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Supreme Court Allows Voter ID Requirements In Key Battleground State

Last week, the Supreme Court lifted the injunction imposed by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, regarding a North Dakota law that would require state residents to produce a government ID with a current residential street address before casting their vote.

The decision drew a brief dissent from progressive activist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg along with Justice Elena Kagan, warning that the decision would create confusion in North Dakota since the original order regarding street address requirement was for the primary elections, which were held in June.

Justice Ginsburg brief dissent explained, “The risk of voter confusion appears severe here because the injunction against requiring residential-address identification was in force during the primary election and because the secretary of state’s website announced for months the ID requirements as they existed under that injunction,” Ginsburg wrote. “Reasonable voters may well assume that the IDs allowing them to vote in the primary election would remain valid in the general election.”

Adding, “If the 8th Circuit’s stay is not vacated, the risk of disfranchisement is large.”

North Dakota had argued that the law would actually improve the integrity of the ballot box and that an ID with a current residential street address, would eliminate confusion regarding the 800 different ballots used in the state during the 2016 election cycle, which were assigned by addresses.

However, not everyone is pleased with the Supreme Court’s ruling especially incumbent Democrat Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, who is facing a tough uphill battle for reelection.

Senator Heitkamp enjoys strong support from Native American communities, those same communities where voter ID registration is opposed.

And where a large group of American Indians (Heitkamp supporters), initially challenged the residential street address requirement, arguing that it imposes “impossible and severe burdens on the franchise for Native American voters.”

The group argued to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that many Native Americans live on reservations lacking individual street addresses, the court agreed and placed a temporary court injunction, prohibiting the law to take effect.

Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling almost assures Heitkamp’s opponent Republican challenger, U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer a senate seat.

No doubt every American citizen should have the right to vote; likewise, every American citizen should be required to have a voter ID card, identifying that individual, which in turn protects both that individuals right to vote and the country from voter fraud.

Moreover, a recent federal appeals court in Texas took the opposite view of North Dakota’s 8th Circuit Court ruling, stating that the “Texas voter ID law does not discriminate and can stand,” further indicating that the law does not discriminate against black and Hispanic voters.

That decision by a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in New Orleans, overturned a lower-court ruling that had struck down the law

It’s also noteworthy to point out that a recent study conducted by an independent New Jersey research group called “Just Facts”, directed a series of post-election polls regarding voter fraud among none-citizens, and found that as many as 5.7 million none-citizens may have actually voted in the 2008 election, guaranteeing Barack Obama the White House.

President James D. Agresti and his research team took the data provided by Harvard/YouGov Study, which every 2-years question’s a sample size of tens of thousands of actual voters. And within that sampling, some individuals have acknowledged they’re none-citizens and are thus ineligible to vote.

That anecdotal evidence while not conclusive regarding the actual number of none-citizens voting does provide a reasoned base-line.

Which at the very least should settle the argument in the affirmative, regarding voter IDs

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  1. No ‘Supreme’ court should be rigging elections nor allowing states to do so! This is just another example of how far this country has fallen. How corrupt the system is and how desperate some politicians are to keep their position or eliminate the competition.

    • What is “rigging”? Letting people vote who are not legal voters and letting them vote more than once? Or,, being sure they are legal voters , don’t vote for their dead grandmothers, and only vote once? You don’t say which is rigging.

    • Brenda, you are rite, butt then tell me why are the libtards always using the court system to try and stop POTUS from doing his elected job. BTW, this decision has nothing to do with rigging any thing, it is assuring honesty to ALL voters

    • I’m shocked and disgusted that this kind of thing could be allowed! What can the people do??

    • The “Supreme Court” is not “rigging” elections, they are trying to prevent the democrats from doing so, something they have been doing for decades.
      The Dems do not want Voter ID because they know without the ability to cheat, they would never win another national election!

  2. It seems as though this country has lost its sense of values! It’s not “do the right thing” but do what it takes to get my way” ! Sooner or later, what goes around, comes around! That’s NOT what this country was founded on!

    • You are right… America was founded on immigrants who slaughtered the native inhabitants. Good reason to boot out all non-natives don’t you think?

  3. “Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling almost assures Heitkamp’s opponent Republican challenger, U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer a senate seat.”

    So it is OK if Native Americans are disenfranchised in order for a Republican to win, right? Why is it a policy of Republicans to do everything they can to limit who can vote? Could it be they have been doing this for decades. Remember Paul Weyrich “father” of the right-wing movement and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority and various other groups” was instrumental in the ‘we don’t want everyone to vote’ policies of the right. See:

    Why are Republicans so afraid to try and win on their policies instead of voter suppression.

  4. Brenda, you don’t seem to understand. For years people used names listed on gravestones and jammed them into ballot boxes and got away with it. As a matter of fact, Lyndon Johnson, when he lost his first election in Texas, that’s exactly what he did. He wrote down names on headstones and therefore won election the second time he ran. There is corruption everywhere when it comes to voting. The Supreme Court is making some kind of effort to put a stop to some of that.

  5. I am a 69 year old who has been voting ALL of my adult life. It is an extremely serious duty. The first time I voted I was shocked to find out that an ID was not required To this day I am dismayed that the law is lax in keeping the vote fair and honest. It’s time that the vote accurately reflects the voice of the people. (From Chicago where the motto is “Vote early, vote often!”

  6. As a Native American, I feel that the conservative Mom should be ashamed of allowing such disrespect for a group of individuals who are already disenfranchised. Individuals who live on reservation land do NOT have street addresses. These individuals should NOT have to change their way of live to make it convenient for our government to ensure that everyone who votes is a citizen. Moreover, many reservation dwellers also do not have state ID and should not be required to purchase one to ensure their right to vote in the country of which, we were the original citizens.

    I would hope in the future that the Conservative Mom would make a better effort in screening opinions of others prior to their posting.

  7. I live in Virginia and have always had to show ID. They look your name up and cross it off after seeing ID.

  8. Why would *anybody* support laws that knowingly prevent people from being able to vote? People without homes *are still citizens* and have all the rights and responsibilities thereof. People who live on reservations (without USPS addresses sometimes) *are still citizens*. I understand the desire for a safe ballot, and I think it’s important that we ensure people don’t illegally swing elections, but before securing the ballot box we have to secure the right to vote. It doesn’t make an election more legitimate if the government has decided that certain people’s right to vote doesn’t count.

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