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Project Veritas Exposes The Deep State

Project Veritas is a not-for-profit national journalism organization dedicated to undercover reporting to expose corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse. Whistleblowers are welcome to share what they know. James O’Keefe founded both Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action, whose mission is “investigating corruption, dishonesty, waste and fraud in both public and private institutions.” Veritas is the Latin word for Truth. Project ...

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Flake Justifies Betrayal Of Judge Kavanaugh

The smear campaign of Judge Kavanaugh continued Sunday night on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” as both Senator’s Flake and Coons appeared together and continued their tag-team replay of Flake’s shameful performance Friday afternoon. The spineless Senator from Arizona, perhaps attempting to justify his betrayal of Kavanaugh, stated Kavanagh’s interaction with the committee “seemed partisan.” Adding; I think his interaction with ...

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Liberals Fight New Immigration Rule

The Trump administration is currently pushing a proposal that will rewrite a 1999 rule that limits the green cards for immigrants who are dependent on government cash benefits. The rewrite will include the refusal of green cards to immigrants who are also dependent on the government for health aid, food stamps, and any other governmental assistance. Most Liberals are upset ...

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