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Do The Care Bears Promote Occult Religion?

They are cute, cuddly, colorful, and live in a place called the Kingdom of Caring. They sport names such as “Rainbow Heart Bear,” “Funshine Bear,” and “Tenderheart Bear.” They supposedly teach kids lessons about sharing and caring.

What could be more innocent?

However, many believe that there is a far more insidious message behind the Care Bears — one that involves the Occult, Voodoo, and Black Magic!

If you have a child or have ever been one, chances are you have heard of these sickeningly sweet colorful characters. Originally conceived as artwork for a series of greeting cards, the Care Bears went on to spawn a merchandise empire that includes, toys, games, movies and a cartoon TV series.

It’s the movies and TV series, in particular, that are believed to contain messages that speak to a more nefarious origin and dark purpose of the seemingly innocent bears.

Links Between the Care Bears and Voodoo

Those that have presented this mind-blowing theory point out many connections between the Voodoo religion and the Care Bears. First is the name of the bears themselves. “Care Bears,” is strikingly similar to “Care Fours.” Care Fours is a district in the capital of Haiti, Port au Prince, an area that is at the heart of the Voodoo world.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. The Care Bears are known for their “badges” on their bellies or chests, each of which represents their personalities and are the source of their magical and spell-casting abilities. The proponents of this theory say that the badges are in actuality akin to Loa, or Voodoo spirits – symbols that are used to represent each of the Voodoo “gods,” that line up with the Care Bears.

In Voudon, the more correct term of “Voodoo” and similar West Indian regions such as Obeah, these spirits, or Loa (sometimes written as Lwa) want to share their luck, powers, and their bodies, with their worshipers. This is very similar to the Care Bears motto – “share until you care.”  Furthermore, in the black magic ritual languages of the practitioners of these religions, the Loa are often called upon as “friends.”

But the most striking parallel is those symbols on the Bears bellies themselves. Voodoo is a religion filled with symbols, and the belly badges seem to be analogs of the “Veve” symbols that are used to represent each of the occult gods. For example:

Love-a-Lot Bear – There is a significant connection between Love-a-lot bear and the Voodoo Goddess Erzulie. Erzulie is most often depicted in the color pink, just like Love-a-lot, and the twin hearts badge of this bear is symbolic of the fact that Erzulie is the Goddess of love and motherhood.

Friend Bear – Is very obviously the Voodoo God Legba. In the Voodoo religion, followers are told to never call upon “Legba” by name but to only call him “friend” in prayers and ritual. Again his “Veve” symbol is very similar to Friend Bear’s badge – both are represented by two crossed flowers. Furthermore, Legba is known as the messenger god or the liaison between gods and humans. On the cartoon show, Friend Bear plays a similar role between humans and the Care Bears.

Cheer Bear – Another connection is between Cheer Bear and the god Damballah, both of which are symbolized by a rainbow. On the TV shows, Cheer Bear is shown to use magic, and cast spells more than any other bear, and Damballah is the supreme mage of the Voodoo world.

Grumpy Bear – Grumpy bear, with his anger issues, is said to represent Capitaine Ogu, a Voodoo spirit with a very bad temper. The cloud on Grumpy’s stomach is also said to look very much like the shape of Ogu’s ship. Rumor also has it that in one of the Care Bear’s movies, Return to Care-a-lot, if you listen carefully, Grumpy can be heard muttering to himself; “Gren mi Fret” or “My Balls are Cold,” which was apparently Ogu’s greeting to people.

Are you getting creeped out yet? Has your childhood blown away? Wait there is more!

Other supposed links to Voudon in the Care Bears is the way they travel – they get from place to place on an old-fashioned wooden sailing ship – which proponents of this theory claim are a representation of the slave trade which brought Voudon and Obeah to the New World.

Another link is that the Bears love to dress up and put on hats, which is also a characteristic of the Loa, who in legend, are often depicted wearing disguises, masks, and hats to interact with humans and to celebrate the dead – think of Mardi Gras.

But perhaps the scariest incident that lends at least some credence to what most will say is mere coincidence, several of the producers of the Care Bears Cartoons have died under mysterious circumstances.

Most notably, the series’ head animator, Lester Myers, disappeared after leaving a cryptic note saying he was going off to find out the “truth about where the Care Bears come from.” His final credit card bill showed a charge for a ticket to Haiti – but he never arrived there, nor was he ever heard from him again.

Conspiracy theory? Just an odd coincidence? Or the black magic of Voodoo?  You decide!

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