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Flake Justifies Betrayal Of Judge Kavanaugh

The smear campaign of Judge Kavanaugh continued Sunday night on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” as both Senator’s Flake and Coons appeared together and continued their tag-team replay of Flake’s shameful performance Friday afternoon.

The spineless Senator from Arizona, perhaps attempting to justify his betrayal of Kavanaugh, stated Kavanagh’s interaction with the committee “seemed partisan.”

Adding; I think his interaction with some of the members was a little too sharp. The part that he talked about, the mention of the Clintons, I didn’t like either. It seemed partisan.”

Flake also admitted during the interview, that if he were running again for the Senate, he would not have joined in the clandestine attempt to delay the process in asking for another FBI investigation.

The brief preview clip from “60 Minutes” shows the duo taking turns verbally assaulting Kavanaugh’s character — with Flake playing a more passive role, however sharing within the overall vilification of the embattled judge.

On Friday, Flake who appeared conflicted throughout the entire confirmation process pulled his own “Dianne Feinstein moment” at the 11th hour. He came back into the Senate Judiciary Committee chamber after his emotional encounter with two female activists and was suddenly pulled into a small side room by his “good friend” Democratic Senator Chris Coons from Delaware.

Perhaps Coons had viewed the beat-down on video, which was being broadcast around the nation and probably around the world. The video showed a hapless Flake flanked and cornered within an elevator, whispering “thank you” as a woman berated him, tearfully shouting, “Don’t look away from me! Look at me and tell me that it doesn’t matter what happens to me.”

Adding; ‘I was sexually assaulted and no one believed me!”

‘You’re telling all women they don’t matter. That they should just stay quiet because if they tell you what happened to them, that you are going to ignore them. That’s what you’re telling all women in America.”

A second activist joined in verbally assaulting the weathering senator, who seemed to be shrinking before our eyes, as Ana Maria Archila (co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy and the Center of Popular Democracy Action) told the senator that she recognized her own experience of sexual assault in Dr. Ford’s story and knew that “she is telling the truth.”

No doubt progressive activists had long targeted Flake in advance, as one of the weakest links within the Republican Party, who could be easily manipulated if the opportunity presented itself.

The good people of Arizona had long dismissed him, for his erratic policies and his obvious disdain for the president. The lame-duck senator perhaps saw an opportunity to play “spoiler” and continue the nightmare for Judge Kavanaugh by willfully playing into the hands of those who want to see the good judge destroyed for simply upholding the Constitution.

This delay in confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, with a 7th FBI background check means that Kavanaugh will most likely continue to endure worthless allegations and physical threats to himself and his family, courtesy of the hapless lawmaker from Arizona.

As for his “very good friend” Coons, the Democratic senator is already on the record stating, “Christine Blasely Ford and Deborah Ramirez have nothing to gain and have put themselves “at legal risk,” by accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Adding, “It is Judge Kavanaugh who is seeking a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court and who I think now bears the burden of disproving these allegations,” Coons said in an interview to MSNBC prior to convincing this gullible dupe to delay the process.

If there is a bright side to this orchestrated fiasco, it’s that the FBI background check shouldn’t take more then a few days, all of the allegations are on the record, witnesses have already submitted sworn documentation under the penalty of perjury.

However, there’s always the possibility of another mud-slinging attack, by another uncorroborated allegation, decades-old… stay tuned.

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  1. Why is there so many RINOS coming out of ARIZONA???

  2. Ridiculous, the burden of proof should be on the sweathog that was paid off to accuse him! How in the world can he possibly disprove it? Flakey Puff is more treacherous than a Democrat!

    • Show evidence that Ford was paid to testify and then we’ll judge the rest of your biased post.

      • Show evidence that the Judge did anything that he was accused of and we will listen to their lies. We are all innocent until we are proved guilty. Anyone that believes that he is guilty without any proof is an idiot.

    • Carlos, “sweat hog”? Paid off? You are rude and uninformed Not worth wasting my time on further comment.

  3. am beginning to believe that Flake was a rehearsed actor with the Soros actors on the elevator.

    • They were ALL coached for the performances. Standard practise in law courts. Kavanaugh and Ford, in particular. Flake is primarily anti-Trump and is not standing again for office, so he has nothing to lose.

  4. He’s a WORM!

  5. Why does Flake keep appearing with Democratic Coons! He’s not a true Republican. He’s a Rhino bought by the Democratic Party to vote their way. Democrats will do anything to get in power again, anything.

    • The Republicans defined the game when they spent 8 years doing everything they could to block anything that the Obama administration did. Boehner didn’t even want to hang around for when the Republicans got back in. We should be all be mindful of the hypocrisy of polarised statements such as your’s.

  6. Flake had the balls to uphold the process of advise and consent. The president already said that Dr. Ford’s testimony was compelling, and ordered the FBI to investigation the same. I see no reason to fear a Constitutional process where disqualifying information on the nominee will not be recoverable. Flake should be thanked, not admonished, for his leadership in defusing partisan rancor from both sides of the aisle. And guess what …. Kavanaugh will be approved without the overhang that would have otherwise existed.

  7. As conservatives are we to believe whatever media feeds us? Can’t we think independent of what Fox says? Why can’t we be for open investigation rather than limited one? Why can’t we be for American rather than our tribe? I don’t want Kavanaugh in the court untill all investigations and allegations are put to rest. We can’t be us against them type of people.

    • So six FBI investigations are not enough and the fact that none of the accusers had any evidence other than “he said/she said” which would never go to trial in a regular court. Not one eyewitness, no physical evidence and no corroborating testimony. I think this is what a kangaroo court looks like.

