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Stephen Hawking Explains God And Aliens In His New Book

Prior to his death, celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking wrote a book that explained everything from women to the universe, utilizing the theory of science to do so.

Although Hawking did not have the opportunity to complete the book prior to his death, his family took over the reins and finished what will be recognized as the ultimate guide on understanding life and the way it works.

Some of his theories are grounded in scientific evidence while others are based on his understanding of science and how it can contribute to those things we don’t yet understand. Things like God and aliens, to be specific.

According to Hawking, there is no God that exists in the ultimate scheme of things. He also discusses how although there is no God, there is indeed a group of aliens out there that have super intelligence. Here we go.

If you can’t prove it, then it can’t be real

Hawking’s mission in his book entitled “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” is to help the reader understand that all things can be explained through science.

The interesting part of his theory is that he pushes the concept of time travel and artificial intelligence as realities that we humans will soon experience—with the help of science, of course.

He explains how science has the ability to make most things possible, and he does it pretty effectively… that is until he begins his discussion on aliens and God. That’s when things get a bit…out of sorts.

Hawking says ‘there is no God’

On the issue of a deity existing to direct the universe, Hawking merely writes it off. “There is no God. No one directs the universe,” he wrote. He then goes on to suggest that everything can be explained by the laws of nature.

Much of his discussion about the nonexistence of God revolved around his being disabled…leaving one to wonder if he feels anger toward God for his physical suffering. One can only wonder considering he fails to believe in one invisible entity only to then justify the possibility of the existence of another.

Emotions and science don’t mix

Stephen Hawking is a revered physicist who is known for his scientific theories all over the world. People respect his research, admire his knowledge, and study his theories. Considering this fact, it is unfortunate that his final book contains theories based on emotion, rather than scientific evidence. He should not have argued the power of science if he only wanted to explain those things that he felt were justifiable.

If Hawking was open-minded enough to accept the concept of “intelligent life” existing in the universe, without the support of science, then why was it so difficult for him to do the same on the concept of God? Maybe he felt anger towards God, something he may have once believed in but felt let down. We will never know, unfortunately.

We can only take from his final words the understanding that scientific theories are just that: mere explanations of the world that can be verified with a scientific method.

Not all things can be measured by way of science (like love, for example), yet we all know them to exist. In his final words, Hawking reminds us that men are men…nothing more. Men with pain, anger, and the ability to make judgment calls based on emotion. Hopefully, his readers will know the difference.

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About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. There is no God. But there are these ‘laws of nature.’ Who set those up? Who set up the infinite, and infinitely complex, parts that make up our world? Did the laws of nature just … come about by themselves? Out of nowhere?

    Hawkings is part of the long-time agenda to destroy people’s belief in God, their faith in God. What then replaces God? The state, of course … ‘experts’ and ‘elite’ like Hawkings who convince is there is no God.

    A godless country / world is communism. Yes, Hawkings is part of the relentless push — knowingly or not — to create a godless, communist world.

    • There is a God regardless to what he believed. I was dead for 90 seconds and walked with my father in heaven and when God wanted me to come back my father told me that I needed to come back and I told him no and light shone in front of us and God told me I had to go back. So I know there is a heaven and God is there.

  2. Aliens fit well with the known laws of the universe. God does not. If we can evolve on our planet following the natural laws of the universe, then others could evolve on their planets. We now know that planets are numerous. Soon we will discover other life in our solar system and be certain that planets with life are also numerous.

    • Woof woof… ok, explain how from a massive explosion, according to Hawking and many others, which is inanimate matter, it suddenly evolved into creating single cells in the most hostile environment possible, i.e. absolute zero and massive heat… depending upon whereupon this alleged evolvement happened, complete with fully functioning dna and was able to consume… what? And how did they evolve into the complex life systems that is our world? They didn’t, and to believe so is the highest form of irrationality.

