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Suicide or Murder: Did the Clintons kill Vince Foster?

Rumors about Vince Foster’s death have been swirling around the Clinton family since 1993, when the former White House employee was found dead from a gunshot wound.

Official reports claim the death was a suicide, but conspiracy theorists from both sides of the political spectrum insist the cause of death was something far more insidious.

Speaking about the Clintons in May 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump referred to Foster’s death as “very fishy.” Vince Foster “had intimate knowledge of what was going on…He knew everything that was going on and then all of a sudden he committed suicide.” 

Who is Vince Foster?

Vince Foster was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton’s who went on to become one of the top lawyers in Arkansas. He met Hillary Rodham in the 70’s and convinced his boss to hire her even though she was a woman.

Hillary went on to become the first female partner at Rose Law Firm.

Fast forward to 1992 when Vince Foster decides to abandon his successful career in Arkansas to join Bill Clinton’s presidential transition team — leaving his wife and son behind in Little Rock.

When he gets to DC, Foster finds himself responsible for interviewing potential administration appointees. He has zero experience with politics, and he definitely isn’t used to working 12 hours a day.

It isn’t long before Foster starts to suffer from depression, insomnia, and severe weight loss. He feels even worse after the failed nominations of Zoë Baird (“Nannygate”), Kimba Wood, and Lani Guinier.

Foster considers resigning, but can’t stand the thought of returning to Arkansas in shame. He visits a doctor and receives a prescription for the anti-depressant trazodone. The next morning, police find his body in Fort Marcy Park six miles from the White House.

In his briefcase was a torn-up resignation letter which read:

“I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here, ruining people is considered a sport.”  

There were five official investigations into Vince Foster’s death. All five concluded the death was suicide.

What makes this story pertinent now is the link to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation process was stalled by accusations of sexual assault.

In the mid-1990’s, Brett Kavanaugh worked as the top prosecutor for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s investigation into Vince Foster’s death.

As Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano points out, it was up to Kavanaugh to figure out how Vince Foster’s body ended up in Fort Marcy Park:

“You remember Vince Foster who killed himself in the White House? How did his body get from the White House to Fort Marcy Park? Who was the prosecutor in charge of figuring out how his body got there? Who was the prosecutor that exonerated Hillary and the thugs that moved his body? A young Brett Kavanaugh.”

What was the motive?  

Foster was well-known for his moral values. If his death was a murder, it means the Clintons were afraid he would reveal something he knew about their lives.

If his death was a suicide, it means Foster preferred death to quitting his job and returning home in shame; or it meant he preferred death to the thought of testifying against the Clintons.

As you would expect, the Clintons responded to the conspiracy theories about Vince Foster with outrage:

“The right-wing talk show people…didn’t give a rip that he had killed himself or that his family was miserable,” complained Bill. “[His death] was just another weapon to slug us with, to dehumanize us.” 

Speaking to The Washington Post in 2016, Trump said, “I don’t bring [Foster’s death] up because I don’t know enough to really discuss it.” But “I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder.”

Democrats dismissed Trump’s claim as an attempt to destroy Hillary’s reputation (as if she needed any help), but that doesn’t explain how Foster’s body ended up in a park, why the bullet that killed him was he died.

At the end of the day, Foster is one of many Clinton contacts who died under mysterious circumstances.

Author’s Note:

I strongly suspect that Vince Foster had inside information about the Clintons’ illegal behavior, relating either to politics or sex, and that he was killed before he could reveal it.

Unfortunately, whatever it is Foster knew died with him in 1993 when he ‘shot himself’ after working just six months in the Clinton White House.

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  1. The Washington connections are simply too unbelievable.

  2. Read the Congressional report. Foster was very conflicted because he had been subpoenaed to testify th Congress the next day. His office in the White House was filled with Clinton taxes he was trying to sort out. The WH was instructed to seal off his office, but waited 24 hours while papers were removed. Whitewater was part of laundering of drug profits imported into Mena and then distributed by the Mafia. This was done by certain Agencies. There is so much more to the story, Kavanagh knew what was going on and sold out.

  3. Multiple RAPE allegations against Bill.
    Hillary said the accusers were “Bimbos”… her method of being polite to those that accuse.
    There are multiple stories about enemies of Clinton’s winding up dead

  4. I can’t believe you are still flogging this Vince Foster crap. He killed himself. He wasn’t killed in the WH. There were five (5) investigations into this and they all concluded he killed himself.

