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A Den Of Perverted Law-Breaking Professors Uncovered

It would appear that New York City, besides being a leading sanctuary city, can now lay claim to having perhaps the largest crop of pervy professors in America — and all on the tax-payers dime.

In a shocking blockbuster report, a female undergraduate student alleges that her anatomy professor offered her “good grades” for “intercourse.” The stunning details came to light in a Brooklyn federal courtroom last week, when the 40-something student revealed to the New York Post, in an exclusive interview that Professor Hany Fam teaching at LaGuardia Community College propositioned her in October of 2017.

The details in the lawsuit claim that the student going by the alias of “Jane Doe” approached Professor Fam regarding her grades. The 60-year old professor insisted they meet at her apartment to “discuss” her grades, at first she declined the offer.

“Fearing that she would offend her professor and perhaps jeopardize her grade in his class, she finally relented,” the suit says.

The lawsuit claims that Professor Fam arrived at Miss Doe’s Brooklyn apartment with a bottle of wine and then a kiss on her cheek. The suit alleges that Professor Fam sat on the couch and lamented he was “lonely” and that he had “problems” within his marriage.

He then “unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a scar and claimed to have a heart condition that left him with just a few years to live.”

Miss Doe “got up and went to the kitchen, but Professor Fam followed her, leaned in to hug her, and told her to relax,” court papers contend.

After some additional small-talk, professor Fam “said that he could make things much easier for her, and repeatedly asked if she would be his ‘friend.’”

“Miss Doe” asked if his meaning of “friend” was a euphemism for “sex,” at which point Professor Fam acknowledged it was. “He suggested they meet once a week and told her it wouldn’t be ‘that hard’ for her because of his heart condition,” court papers say.

He then revealed that other professors on staff at CUNY have similar arrangements with their students.

Court papers also claim Fam was part of a “wider culture of similar behavior by LaGuardia professors.”

A student wrote on the “Rate My Professor” website that Fam “wastes time on dirty jokes . . . I don’t know how to respect a professor who cracks dirty jokes all the time.”

This allegation as serious as they are follows perhaps a much wider and more serious breach of trust.  An additional blockbuster report reveals that several professors at CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice raped and attempted to “pimp out students,” used and sold drugs on campus.

The stunning report is now being investigated by the Manhattan D.A.’s office and the state Inspector General. The widening scandal has thus far implicated several high profile professors at the college.

These are veteran educators tasked with teaching future crime-fighters the high moral and legal standards embedded within America’s justice system, however instead ran a lawless den of depravity called “the swamp,” where they allegedly used and sold drugs, and “pimped” out female students according to the two women at the center of the probe.

The growing scandal exploded on the national scene two weeks ago after an exclusive hour’s long interview by the New York Post alleging that the two self-described victims had filed formal sex-harassment charges.

The alleged victims claimed that several CUNY professors targeted them by luring them at first into their pot-smoking circle, and then sexually assaulted them, and then attempted to force them into engaging in sexual intercourse with other professors.

Naomi Haber, 24, a former student claims she was violently raped when she was a 21-year-old by Anthony Marcus, the former chair of the anthropology department, after a drunken night at a Washington, D.C conference in 2015.

The Post has compiled a partial list thus far of accused professors, including Professor Ric Curtis, 64, Leonardo Dominguez, 27, and Barry Spunt, 70. The probe is widening and may include more educators being named in the near future…stay tuned.

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  1. The United States needs Jesus Christ like never before!! Overturn the ban on prayer in schools!! For where God is, there is liberty and freedom!! Nothing but the blood of Jesus Christ can wash away sin!!

  2. Is this shocking? This has been going on since the sixties as far as I am aware. The girls would all sit at the front of the class in the auditorium, crossing and uncrossing their legs( The ultra minis were in style). The professors would really get an eyeful!

  3. Name names & take down, give NY bad name, Bravo, Keep rolling

  4. Hard to imagine how you can sound so smart yet be so completely wrong. Are you Russian actor spreading lies to further destroy American exceptionalism?

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