      However, if that did happen (and it didn’t) then we are all related. Spirogyra, monkeys, all the pathogens in the world, venomous snakes, Komodo dragons, et al. Again… ludicrous.

      But wait, there’s more. If animals live and kill others, then why can’t we? It is irrational to say other animals can because it is the law of the jungle, yet according to evolutionists et al, that includes us. Oh we evolved they say? So what, we either are, or are not, creatures of evolvement and therefore if we are then there is no rational reason why we shouldn’t kill each other, eat each other even. Yet we have laws that make that a crime and those people that do evil. Yet, it is fine in the lower animal kingdoms? Give me a break.

      The problem is with Stephen Hawking having been a victim of motor neurone disease nobody would call him out on it… because that would be cruel because of his disability. To which I say balderdash.

      And, ironically, he was buried in Westminster Abbey? Now that OFFENDS me! Prominent atheist buried in a sacred religious temple? UN BE LIEVEABLE ! ! ! !

  3. Ok, then. What do you prescribe for us to believe instead:
    That god sacrificed himself to himself for himself to spare us the wrath of himself, and by doing so, create a loophole to his own sentencing, where if he were really omnipotent he could just pardon?

    That a cosmic zombie jew offers eternal life if only we decide to surrender by telepathically accepting him as our master so that he may remove an evil born within us dating back to when a mud man and rib woman mistakenly listened to a talking snake and so decided to eat fruit from a magical tree?

    When, if Adam & Eve WERE actually INNOCENT (meaning, possessing NO KNOWLEDGE of RIGHT or WRONG), knowing that they disobeyed or even knowing WHAT disobedience EVEN MEANS, would mean they would HAVE TO EAT that fruit in order to understand what they even did? Do you remember when your child was too young to have a relationship with the meaning of “no” and it was up to you to teach them? Because of THEIR innocence? Did they get it right on the first try? Would YOU, as their loving parent, have damned them forever for not getting it right on the first try? Well then what’s with this impossible double standard? Puppies also often have to be taught right from wrong. Imagine I were to set a dog treat out in the backyard and command that innocent puppy that it’s forbidden to eat that treat and I leave, only to return to see that they ate it. And now I damn that dog and every dog that proceeds that dog, every descendant and breed that comes of them ALL to a SINGLE, irrevocable eternal fate. How can god be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient if they have to RETURN AND FIND OUT AND HAVE TO BE TOLD? 🤣 Why sentence a finite being to infinite punishment for a finite action?

    And if humanity did indeed originate as the buy-bull claims, then we owe our existence to INCEST, not once but TWICE. Once by Adam & Eve, the only family on earth. Twice by Noah’s family, the only family left on earth.

    If Noah’s flood did happen, then please explain why there are no 3rd party witnesses or any corroborating evidence found anywhere OUTSIDE that tiny little dot on the world map where 99% of biblical occurrences took place? There are civilizations across the world that existed CONCURRENTLY to the age of the flood, funny how their documentations fail to include there ever having been a flood. Your flood fable is a brazen rip-off of the Sumerian Gilgamesh flood, which was also a story. What’s more is: for Noah’s flood story to have occurred and humanity repopulated (from JUST ONE FAMILY), that means they would have to have reproduced at a rate FASTER THAN BACTERIA, travel and scatter across the world at impossible speeds. Then, when they reached China, they would have had to have continued their machine gun baby making as they shapeshifter their dna to somehow BECOME CHINESE. Then repeat the process when they go to Africa, where they’d somehow have to CHANGE INTO BLACK PEOPLE…are you laughing yet? I am 🤣
    But wait, there’s more: for the Noah’s flood story to have happened, that means that Antarctic penguins and Australian kangaroos would have had to have traversed thousands of miles out of their habitat to the Middle East. Embark, disembark, then traveled those several thousands of miles back to their home habitat, all the while finding adequate food, mating and somehow disposing of the remains of their dead along the way. And wait!! Weren’t these animals in the ark PAIRED? Hark, do I see MORE incest? Geez you guys 😣 the atheists may not have had it all figured out, but they’ve got you thoroughly STOMPED for facts, critical thought and LOGICAL SENSE. And, very much unlike christians, if an atheist’s thoughts or beliefs are challenged, atheists are WILLING AND OPEN to STEP BACK and re-examine whatever it is suspected to be wrong. Because that’s what’s called “CRITICAL THINKING”. And if it’s proven wrong, THEY AMEND THEMSELVES ACCORDINGLY. Your typical christian? Nope. Atheists examine EVIDENCE. The best you’ve got is a tampered, edited, man made, man written book whose authorship is as dubious as it is varied and unconfirmable, that has served as a hand-me-down for centuries, by anonymous men who clearly had bumpkin shepherd-level knowledge of flora, fauna and geography which is astounding for what’s supposed to serve as the word of an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent being. Look at yourselves, you’re too far stuck in your own echo chambers to see how you look to everyone else🙄
    If you think I’m wrong, challenge me. But without your binky. Find corroborating EVIDENCE (not hearsay) from an outside source that confirms that which you regard as “truth”, and report back.