    “As the Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler wrote:

    Yes, there is a fringe minority of people who will believe in just about every conspiracy theory. There are hacks who believe that Foster died in the White House and that his body was moved. There was even a member of Congress who fired bullets into a cantaloupe (or was it a watermelon?) in an effort to prove that Foster was killed.

    But there were also five official investigations into Foster’s death, conducted by professional investigators, forensic experts, psychologists, doctors and independent prosecutors with unlimited resources.

    Yes, the bullet was never found. (Foster died in a wooded park.) Yes, the Clinton White House was sometimes slow to release information or took steps that at times raised suspicions, such as removing from Foster’s office files concerning an Arkansas real estate deal. But that was all examined, dissected, discussed, investigated two decades ago — and found to be not material. The fifth probe lasted three years — and still found nothing.”

    Just because Trump says something does not make it true. Actually it is more than likely that it is a lie as he has lied well over 5,000 times since taking office.

    And it is just part of Trump’s shtik – lie about people. Just remember the ‘Obama was born in Kenya’, ‘I’ve sent private detectives to Hawaii to prove it’, etc. etc.

    • Trump never said it was “True” as a matter he said he didn’t know enough about it to even discuss it, only that many people surrounding him are/were convinced of something more nefarious (reread the article). And Trump actually never believed that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, in fact I heard him a while back he said opposite. So you’re distorting the truth/facts. However personally I’m curious what are in all the college and other records, Obama spent so much money to seal/bury; but I still respect his right to spend his money where he wants.

    • Yes, I’m sure he killed himself just like we were all told to believe. Then, after he died, he got up and walked 6 miles and laid down on the grass in the park. Must have been tired as hell at that point!

    • Well Obama was borne in Kenya, well no not really, it was British South Africa at the time of his birth!
      This alone is proof that his birth certificate was a fake!

    • Two gunshot wounds to the head. He had a really fast trigger finger, apparently.

  5. No difference from Ford 35 yrs. allegation on Kavanaugh? What’s funny is that Kavanaugh was involved with the investigation back then with no help from the Deceivers, now have popcorn just waiting for the arrest of these elite evil doers that have no value for human life. The Truth Shall Come to Light🤗🤗🤗🤗

  6. With all the deaths surrounding the Clintons, the odds in the trillions so many could die under violent circumstances with only two people at the center. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown dies in a plane crash and his body bears a 45 caliber gunshot in the top of the head. Must have been a gun discharging itself during the violent crash and fate dictated Brown would not live. Days before Ron Brown was known to be commenting if he had to fall he was taking everyone with him. Makes threats against the Clintons they are going down with him, never happen. Hilary would never allow it. Too many of the same coincidences surrounding the same two people add up to something more than coincidence. And never put too much stock into FBI investigations. After all, the Russian Collusion investigation is supposed to ensnare President Trump and the only people being snared are the FBI. We’ll never prove what happened but God will reveal the truth if man doesn’t.

  7. Anyone who thinks the liberal backed investigation of Vince Foster is true also believe the liberals are for the mainstream Americans, which is also false. This election period the liberals are actually coming forth and saying what they really think of the American General Public, or more directly those who should serve them, not benefit with them.

  8. Ken Starr and Bart Kavanaugh had years, and $millions in taxpayers’ $$, to investigate the circumstances surrounding Vince Foster’s death. Either there’s nothing there, or Starr & Kavanaugh were inept, or sold out. They were even able to subpoena & depose the President!

    They had their chances, they had the resources, and they whiffed.

    Sorry — you can’t have it both ways. But thanks for reminding us of Ken Starr & Bart Kavanaugh’s monumental failure.

  9. This part of a sentence from the article makes no sense: “why the bullet that killed him was he died.” The typesetter here wanted to sabotage the article. Why? … read on:

    All good patriots should know that there has been a Great Conspiracy to destroy America for many decades .. . the Clintons are just puppets. This Conspiracy is fiendishly evil, and its agents are legion, and are everywhere. They long ago penetrated the conservative movement at every level … your best friend, or the person you think is even more conservative than you …. is almost certainly an agent. Trust no one. And don’t trust the Fake News: you think China really split from Russia sixty years ago? You think Communism really collapsed? Ha … all part of the Satanic conspiracy.

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