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60% of voters support Kavanaugh

Following Thursday’s emotional and at times angry response from an indignant Judge Kavanaugh, the numbers are in – which may not be good news for Democrats going into the upcoming midterm election.

A majority of voters (just over 60%) support the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh.

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Moreover, if today’s blockbuster news is accurate — regarding Professor Ford’s proficiency with polygraphs — we may be looking at a perjury rap against the accuser, which would no doubt spell further disaster for Democrats.

The Monday poll conducted in late September by Harvard University  questioned 1,228 registered voters from September 26-27, then another 1,330 registered voters on Sept. 29-30 following Kavanaugh’s defense.

The results concluded that ¾ of voters acknowledged California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein should have given the letter from Ford to the Senate Judiciary Committee without delay when she first received it in mid-July.

Perhaps even more troubling for Democrats is that voters were strongly displeased in how the entire confirmation process was handled – with over 60% calling the charade a “national disgrace!”

Voters also blamed both Democrats and Republicans for being extremely partisan, with Republicans registering 54% disapproval, while Democrats enjoyed a 55% disapproval rating.

As mentioned in the opening, this confirmation was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for most individuals viewing the proceedings, before Judge Kavanaugh finally had an opportunity to defend himself and address the scurrilous allegations against him.

Better than 65% of voters believed the allegations against Kavanaugh to be true until Kavanaugh testified. And within the course of his impassioned opening defense, the tide began to quickly turn in his favor.

Voters are also keeping a close eye on where this investigation is going, with Democrats attempting to once again move the goal post, regarding the FBI’s 7th background check, suggesting that the FBI should look into Kavanaugh high-school and college years of drinking beer, and one incident of throwing ice in a bar.

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops, in their attempt to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the high court.

Allegations of sexual misconduct by Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick, have either no corroboration or have been disproved outright. Furthermore, Swetnick’s ex-boyfriend had reportedly filed a restraining order against her in 2001; she’s also been sued for sexual harassment.

The FBI is currently concluding the 7th background check of Judge Kavanaugh, which appears almost complete. The additional probe was requested by Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who appeared conflicted throughout the process, and was then confronted by paid activists in an elevator berating him just before the vote. Flake appeared so traumatized by the encounter that he worked out a deal with his Democratic counterparts, for the additional investigation before he could vote “yes” on Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

However, in a recent interview, Flake once again seemed conflicted and perhaps back-peddling on Kavanaugh’s nomination by suggesting he’s now questioning the tone of Judge Kavanaugh to sit on the high court.

What seems obvious to observers is that Flake has been rebuked by the smart citizens of Arizona to never again sit in Congress as a Republican senator, and perhaps this is his only moment to play spoiler regarding the Trump agenda.

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  1. This means that 40% of the amricans believe that a sex offender was appointed to the Supreme Court. The evidence presented was ineffective, her witnesses refused to testify for her, she could remember nothing else of the party and left alone.

    In other words, If you were convicted of anything by these interviews, justice would not have been done, and 40% of the american people voted against an innocent man. Shame on you witchhunters.

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