    • Captain David Clark

      Your Scenario of “God Instead”. Is very interesting to me and I believe for anyone to be able to find any real and pertinent evidence to the contrary of your presentation of a Supreme Deity in any Dogmatic content is Futile!

      We refuse to accept our own death beginning from the very first time we stopped to bury our first fatality millions of years ago when Myth and Magic was born.

      Today when the human population is beset by threats of all types they rush to the arms of a Deity they created to ease them through the death process.

      Science will always have handcuffs placed on it until human beings rise above Dogmatic Created Deities and release ourselves to ” Boldly go where no man has gone before” to quote a very forward thinking realist..Thank You

    • Beautifully stated. You really got it right. Why are atheists so damned and ‘believers’ so self-righteous! Atheists are willing to critically debate their beliefs, where Christians, Jews, Muslims,etc. get huffy when challenged. I have relatives who won’t go to natural history museums or planetariums because it makes them ‘uncomfortable’. Sure! Science, beautiful science, puts superstition and blind faith to the lie! Thanks for posting.

    • You make the claim, which I have copied and pasted from your next-to-last paragraph, “And, very much unlike christians, if an atheist’s thoughts or beliefs are challenged, atheists are WILLING AND OPEN to STEP BACK and re-examine whatever it is suspected to be wrong. Because that’s what’s called “CRITICAL THINKING”. And if it’s proven wrong, THEY AMEND THEMSELVES ACCORDINGLY. Your typical christian? Nope. Atheists examine EVIDENCE.”

      Well, some of them are intellectually honest and open-minded enough to do so, but the general scoffing and mocking tone of your post tells me that you are not one of them and that your mind is already made up. Until you open your mind to the possibility that Christianity or any other religion might be true, nothing I could say would induce you to change it. I will therefore leave you with this thought: some of the best thinkers in history have taken up this question, but none has so far come up with an ironclad argument one way or the other. Until someone does or something happens to bring final resolution to the question, faith will be required for each individual to decide that question. Christians freely admit this, but many if not most of the atheists I have come across fail to see the leap of faith they must make to choose atheism. I have made my choice; you have made yours; others have decided that some other religion is the true one. Only the agnostics, who have not yet decided the question, have not yet taken a leap of faith and chosen.

    • Lydia,

      It is very clear that you have a deep-seeded hatred for anything related to God. Probably this is due to past trauma and/ or abuse. You speak of evidence. Then READ the Bible. Challenge every word and do what countless skeptics have done. Research it. Try to destroy it. It is something that cannot be done. Even if the God of the Bible does not exist. The teachings of the Bible are much more desirable than the alternative.

