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Liberals Fight New Immigration Rule

The Trump administration is currently pushing a proposal that will rewrite a 1999 rule that limits the green cards for immigrants who are dependent on government cash benefits. The rewrite will include the refusal of green cards to immigrants who are also dependent on the government for health aid, food stamps, and any other governmental assistance.

Most Liberals are upset over this rule because they feel that immigrants should have the right to American support if they are in our country legally. The problem is that studies have shown that most of the immigrants who are in the U.S. with a green card receive some form of governmental assistance for their survival while in America. This has contributed to the depletion of benefits to go around for individuals who are United States citizens.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Liberals have a unique ability to fight for things they aren’t suffering from. They find it necessary to argue on behalf of people who come to America for better opportunities, not realizing that the support immigrants are receiving from the government are opportunities that will no longer be in existence for a tax-paying Americans.

It makes perfect sense that the government would step in and say NO MORE to outside folks that come and take, take, take—only to take those resources back to their country—leaving American’s high and dry for much-needed support. Democrats in the White House are the first to cry foul when they hear about immigrants not being embraced as one of our very own.

They cry because they know that immigrants tend to vote (even when they are here illegally), they work for little money, and they don’t complain…I mean, who would they complain to? Some of them are illegal, remember!

Too many people, not enough resources

The reality is that we live in a society where there are just too many people and not enough resources to go around. Our forefathers established a system that embraced everyone that needed a home to call their own…with exception to the Native Americans who were already here and the Africans who didn’t want to come here (but that’s another article for another time).

The point is, America was the land of the free that accepted immigrants from Italy and a few other countries. Once we opened our borders to accept anyone who couldn’t cut the mustard in their own country, we opened the door to more crime and fewer resources to go around. Liberals won’t acknowledge this reality because they are too busy benefiting from immigrants. From increased voting to cheap labor, what’s not to love?

We can only hope that the new rule being proposed by Trump and his administration will somehow bring order to a society in need of structure, both economically and politically. It is truly time to make America a land that can support its own people prior to supporting immigrants — who have the flexibility to go to their own country if they should so choose.

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About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. Right now, there 32 million American children who are living in abject poverty just struggling to survive.
    Any welfare extended to legal or illegal immigrants should be stripped and applied to elevate the suffering of Americans.

    • Amen

    • We moved — LEGALLY — to the USA in 1988 on my wife’s teaching credentials. We were specifically told that we would not be given any county, state or country assistance. It took until 1992 for the rest of the family to be granted residential permits. At the earliest possible opportunity our whole family became AMERICAN CITIZENS. — Why is the system any different now.

      • @JoLa – it’s not any different, but most conservatives don’t know that (nor do most liberals – the only people who really understand the system are the people who have used it or people who have been close to people who have). The only immigrants who are generally given welfare are children, because while the US doesn’t want to support immigrants who don’t work (of which there are very few – immigrants are, generally, hard-working and engaged in their communities) we don’t want to see children starving due to decisions made by their parents. Yes, there is the possibility of someone immigrating here and then having lots of children (who would, of course, be citizens) or of someone bringing over children who end up getting welfare, but shouldn’t that be okay? Like, if a kid needs some food, and we’re the wealthiest country in the world, can’t we spare some money?


          We are NOT the wealthiest country in the world, but rather the poorest. Our national debt is several trillion dollars, an amount we can literally never repay. Let’s stop spending on credit and pretending it’s real money.

    • I agree! America is made strong by people who are legally here, not by those who are here illegally!

  2. Switzerland doesn’t mess around … and it doesn’t cater to deadbeats. As of January 1, 2018, residents who received welfare benefits are prevented from becoming citizens until they pay back the money they took in government handouts. Asylum seekers and refugees who received handouts in the previous three years cannot become permanent residents (i.e. green card holders) without paying back the government for all those handouts.

    Sounds like America is doing the same !!

  3. I agree that nonAmericans should receive no Government assistance. I’m also wondering about all these people who have so much time to are able to go from place to place to “Protest.” Are they recovering any type of government assistance? If so, they need to be herded in to clean up the mess they make and then lose the assistance.

  4. We moved — LEGALLY — to the USA in 1988 on my wife’s teaching credentials. We were specifically told that we would not be given any county, state or country assistance. It took until 1992 for the rest of the family to be granted residential permits. At the earliest possible opportunity our whole family became AMERICAN CITIZENS. — Why is the system any different now.

  5. Why don’t we just demolish the Statue of Liberty? We no longer welcome the oppressed and unfortunate from tyranny, poverty and persecution. Let our dictator erect walls around the entire USA and restrict all inbound air flights to Americans, unless they live within 5 miles of the border, as we assume their birth certificates are fakes. Stop all inbound trade as well. “Make America Poor, Polluted and Isolated Again” should be our new accepted credo.

    • Oh Mort. You poor ignorant bastard. Immigration to the US is not a guarantee or a right. American “rights” are reserved for American citizens, which immigrants are not. Additionally, America, as a sovereign state, can select who it will allow based on what that immigrant brings in terms of skills and trade. We do not have to accept everybody or anybody who comes. As a mater of fact, we limit the numbers to keep our system from becoming saturated.. I know economics is no longer a requirement in the American education system. This is by design so that people, such as yourself, don’t understand how the economy works. This enables nefarious political players, such as the DNC, to make you believe that socialism is the key to the worlds problems. You can see an example of their shining star in Venezuela. I would highly recommend you take a couple of classes in economics so you can understand why our economy cannot assimilate the immigration masses you desire.

      • Mike – you know that many libertarian economists prefer free and open borders, to enable a more free market for labor, right?

  6. It’s way past time for REAL Americans to take back our America & not let immigrants without a source of income or support come stay here & milk our benefits that WE paid for , ,

  7. “Liberals have a unique ability to fight for things they aren’t suffering from.” Yes, it’s called “empathy”. Strangely, we have a way of being able to feel bad about *other* people suffering even when it’s not ourselves or our immediate family.

  8. The increase the budget for those services; we also have St. Vincent de Paul in every major city. I live in Public housing; I only qualify for income adjusted rent and St. Vincent de Paul, I live alone.

  9. You present no evidence to support your assertion that immigrants take, take, take. You reflect the same racism of the untruthful, dishonest and callous would-be tyrant in the White House. Like him you create a sense of fear that immigrants will rip off mostly white people who were born here. Over the years I have known many red necks who share you anti-immigrant racism. As an immigrant myself I have always identified myself as a conservative. Now with our reprobate president and the “Trump” Republican Party that give unquestioned loyalty to the dishonest and in humane President, I can no longer identify myself as a Republican. Besides, I know many immigrants who as individuals and families support and contribute to the traditional American values that you, the Republican Party, and President Trump fail to recognize. I abhor your Trumpist racism,

  10. Try to remember that they aren’t “liberals”. In fact if you use the classical meaning of the word they are the opposite of true liberals. Today’s Democrats are big government micro-managing control freaks and many of them are Socialists. Some call themselves “Progressives” and if you research the original Progressives you will find that they were interested in the philosophy of Joseph Stalin and wanted to bring his “Iron Fisted” type of rule to America.


    An alien is excludable under section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, and deportable under section 237(a)(5) if they are “likely to become a public charge” of “become a public charge”, respectively. In a 30-year career with the government in this field, I never once saw these provisions enforced. Aliens immigrating to the US must, in fact, submit affivadits of support to establish that they will not go on welfare. These are attested to under oath by the sponsors, but it is all a meaningless charade. There are many other provisions of our immigration laws that are not enforced, pretty much all relating to enforcement and hold aliens accountable. I witnessed massive fraud, and no one in the government cared.

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