    • Thank you Ken Ravon!

  8. Hard to beleave that Flake, Collins, & the senator from Alaska have a moral compass, or even a Brain.
    Such disappointing human beings wasting crucial
    Time in life. Depriving our country of Morality for the future of our Children, their woosy behavior leave us
    at the mercy of Sonta Mayor , senator Watters, & SpartGus.

    • Are you kidding?? I think you are the one missing the brain. What moral compass do you see now in the republican party? Or even worse, in the President? The three people you mentioned (and you don’t even know the name of the senator from Alaska) asked for a delay in the vote until there was an FBI investigation. Do you know anything else about their beliefs or the positions they hold? I don’t think so. What makes Kavanaugh so attractive to you? What do you actually know about him? I don’t think the investigation will show either party to be right or wrong but in his testimony Kavanaugh clearly showed the he was neither the temperament or the impartiality to be on the Supreme court

      • Yeah, Kavanaugh should have just sat there and taken all the BS beinng slung at him…..NOT! Had I been in his shoes, I’d have probably been a whole lot worse to the dems than he was. Anyone who calls ford’s testimony believable probably wasn’t paying attention. Her answer to where, when, who, and how were “I don’t remember”. All of her “corroborating witnesses” essentially called her a lier as well, so what did she really say that could be considered a real accusation by a reliable witnessz?Considering the number of times she lied to congress, she’s going to have some legal issues all her own. As far as the moral compass of any politician, there isn’t one but I do believe that Kavanaugh has one. Collins and murkowski are both liberals in sheep’s clothing, they prove it constantly, flake is exactly what his name implies.

        • Please stop repeating sound bites and be part of the solution. What are you doing to bring Americans together? Thank you.

      • I totally disagree he came out fighting mad just as I would have if someone had wrongfully accused me. Mad enough to cry , Mad enough to yell and Mad enough to talk back to my accuser. Period. I would hope he would get just as mad about any injustice that came before the surpreme court

  9. I cannot believe Senator Flake doesn’t have a back bone to stand up for what is right. There are only hired paid off people by the democrats to stop and slander a good man, who would be an excellent SCJ. I do think Flake has never been a true Republican and he is probably even a plant by the democrats. I dislike the democrats more and more and to think I use to be one.

  10. Is it now considered a betrayal to not vote in lockstep with one’s party?


      • So are you saying that Democrats *should* always vote in lockstep so they aren’t betrayers? I’m not sure what you’re arguing for/against.

  11. Really. So now we are going after a senator for hitting the pause button on a lifetime appointment. I don’t know who is telling the truth and neither does anyone outside of those two. I am a life long rebulican and could not with good conscience support judge until an investigation is done. We need more of these types of teaching actoss the aisle. Not more my side is always right yours is always wrong. From both political parties. Yo try and throw Sen. Flake under the bus for doing just that you demean yourself and the process our forefathers put in place. Stop the mud slinging. No side is ever right all the time.

  12. United States Senator Jeff Flake asks that Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations be checked with the FBI. He asked for a one week delay. The posts I have read level a vicious attack based on what? Brett Kavanaugh denied all charges. Friends supported him and room mate/classmates at Yale stated that he was a very heavy drinker who became “belligerent and aggressive when drunk.”

    When did disagreement among senators become a criminal act of betrayal? What is the purpose in smearing every Democrat in Congress and on the Court as enemies of the people? Who are we if dissent is not part of the American way, and critical to the values we hold as essential to our democracy.

    Senator Flake did his duty. It’s called due diligence. Brett Kavenaugh has everything to gain by distorting the truth of his behavior in high school, college and law school. Dr. Ford had nothing to gain ad much to lose. Her life and that of her family has changed unalterably – threatened by the ‘crazies’ unleashed in our society.

    Senator Flake did what he thought was right. You may disagree. That is what we do in a free society, but not with vicious attack and hatred. You fuel the fires that our president fans by openly supporting Kavanaugh at the very time he needs to stand aside and let the FBI examine witnesses. If he cannot, at least we can bring civility to the issue.

  13. I could not believe Flake betrayed his constituents and the AMERICAN people.He proved that he is a political hack .He is an impotent failed man that is running from the responsibilities of his position .EVEN after is has been proven that the women at the elevator was a plant ,he remains “undecided”.Then he is upset about President Trumps comments at the rally.Toughen up you pussy .Because you dont like the way he leaves a message?HE STATED ONLY FACTS offered by the 30+year experienced prosecutor memo.ONLY THE FACTS but that impotent little troll must have been offered 30 pieces of silver .Arizona Keep sending these weak kneed fools to Washington and when your border becomes the battlefield dont call us for help to be safe.

  14. looks like Flake and Coons are buttfukin buddies!

  15. So six FBI investigations are not enough and the fact that none of the accusers had any evidence other than “he said/she said” which would never go to trial in a regular court. Not one eyewitness, no physical evidence and no corroborating testimony. I think this is what a kangaroo court looks like.

  16. The good people of Arizona had long dismissed him, for his erratic policies. Why would the good people dismiss him? He sound just like the president.

  17. I am very ashamed I used to live in Az, and I did vote for that turn coat. I to used to be a Democrat until they put Obama I the White House. I changed to Independente,and now I just went to Republicans.
    I am very happy to see the Democrats failed attempt to disrupt the duty’s of the senate with their low life tricks.

  18. Az, and other states, votes in Liberals who claim they are conservatives!

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