    • Lydia D – Pretty good bashing of biblical beliefs based on what science has learned since the Bible or any other current religion was created. But you make the same mistake all nihilists do when you conclude that simply because “science” can not prove there is a God, therefore there is no God. Sure, “religion” of all flavors can be accused of causing a variety of inhumane atrocities throughout mankinds history, but to ignore the plus side of theological thought on human behavior is just simply wrong, and displays our willful bigotry allowing us believing what we wish regardless of the “TRUTH” of science. We should not be blind to the fact that the history of science also is full of temporal truths, like the earth is flat or the universe rotates around the Earth. Fortunately, bad science, mere beliefs and bad theories are eventually disproved, discarded, and “True Science” marches on even though part of it, too, will eventually be found to be incorrect, revised, and updated to become part the new and improved “TRUTH.” Perhaps that is our real purpose for existence – as sentient robot seekers of ultimate knowledge. The major fear we should have is that religions of the past will not be flexible enough to adapt to new scientificTruths discovered in the future, and will become outdated and be discarded along with their fundamental moral guidance that shaped and humanized all our history here on Earth. Ask yourself why anyone would not want to believe in a life after death. Religion offers mankind just that. Science does not – at least not yet. Religion is essential to allaying our innate fear of eventual death. Hopefully the future reconciliation of religion and true science will be achieved by man, but to willfully assume it is not possible, is to accept the godlessness of nihilism. Is that really what you wish for your inevitable future?

    • Thank you

    • You stand on your own and outher people’s understanding without a shread of your own resherch you are blinded by a veil of darkness and confusion because you lack real faith ,so if you truly believe your right what’s your point of tearing down a beautiful good upright honorable with nothing but good report and non violent lifestyle of those who have a teleconnection with the creator, in view of things it’s like being a serpent who wants to get you to eat his fruit and follow what you know nothing of ,may the peace of our “GOD” find it’s way to see things the way they really are .(GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY) being closed minded will only distroy you but the ones who look to you for real answers, the fool always spouts off but the wise is silent and will still hear, the mystery of “God” is in the parables and to understand them you must get wisdom not of man but of faith to have these things revealed. The word of the “LORD”has never once been proven wrong .

  4. While I respect the author of this article’s intent to dissuade the readers of the non existence of a god, unfortunately she does not go into the depth of false science, and erroneous scientific analysis and findings. That Hawkins had a great mind is true but the unfortunate result of saying “there is no god” leaves the individual to fall into the depths of being “a fool” as declared in Psalm 14:1, 53:1 and Proverbs 12:15. The article’s claim that Hawkins brilliance in science fact is only partly true. The acceptances of schools and predominantly all secular colleges, universities and even many Christian colleges that evolution is a scientific fact proved without error as fact is an absurdly manipulated and deceitful lie that has been brainwashed cleverly into receptive minds. The lies of transitional evolutionary findings and distorted radio carbon dating facts and other radio metric dating facts has been accepted as any evidence for biblical creation origins are demeaned, discounted, distorted and rejected without consideration as to their true science evidence and support. I don’t believe honoring Hawkins is justifiable. Those who hate, despise, reject and demean the truth of God and His glory and honor which is OVERWHELMINGLY POWERFUL in full view to ALL, is not worthy of respect in my opinion.

  5. It has been said that dead atheists and Christians have at least one thing in common … They both believe in God.

  6. Lydia Lydia you do yack on and on. God is simply and by definition the source of everything that exists. No point arguing God’s existence any more than in arguing the existence of numbers. What does deserve refutation are the many absurdities pontificated about the nature of God. As for Hawking, he is just out of his field making pronouncements on the existence of God. Face it: ignorance is rampant and nothing is more extensive than human stupidity.

  7. If there is no evidence, there is no evidence! Don’t create an answer because you don’t have one! Living with the unknown is always part of life until the unknown becomes known with verifiable evidence.

