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Trump Breaks Judicial Record: Appoints more judges in two years than Obama, Clinton and Bush

While pundits, pollsters, and the mainstream media dissect every subtle nuance of voting trends from now until Election Day, perhaps the most overlooked and under-reported event has just been accomplished.

With barely a byline from the mainstream media, President Trump quietly and without fanfare broke the all-time two-year record last week for appointing judges to the federal appeals court — more than all three of his predecessors.

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The significance of those judicial appointments cannot be overstated, in that for the first time in a long time, the makeup of the second most powerful court in the land will be primarily conservative.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is aware that the balance of power may soon shift on Election Day, and so last Wednesday, the Republican majority advanced still more nomination before the midterm elections, holding yet another round of judicial hearings this week.

Last year Trump broke the all-time record for first-year judicial appointments when the Senate confirmed the President’s 12th nomination to the bench. Keeping the promise he made to his supporters that he would restore the traditional judicial court as our Founding Fathers originally intended it.

Trump promised to also break the two-year record by the end of his second term. That promise was fulfilled early last week when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) forced through a deal with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to confirm 15 new judges, including three appellate judges and 12 federal district judges (for the trial-court level).

The compromise was reached after McConnell had threatened to keep the Senate in session, forcing vulnerable red-state Democrats to stay in Washington, D.C. unable to go back to their individual home-state to campaign for their re-election in time for the midterm.

The tally thus far for confirmation by the Senate stands at 29-judges to the courts of appeals, with number 30 soon to be confirmed. However, the Senate is currently lagging, because Democrats have vowed to delay and obstruct any an all Trump nominations with lengthy floor debates.

Although Senate Democrats can’t block Trump appointees to judgeships, they can filibuster a nominee, eating up time by slowing down the process.

Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the conservative group Judicial Crisis Network, told The Daily Signal in an email;  “When President Trump took office, he faced more judicial vacancies than four of his five predecessors (105), and, because of the obstruction and ridiculous delays Senate Democrats are imposing, there are now more vacancies than there were then (138).”

However, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has vowed to keep moving forward as chairman with hearings of his Senate Judiciary Committee on still more judicial nominees, even while the Senate is in recess.

The importance of a judicial nomination to the Supreme Court was never more evident then what took place during the confirmation process of Justice Kavanaugh. Democrats were willing to use a scorched earth approach in their attempt to destroy the judge’s unblemished character along with his career, with unfounded allegations of sexual misconduct almost 4-decades old, in their attempt to deprive him of his rightful seat on the high court.

The political ramifications are immense, with over 99% of all federal cases ending up before the Supreme Court, those landmark decisions usually impact the social structure within our society, perhaps steering our culture, lifestyle, and customs in a different direction, impacting for many their daily lives.

Equally the 13 U.S. courts of appeals located around the country hear over 23,000 cases per year, with the Supreme Court receiving roughly about 7,000 petitions annually to review appellate decisions.

Moreover, a president ability to reshape the court’s judicial philosophy is perhaps the most important mission of any administration. It will stand the test of time for decades to come, long after this or any other administration has left the political arena.

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  1. I’m for president Trump’s, will remain with pres Trump. He’s trying to repair all that is broken down. I heard someone say on TV that if Trump found the cure for cancer he would still be the “bad guy”! If anyone wants a good book to read get ‘The Paradigm’ by Jonathan Cahn. You will find out how fatal mistakes made in ancient times is being reenacted in our times. I believe Trump is being used to slow our country’s descent

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