Harvard: Discriminates Against Asian-Americans

Perhaps we should preface this article as “Progressivism gone amuck”…

In the upside-down world of political correctness regarding the creation of Affirmative Action — another social engineering policy of the left that has long ago run its course — Harvard University is being accused of using skin pigment to determine who should be admitted to their institution.

Harvard’s discriminatory practices came to light when “overachieving Asian-American students like Austin Jia, a 19-year old academically acclaimed sophomore at Duke University, boasting a high G.P.A., and a near-perfect SAT score was rejected at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, after he applied to those Ivy League schools in the fall of 2015.

Mr. Jia recalls how other students (not Asian-American), with much lower academic scores then his, were easily admitted to those Ivy League institutions.

“My gut reaction was that I was super disillusioned by how the whole system was set up.”

Jia’s story is a composite of hundreds of  Asian-Americans who’ve been discriminated by universities like Harvard who quietly use certain penalties in disqualifying high achievers, especially Asian-Americans, giving preferences to other racial minorities.

Last Thursday, the Trump Justice Department siding with Asian-American students filed within court presiding that Harvard University “illegally discriminated against Asian-American students.”

The Justice Department contends within a formal court declaration that “Harvard admits that, on average, it scores Asian-American applicants lower on the personal rating than white applicants. Yet when an internal Harvard report pointed out that the personal rating may be infused with racial bias and sought authorization to study the issue further, Harvard buried it.”

Court documents also contend that the on-going lawsuit against Harvard University’s alleged practice of discriminating against Asian-American applicants during the admissions process.

The official filing reads; “The record evidence demonstrates that Harvard’s race-based admissions process significantly disadvantages Asian-American applicants compared to applicants of other racial groups, including both white applicants and applicants from other racial minority groups.”

To better understand how progressive institutions like Harvard, Princeton find themselves being sued for discrimination against a minority class, one simply needs to understand the mindset within the progressive establishment.

Affirmative Action in 2018 has less to do with advancing minorities, and more to do about achieving a quota-based system, regardless of achievements.

A study appearing in 2005 in Social Science Quarterly looked at data from Princeton’s Office of Population Research regarding Affirmative Action within elite universities, and what would happen if the program was eliminated.

The study found that without Affirmative Action, the acceptance rate for African Americans would fall nearly two-thirds, from 33.7% to 12.2%, for Hispanics approximately half, from 26.8% to 12.9%, and with white applicants seeing little change.

However, the biggest gains would be among Asian-Americans from 17.6% to 23.4%. Moreover, their share of a class of admitted students would rise to 31.5 percent, from 23.7 percent.

Harvard’s use of race as a leading factor within their admittance practice has seen a sharp decline of Asian-Americans as undergraduate students from a high of 21% to roughly 17%.

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  1. Hahvud is where Obomma (intentionally misspelled due to lack of respect) went. Who would want to go there??
    Enough said !

  2. This is a curious article, since I have observed the reverse situation.
    We are white. My sons, who were tops in their class in two institutions, were denied admission to another highly-regarded institution, MIT. From high school in ’97, they were at the top of their class, with great test scores, and many extra activities. They were both denied admission to MIT, while Asian-American students with lower scores were admitted. Similarly in ’01, from a top-rated engineering school, they were again denied admission to the MIT graduate school, while lower rated Asian-American students were admitted.
    Was this reverse discrimination?

  3. A similar situation has occurred in Fairfax County with the public high school, Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology. It was noticed by the progressives, that more and more Asian students (not sure if they were Asian Americans) were gaining admission over all other ethnic, racial groups. Although a public school, students must apply, submit grades, test scores, and letters from teachers and are accepted on these criteria. IT is supposed to be a blind admissions process.
    Then the progs realized that there were hardly any Black or Latino students. So they introduced a quota system. Very shortly thereafter, TJSST national rankings fell. Even though it is still supposedly ranked #1 in Virginia, other sources claim it no longer is.

    I believe in giving everyone a fair shot, but when an establishment sets ground rules for admission, then decides to change the rules to the detriment of the most qualified, well, there goes your ranking.

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