  8. I actually believe we have all been duped by these suppositions of Stephen Hawking. We don’t know who was interpreting his thoughts yet we are so anxious to believe he knows anything about God and universe.
    People fall for this nonsense because they can’t explain God, they can’t prove the Alien Theory and they want answers.
    We can’t explain God, we can’t comprehend the vastness of our universe and if God does exist, we will only know for sure when we have become the dust of the universe.
    I believe in God the Creator, there are too many reasons for my belief in Him to express here. I prefer to be wrong, He doesn’t exist than to be wrong, He does exist.
    I’m also a Christian! I do believe I have been redeemed! No one person, especially someone whom I believe had no way of communicating his beliefs, can convince me otherwise.
    I feel badly that this poor man was used for someone else’s purposes and has no control over his name being used to spread falsehoods for financial gain.
    God rest your soul, Stephen Hawking!

  9. So sad for Hawking. He was given great intelligence and no wisdom. May he Rest In Peace. He now knows the truth about God.

  10. Stephen Hawkins knows that there is a God now. Looking up from an eternity in hell , he will be crying out , but I didn’t know. He will wish he was back in that wheelchair.

  11. Interesting dialog! So what do you all think of this take on the subject. I believe it and some of you will also believe that the following removes all doubt about what to believe and how to live:

    1. Research and find lifestyles that bring the greatest and most fulfilling happiness. Find out by this “scientific method” what people in what religion are the happiest and most fulfilled. Keep in mind, that a major part of such a study includes separating those people who do not actively believe and participate from those that do now.

    2. Keeping in mind that man is naturally drawn to do bad things – to lie, to cheat, to steal even if only pencils, to argue, to have bouts of anger – all from the small less significant things to much worse from deceiving to hurting to fighting and a host of other things leading finally to killing, maiming, demeaning, and so forth. We see a lot of that today! That being the case, why not believe in a way of life that leads to good character? Believe in it! Try it. Live it fully. Strive to improve your character as a matter of daily lifestyle, and then compare the alternative. Where would you end up? May I suggest that you would end up believing the moral teachings of the Bible (and the moral teachings of other writers, teachers, and many other religious beliefs of most religions)! While doing so, don’t worry about what you do not understand in the Bible from the beginning of time. Remember that that book has been changed over the years beginning with man made state religions early on after Christ died and after his leadership followers were killed, so it is not a perfect book. Only look for that which leads to good moral behavior. It is loaded with such.

    3. Finally, whether or not you believe in a God, living in this way will lead to feeling like there really is a higher power. And why is that? Jesus Christ hit this nail right square on the head when he said in essence, “Live the lifestyle as I am teaching it, and then you will know that it is a true lifestyle that all should live to be happy and at peace.” In other words, living as he taught will bring anyone to a knowledge of what is best to believe and live – for true happiness and the ability to go through anything good or bad and still feel satisfaction for what is learned, and how your attitude has helped others around you.

    4. A final comment: If you try an experiment of this type, you will be accessing an unseen power that comes from a non-scientific source, but that is as real as anything in this world. It is real. Trouble is that in order to find this reality, you have to completely submit to willingness to change what you know is not good about you. You have to sincerely strive to become a better person. You have to really want what you are “experimenting” to do. Otherwise you are only being a hypocrite. In other words, if you try to do this with the intent to prove it is false, then the experiment will NOT work. You will end up going back to the way you were even if you what you had been before was basically good in many ways. This is not to say that you have to be perfect. It is only to state that you have to want the improvement in yourself for real – with no underlying hidden agenda. And one other thing: When you find that this is a better way to live, and you add to that new found lifestyle a desire to find out what is really true about this world and this universe and a higher power, and you talk to this God you do not yet know sincerely with a desire to find out whether or not he is there, and you persist in this over time, you will eventually find truth. And it will be powerful and even glorious. It will fill your life with amazing hope and happiness. Keep in mind, though, that you will still not be able to prove to others of his existence. Each person has to find that path on his own, with his own seeking, and often with help and understanding from others who have gone through this journey.

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