time and effort and the enormous money it takes to “treat” them in our hospitals. We could help our bottom line quite a bit if that weren’t an issue plaguing this country. Have a nice trip!

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