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Should Feinstein Resign?

After the FBI’s week-long investigation into Christine Ford’s claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, no credible evidence supporting the allegations was found.

Of course, this didn’t satisfy Democrats.

For them, the message seems to be that Kavanaugh is too tainted for the high court at this point, even absent evidence of his various misdeeds. And while even proven sex offenders like Corey Booker seem to have avoided the wrath of the Left, many Democrats continue to stand by Ford.

Republicans in Congress have had enough. Many have called for Senator Feinstein and her office/staff to be investigated for leaking Ford’s personal information against her will.

“This sensitive document was leaked to the media without Dr. Ford’s consent while it was hidden from the majority staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee. These acts demand an immediate and thorough investigation to find out who is responsible.”

GOP Reps (including Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, and Steve King) submitted the letter to the ethics committees of both legislative houses, stating that Feinstein deliberately exposed Ford despite her explicit pleas for the contrary — after mishandling the letter in failing to submit it before Kavanaugh was even yet nominated, which could have saved Ford, and America, dignity.

The scathing allegations read:

Dr. Ford testified that she delivered a letter to Rep. Eshoo who forwarded it to Senator Feinstein on July 30, 2018, detailing allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh,” they continue, “In that letter, Dr. Ford asked that her identity remain confidential.”

While Rep. Eshoo at least appears to have kept that promise to their credit, it doesn’t take but half a swing of Occam’s razor to deduce Senator Feinstein broke word, and perhaps the law, in light of Ford’s testimony.

If that weren’t enough Feinstein has been facing dissent from her own side of the battle lines as well, in the wake of the 85-year-old seeking yet another 6-year term. When Feinstein officially announced her candidacy… yet again, it wasn’t only Republicans groaning at the prospect of 6 more years of immorality and incoherence. Democrats themselves were downtrodden, having failed to convince her to step aside for a younger fresher more progressive face to take the near guaranteed win of a California seat.

Instead, Feinstein announced her intention to rule into her 90s, unpopularly announcing her candidacy against the wishes of her own supporters. Despite leaving her own state convention with exactly zero endorsements, Feinstein still carried the primary handily thanks to her 10-million-dollar war chest.

Dianne Feinstein needs to go. Her opponents know it, her allies know it, and Ford and Kavanaugh sure know it, both being denied any semblance of justice by her holier than thou hands.

But while the portents finally now seem to be turning against her, Feinstein has been an immoral overlord for years. She hasn’t just overturned the lives of families like Ford’s, she’s robbed citizens of millions, using her power to make herself and her husband rich.

While Feinstein often enjoys boasting of her achievements to help the poor and underserved sects of America’s citizenry the truth is far less rosy; some might call it criminal. Take this for instance where during the utter depths of the recession where the average American was in a constant state of economic terror and anxiety, Feinstein helped her husband get even richer selling foreclosed homes at extortionate prices thanks to Feinstein’s finagling within the FDIC.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is universally unpopular. She’s facing criminal charges and an investigation with actual potential merit against her. Even before this was the case, she failed to obtain the support of a single party name in her own state. While spending ten million dollars against her own party’s future has gotten Feinstein in all likelihood another term, she desperately needs to take a hint from literally everyone around her friend and foe alike.

Come on Feinstein, give it up already.


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  1. No, mo, no remember Governor Jerry Brown should replace here with Che if he was still alive

  2. Yes, she should resign and be flushed down the toilet along with all the other S*#t in DC (demoncraps).

  3. Need term

  4. Diane Feinstein should resign or be thrown out of the Senate. Her actions in the Kavanaugh hearings were disgraceful, and possibly illegal if she leaked the letter in question. She should have resigned a long time ago; her time has come and gone.

  5. Diane Feinstein should either resign or be thrown out of the Senate, especially if she leaked the letter in question. Her day has come and gone and her influence should be zero.

