THE TRUMP ECONOMY: Black Owned Businesses Jump 400% in One Year

A just-released poll from Guidant Financial found that black business ownership under President Trump jumped 400% in one year.

However, you won’t find that incredible news on the front pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and certainly not on the nightly telecasts on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC or the thousands of leftist media outlets across the country content on propagating “fake news.”

The poll was in conjunction with a recent Rasmussen Poll that showed the president’s approval rating among black voters soared to 36% – which has Democrats reaching for the Bayer aspirin.

The historic rise in black ownership was considered an anomaly at first until another survey by Black Enterprise and a follow-up report by Minority 2018 Small Business Trends Survey reached the same decisive conclusion.

The Guidant Financial survey interviewed over 2,600 business owners, individuals aspiring to own businesses and young entrepreneurs. They found 45% of all small businesses in 2018, are owned by minority and ethnic groups.

This is a dramatic surge from the anemic 15% in 2015 of minority-owned businesses. The survey found that the biggest increase in business ownership was among African Americans (19%) followed by Hispanic at 14%, Asian at 8%, and Native American at 4%.

The survey broke down African American small business owners by sex, with 63% identified as male, and 38% as female. The survey also identified the age groups with 40 to 49-year-olds at 28%, 50 to 59-year-olds at 25% and 30 to 39-year-olds at 22%.

Guidant Financial CEO David Nilssen in a statement acknowledged, “Growth amongst all minorities including women is promising in America as small business ownership becomes more favorable and easier to attain.”

Adding, “We anticipate and hope to see a continued increase as the impact of tax reform and economic growth shape small business ownership moving forward.”

Moreover, the recent report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Department of Commerce, showing a sustained growth of 4.1%, of GDP for the second quarter of 2018, demonstrates the Trump economy is sound and actually growing stronger, with the best quarterly growth rate since the third quarter of 2014.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, acknowledged during an interview, “90 percent of Americans received an immediate tax cut, an increase in after-tax income, with the passage of the Republican tax cuts. And now we see higher rates of growth kicking in for the entire country. More jobs, more opportunities, higher wages, and new businesses. America is back on its way thanks to the tax cuts.”

Adding, “Not a single Democrat voted for the tax cuts. The Democrats who voted against the Republican tax cut voted against higher growth, more jobs, increasing standards of living and the American future. All taxpayers should remember this when they vote in November.”

Norquist’s point is well taken, for example, a family of four with an annual income of $73,000, will get a tax cut of roughly $2,000, that’s about a 58% reduction in federal taxes.

Another example of where Democrats went wrong.  A single parent with one child with an annual income of $41,000 will see a tax cut of roughly $1,300, which comes out to a 73% decrease in federal taxes.

And if you’re married and run a small business with an annual income of $100,000 you’ll see a tax cut of about $2,600, which factors out to a 24% reduction in federal taxes.

Also according to a recent survey by the National Association of Manufacturers, over 90% of manufacturers expressed a positive outlook in the first quarter of 2018.

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