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Alec Baldwin’s New Show Bombs

The executives over at ABC may have another disaster on their hands — caused by their overt bias and anti-Trump agenda.

Alec Baldwin, a once competent actor, has become a Trump bashing New York activist with his own late night show. On the series premiere, Baldwin’s guest was none other than (fellow Trump basher) Robert De Niro.

The actor, appearing remarkably subdued, began his worn-out monologue by criticizing President Trump and taking creative license with the truth suggesting that the Republican Party had acted improperly during the confirmation process of Justice Kavanaugh.

Which simply demonstrated once again just how irrational De Niro has become. He can no longer distinguish fact (as witnessed by millions of individuals on their TV screens) from his own dogmatic thinking.

Moreover, according to the Nielsen ratings “The Alec Baldwin Show” generated just a 0.4 rating among adults 18-49, the demographic most coveted by advertisers.

By contrast, NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs earned a 6.1 rating among adults 18-49, and CBS’ “60 Minutes” which featured an interview with the President, drew a respectable 1.9 rating.

However, the biggest surprise of the evening came from CW’s premieres of “Supergirl” and the reboot of “Charmed” which actually outdrew Baldwin’s Show, with a 0.5 rating.

The De Niro segment opened with Baldwin asking the 75-year old actor an obvious lead-in question, as to why he’s publicly jumping back into the anti-Trump fray, which was his cue to once again go off on the President, his supporters and the Republican Party.

“I’m so offended by this person and by the Republicans in general and how they’ve behaved,” De Niro said. “We see it with the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh thing going on right now. And when I see him, I know what he is, and he knows what he is.”

De Niro once again doing his best “Goodfellows” imitation continued, “Everything he says about other people, ‘You’re a loser. You’re a this. You’re a that,’ is everything he’s saying about himself… he’s so transparent. He’s projecting.”

Baldwin then joined in as if to give the aging actor assistance by actually finishing De Niro’s sentence. Declaring in unison the President is somehow incompetent. Their declaration that Trump’s successful run with the “Apprentice” was somehow a failure stating, “The Apprentice” on NBC “tricked people” into thinking he was a “crack” executive.

That statement alone, after the Presidents two successful years in office, should concern De Niro fans, regarding the actor’s mental health.

This apparently didn’t go unnoticed by Karen Townsend, a contributing writer for the Media Research Center, writing; “De Niro is suffering so greatly from Trump Derangement Syndrome that he is now speaking up about his political opinions because of Trump’s election. Yes, it’s all Trumps’ fault.”

Adding, “It’s refreshing, though, that De Niro admits that he is also offended by Republicans in general, too. Usually, celebrities couch their responses and just focus on President Trump.”

As for ABC’s choice of hiring Baldwin, a self-described anti-Trump activist in hosting a prime-time “Sunday network talk-show” seems like an extremely risky move, perhaps better suited for cable TV.

Comparable perhaps to ABC’s knee-jerk reaction in firing comedian Roseanne Barr after the star admitted to making a mistake, and ending the successful re-launch of the 80’s classic sit-com “Roseanne.” ABC is now attempting to patch together a poor substitute hoping to once again capture lighting-in-a-bottle with a reconstituted show called “The Conners” ironically debuting just days after Baldwin’s show bombed out.

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  1. Hate whose > Balwin's and DeNiro's for Drumpf

    You mean the NFL got a higher rating than the Great White Hope? Since when did 1.9 become a respectable rating? Oh, l forgot in Drumpf’s world that is a ratings high. Well for one, many like myself did not know Baldwin had a show but will look for it now! Thanks for the tip. Will spread the word about his show of FB too! Conservative my ass lady and you a mom too. I certainly would not want any child including yours exposed to a vile being like that so called president!

  2. This is great news!!! Alec Baldwin is a Has been douche

  3. lawrence miljkovic

    Someone should place Alex in front of Soros’s house.

  4. Jobs not Mobs…..TRUMP 2020!!

  5. Have you ever seen DeNiros taste in women? Check out his last two wives. New York idiot.

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