  6. Yes, Fienstien should resign!!! Very disappointed in her, I never thought she would stoop this low!!!!

  7. Feinstein should resign and take crazy eyes Pelosi with you.

  8. How can anyone, even a liberal democrat, not understand that feinstein is dirty?

  9. Feinstein should be fired she ruined the man’s life who does she think she is she’s not God she’s an old woman that should be home conning her blessings that she’s still alive

  10. She should not only go, but be kicked out and then jailed for the evil destruction she is responsible for!

  11. While I do think Sen Diane Feinstein is a disgrace, has gotten rich by crooked means and has probably committed illegal acts, I don’t hold out the slightest hope that she will be replaced by anyone better. The California runoff procedures allow the top vote getters to face off in the election which now includes only another democrat, no Republicans. And, from what I read her democrat challenger is a socialist and maybe even more radical. Were she to resign that leaves moonbeam, fruit-cake Gov Jerry Brown to pick her replacement. No chance to get a moderate from him. So, her resignation would not amount to any change unfortunately.

  12. Feinstein should resign & the Democrats turned Communist should be made to leave U.S. soil. It was against the law to be a Communist in this country. We need law & order. Our children should know that sometimes you win sometimes you lose. The television in our r homes need to be cleaned up. Morals should be taught. Parents need to get control of their children and how & what is being taught to them. George Soros should be tried for his war crimes & executed, he is pure evil. All Muslims should be deported immediately. All illegals should be stopped at the border and refused entry.

  13. I can’t find anything about Cory Booker being a sex offender. Did you mean someone else, or can you provide links or information on that?

  14. Hey doofus. The reporter made it clear that his information did not come from Feistein or her office.

  15. I couldn’t find anything about Cory Booker being a sex offender. Are you confusing him with somebody else, or do you have information or a link? Thanks.

  16. Yes she should resign

  17. I agree 100% with 4freedom. Feinstein and Pelosi…… Goodbye!!!

  18. Yes, she has shown that she is not fit to make a decision on “Innocent until proven guilty” her stand is if she says he is guilty, he must be. This is NOT what our Constitution is about.

  19. What good would it serve to indict and incarcerate the California corpse?

    Oh yah… it would say to other corrupt politicians that there isn’t a double standard and that they will be fully held to account for their crimes. And I suggest that we investigate how stupid Maxine Waters became fabulously wealthy.

  20. The travesty of the Kavanaugh affair has now become the “Progressives” modus operandi. Since they can’t get what they want using their usual lying and cheating, then the next best thing is to have women make unprovable claims to try to destroy their opponents lives, and the sheeplike leftist voters tend to believe gossip, and innuendo, over truth, and proof!
    Fortunately, their plans didn’t work with Donald Trump and Brett Cavanaugh, and it seems as though more and more people are seeing the demoxrats for what they really are…socialist/communists!

  21. Yes, she does not represent the office she has been given, she is not a just or fair person, and has crossed the line, she is so hell bent on destroying Trump, she can’t see past the end of her nose.

  22. Are you crazy?
    If Feinstein doesnt get reelected, its Kevin deLeon that will go to the Senate.. that guy that admitted 80% of his family would be deported if “Trumps rules” (the laws of the United Stares of America) we implemented; the Guy that admitted to a reporter that his family uses fake Social Security #’s to gain FREE services; the guy that Slammed the rule (allowing the top 2 primary vote getters regardless of party to faceoff in a general election) thru the California Senate (where he is the Senator ProTem)- allowing him to run against another Democrat- Diane Feinstein. Seriously, is that who you want as your Senator?

  23. I too agree that Feinstein should resign as well as Schumer and Pelosi. They all seem to be cut from the same cloth – not effective and in senate toooo long.

  24. YES!

    Dianne Feinstein should be investigated along with her Husband (Richard Blum) who has managed to get the Government Bonanza of Contracts which has made them extremely wealthy due to their nepotistical relationship. She learns about these Gov’t. Contracts & miraculously he get them. It should be easy to follow their $$$money$$$ trail.

    I have also seen pictures going around on Facebook with her talking (bullying) Murkowski prior to the vote on Kavenaugh. The body language screams Bully with too much power.

    She proves that “Power tensds to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  25. I second the above. Way past your time ,BOATH OF YOU!!!!!! JACK



  27. How do I sign up for the mailing list for this publication?

  28. Yes she should resign.

  29. Has the thought ever occurred to anyone that it was Ford herself that leaked the information and then immediately did the interview? Remember according to her, it was her sole purpose to shed information that might prevent Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. So…if she spoke to Feinstein and a month later nothing had become of it…then it is possible and I stress possible she leaked the information herself. And for the record, I am not a Feinstein fan at all. But realistically, if it was her, then it would shed a different light on this whole situation.

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